The New York Post has broken the news that Iran's Ayatollah Khameni has published a new book "Palestine" in which Khameni boasts of outwitting the U.S. and calling for the destruction of Israel:

We must educate the American people on just how disastrous Obama's Iranian nuclear deal is and build more pressure on Congress to DEFEAT the awful deal. 

1)  We are producing TV and radio ads that we will be airing in the districts of Members of Congress as they return home to their districts for the congressional recess. 

Our goal is to kick start this effort with a $10,000 ad buyWe have now begun production of our first TV ad, and need your help to raise the funds to air these ads.  We still must raise $1,815 to reach that goal and you can help by making a contribution online - HERE.

Since we only have 51 days to produce and broadcast these ads in a heavy rotation we must begin raising funds for this ad blitz immediately. 

You can help us fund production of these ads by making a contribution online to our ad campaign - JUST CLICK HERE.

You can contribute any amount from as little as $5 up to the maximum allowed contribution of $5,000.


2) We will also be organizing rallies and protests outside the offices of Democrat Senators and Congressman who do not come out and declare their opposition to this horrifically awful Iranian nuclear deal.

Our message to Congress will be clear:  if you vote YES on Obama's Iranian nuclear deal, we will defeat your re-election bid and bring an end to your political career.

Time is of the essence, so please stay tuned as we update you on our efforts to DEFEAT the Iranian nuclear deal.

If you prefer you can also support our ad campaign to defeat the Iranian nuclear deal by mailing in a contribution to our headquarters:

ATTN:  Defeat Iranian Nuke Deal
P.O. Box 278855
Sacramento, CA 95827

P.S.  Remember, we only have 51 days before Congress votes on the Iranian nuclear deal.  We are launching our first round of TV ads with a $10,000 ad buy - and as of right now we still must raise $1,815 to reach our goal.

You can help by making a contribution online - HERE.




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