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The Viva Village Voice
is a bi-monthly
e-publication of Viva Village. 
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Viva Village Pilot Rocket Launch

     … a few brave souls …

              ready to be served
              ready to be driven
              ready to be helped,

ready, that is, to be the first persons to become members of Viva Village so they can receive services from our screened volunteers and vetted vendors during the Pilot Launch—October, November, and December.
These three months will be a test run of all of Viva Village’s systems in preparation for the FULL LAUNCH, January 1, 2017. Fifteen members (maybe more, if sufficient volunteers and vendors are in place) will be selected for this trial period.

PERKS? Those who become members for the Pilot Launch will receive 15 months of services for the cost of their first annual membership fee. 

If, in addition to their membership fee, these persons make a donation to Viva Village—$500 for an individual, $750 for a couple—they will be recognized as “Founding Members.” (The designation “Founding Member” will come in handy for memoirs, curricula vitae, obits, etc.) 

Those who donate any amount to Viva Village, whether or not they are members, will be known as “Friends of Viva Village.”

Persons eager to join the Pilot Launch crew should contact
(Isn’t it amazing … when the next issue of The Viva Village Voice comes out in October, Viva Village will already be launched and offering services to members in its three-month Pilot phase!)

(Suggestion: make sure the calendar on your kitchen wall or on your smart phone is handy!)
Viva Village General MeetingVV general meeting
Saturday, August 13 
Next one: Saturday, September 10, same venue

10:30 a.m. to 12:30 p.m. in the Beaverton City Library
Cathy Stanton Conference Room
Catch up on all that’s happening to prepare for the Pilot Launch in October.

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Next Village 101 is 
Thursday, August 11, 
7 p.m.

 welcome easel
This general information session about Villages in general and Viva Village in particular will be held at a private home in Cedar Mill. At this gathering you can learn how to become a Viva Village member and/or a Viva Village volunteer.

(Contact to reserve a spot.)

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Viva Village Book Club
The Book ThiefOur September 20  book is The Book Thief by Markus Zusak. Ten copies of this book are reserved through the Washington County Book Club kits. 
November 15 read will be The Other Boleyn Girl by Philippa Gregory.

(See Ruth Ann Homan’s review of the July selection at the end of this issue.)

 - — - — - — - — - — - 

There will be no 
Social Time at Giovanni’s
on August 18
(the third Thursday)
this month.
Men’s Fourth Tuesday Coffee Break
August 23 and September 27
9:30 a.m. at Java Lounge 
         on Cornell
         two blocks east of Murray

(Engaging, but civil and non-violent … so far)coffee cup
Contact Ross Miller at 503-713-3563 for information.

 - — - — - — - — - — - 
Theater Field Trip
Peer and the Peri 
“Iolanthe,” or
“The Peer and the Peri,”
a comic opera by Gilbert and Sullivan

Presented by the
Light Opera of Portland

Sunday, August 28, 3:00 p.m.
Alpenrose Dairy Opera House
6149 SW Shattuck Rd
Portland 97221
In celebration of Alpenrose’s 100th Anniversary and just in time for the elections. Gilbert and Sullivan's seventh light opera contains some of Sullivan’s finest music, filled with the enchantment of fairyland, the House of Lords at its most humorous, and costumed in the beautiful art nouveaux period of a hundred years ago.
Let’s Get Moving …
     Staying independent with
              stamina, strength, balance and mobility.

Saturday, September 24, 2016 Village members walking
       1:00-3:00 pm

Manzanita Room,
Elsie Stuhr Center 

       5550 SW Hall,
       Beaverton, 97005

Presenter: Jacqueline Sinke
With over 23 years of experience in the fitness field, Jacqueline is a highly qualified health & fitness professional. She specializes in exercise program development and exercise training for mature and older adults (40 to 95+ years) with and without chronic medical conditions. 
      And, get this on your calendars:

Viva Village Launch Celebration

Thursday, October 13, late afternoon
(details still in process)

This is an occasion not only to welcome members, but also to thank the many volunteers and supporters for their combined efforts, hard work, and dedication that have helped bring Viva Village to this great moment!

Hobnob with dignitaries. BYOB (bring your own balloons). If you’d like to help plan this party contact
VV celebration graphic

Don and Jan Wolf:

Our own Fred and Ginger
(but no high heels)

The Wolfs, Jan and Don, went from zero to 100, so to speak, between first intro to Viva Village and full-bore collaborative volunteering. Attending an NIH conference in the Washington, D. C., area, they heard about the Villages concept, and the seed was planted. Once home, they did due diligence scoping the Web on the subject and hied themselves to a River West 101. However, it turned out that the Wolfs actually reside within Viva Village geographic boundaries, so a second 101 followed. (No harm in firming up specifics.) From there on, there was no turning back. And as new believers, they themselves hosted a 101 shortly thereafter and attended the requisite volunteer workshop. Now the theoretical piece was successfully completed.

On to the serious volunteering in the cause of furthering Viva Village. Their individual talents blended like meshing wheels: Don joined Larry Brown’s Finance committee as a grant writer; Jan had background in development for the League of Women Voters (among other groups) as well as during her career in banking. Now they serve on Lyn Trainer’s Resource Committee at Villages NW.

Back to the first days for the Wolfs. Jan was a medical technician (later adding an MBA) at the University of Washinton) when she met Don, an IVF specialist (test tube babies). Don says, “Upon committing to a job at OHSU, I advised the test tube baby lab while still in Houston, TX,” further quipping, “I became known as one of the few persons who could make a baby over the phone!”

After their marriage, a post-doctoral year at the University of Geneva landed in the newlyweds’ lap and behold—biochemistry research in the morning; afternoons, all the skiing they could want, plus some at-a-distance ‘60s style Viet Nam protesting.

Jan & Don Wolf

That’s the way a pair of intellectuals honeymoon—and for 12 months too! Picking up a VW in Germany further enhanced the already rarefied Geneva year. Subsequent European trips found Jan and Don biking and hiking, but nothing beat that magical time, with no lines at the Vatican and an effortless stroll into a low-tourist Uffizi, to gaze upon a big Botticelli in solitude.

Now, in a very large SW treehouse, elegantly spare and waaaay up in the evergreens that lyrically circle their property, the Wolfs are advancing their own ageing-in-place concept: retrofitting for earthquakes and facelifting kitchen and baths. First-floor living and no steps should make it a go for them.

Their son and daughter and two grandchildren are nearby, which adds to the joys of SW Portland living. 

Serving the Village as it poises to launch in October is a joint family effort. “It’s the big thing we can do together,” they say, adding that each has a his and hers activity list of some length. They look forward to continuing both the infrastructure work at the Village as well as active volunteering after October, driving, cooking, TLC-ing as clients require, even changing the much-referred-to light bulb if needed. They demonstrate a palpable enthusiasm for their commitment to the Villages concept.  


A politely uttered shout-out to the Wolfs for their myriad Viva Village contributions.

Ellin Johnson interviewed Don and Jan Wolf and composed this bio.
Drawing by Judith Feinstein.


Village in Howard
The Reasons Why Our Members Joined:
I am interested in staying in my home and meeting interesting older people with various background.
- Mary Ann
"Age in place" is a good concept. I like to meet new friends.
- Jane
I like the concept of reciprocity during the aging process, and I have discovered that warm and interesting people share my view.
- Ellin
I love the concept of older people working together to address the challenges on their lives.
- Kim
I met wonderful friends in the Sneakers and Coffee Club. They talked me into joining.
- Ellen
I joined for companionship and meeting smart, positive and problem-solving people.
- Mary
 - — - — - — - — - — - 

Staying Put in New Canaan
Senior Scams
Seniors lose billions of dollars each year to heartless fraudsters. Here are some tips to be sure that you don’t fall victim to “senior scams.”
• Never give your bank account, Social Security number, or credit card information over the phone to someone you don’t know, even if they appear to be from a legitimate institution like the IRS.

• Don’t respond to a message on your computer that says your virus protection has been compromised.

• Don’t send money to anyone who says they’re in a hospital in a foreign country and need help.

• Don’t respond to a notification that you have won a sweepstakes and need to make a payment to unlock the prize.
scam clipart
• If someone who sounds like your grandchild calls to say they’re in trouble, immediately call their cell phone or check with their parents to make sure that it’s a scam and they’re okay.
For more information, contact the Elder Abuse Hotline at 800-677-1116.

Additional info:
The IRS never communicates via phone or email – they only communicate via US mail.
New Medicare cards do not have SS numbers, but people are calling to confirm receipt and try to get the number.
Beware of vendors recommending repair of roofs, chimney or driveway – either over the phone or in person. Especially scrutinize proposals for places you can't see.
Putting Together Our List of Vetted Vendors
When we Viva Villagers require professional services (see list below), we want honest, reliable, competent workers. After all, they’re going to be in our homes and on our property. For example, we want plumbers who know their pipes and are, at the same time, reasonably decent people. (Most of us will prefer guy plumbers to be high-belted.)

In addition to a standardized vetting process, however, our vendors will be those referred by a Village member or volunteer.

This is where each of us can help!
paint can and brush
vetted vendorsViva Village needs to know about businesses we or members of our family have used and would recommend to others. Below is the list of categories we need to fill. 

When our team of volunteers contacts the business they will indicate that they have received a referral from someone in Viva Village, but will not give your name. We need to give the business name, a contact person if we have one, a contact number, and why we recommend the business.

Our referrals should be sent to
Karen McCune at

This is another important way each of us can help build Viva Village.
Business Categories:

Yard Maintenance/Landscaping
Home repair/maintenance/modifications
Chimney repair and cleaning
Computer repair and assistance
House cleaning
Basic handyperson
Total for June and July 2016 for Viva Village
— Marketing, Events, Funding, Volunteering,
Strategy, Research, and Other Action Teams—

 1605.37 hours 
V V Volunteers
There are undoubtedly Viva Village volunteers not mentioned here.
Sorry if we’ve missed you.

Please submit your volunteer hours to so we can recognize all of our volunteers.
Reported by Gerry Barksdale
Webmaster and Keeper of the Rolls

Art: Judith Feinstein; Text: Ross Miller
Village illustrated story
(This story is partly true. In Villages throughout the U.S., children frequently buy memberships for parents, especially when they do not live nearby.)
The Gift of Caring:
Saving Our Parents from the Perils of Modern Healthcare

by Marcy Cottrell Houle, MS and Elizabeth Eckstrom, MD, MPH
The Gift of Caring, published in 2015, was the latest entry for the Viva Village book discussion group. Six people attended. The book could also be called: a handbook for anyone helping a loved one navigate the medical system.
Marcy’s account, of how she and her family progressed through her father’s dementia, surgery and treatment, is loving and honest. As the reader internalizes the all-too-probable scenarios, the gerontologist, Dr. Eckstrom, gives us enough insight to tread water. At each turn of event, the medical co-author encourages all of us to be pro-active with wise choices. She reminds us that information is power.

–Review by Ruth Ann Homan
Back issues of The Viva Village Voice (August, October, and December 2015, February, April, and June 2016) may be viewed on the website, Viva Village is a member of the Villages NW nonprofit Hub and Spoke Network. We are one of six Villages being formed in the Portland area. A seventh—Eastside Village—became a fully functioning Village offering services to members on October 1, 2015.
To learn more about the Village Movement locally, nationally, and internationally, please visit Villages NW online at or email Contact The Viva Village Voice at

Editor, Ross Miller Roving Reporter, Ellin Johnson
Graphic Artist, Judith Feinstein Hard Copy Distributor, Darleene Meyer
Layout, Kathy Brown  
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