International Transport Forum Statistics Brief
15 June 2021 
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Inland transport infrastructure investment share of GDP remains stable in OECD

  • Investment in inland transport infrastructure as a percentage of the GDP remained stable at 0.7% in the OECD during 2019.
  • China continued to have the highest inland transport infrastructure investment share of GDP in 2019 (5.5%) and was among the fastest-growing countries in terms of volume of inland transport infrastructure investment (+290% between 2008 and 2019 in constant 2015 prices).
  • Inland transport infrastructure investments shifted from spending on roads to spending on railways in Slovenia, France, Mexico, Canada and Luxembourg when comparing 2008 to 2019. Road share of total inland transport infrastructure declined in these countries by 38 and 28 percentage points for Slovenia and France respectively, and by nine percentage points for Mexico, and seven for both Canada and Luxembourg.
  • Public maintenance spending on roads was over 50% of total road expenditure in Austria, Italy, Denmark, New Zealand and Slovenia in the latest available data.
  • New Zealand had the most considerable growth in capital value of roads between 2008 and 2019 among countries with available data (+79% in constant 2015 prices).
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