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The Viva Village Voice
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We’ve Launched!

Let’s Celebrate!

The party begins at 4 p.m., Thursday, October 13, at the Westbrook Clubhouse, 14255 SW 6th Street, Beaverton, OR 97005.

In addition to the ribbon-cutting ceremony, the Viva Village Launch Celebration will include a few carefully chosen insightful and gracious words from Village and community leaders, some food and drink, and the premier performance music notesof “The Ballad of Viva Village” by the Viva Village Orchestra and Chorus.

Launch Celebration
As one wise Viva Village elder put it:

“Interesting and fulfilling times are ahead as we work together to make a real difference in our community and in the lives of our friends and neighbors.”



Ross Miller, editorAt last, after almost three years, we have launched Viva Village. We have an office. Members are receiving services. We have screened volunteers and screened vendors ready to provide these services. Three years ago most of us knew little or nothing of the Village Movement. We had not considered the possibility of a viable Village in our area. Furthermore, with perhaps rare exceptions, the people we’ve come to know and appreciate through our combined efforts to create Viva Village were still total strangers.

It has taken many “pieces” to assemble Viva Village: scores of meetings and events, hundreds of emails and phone calls. Hours (over 13,000) of volunteer effort for a Viva Village that did not yet exist!

logo jigsawIn some ways creating a Village is like putting a jigsaw puzzle together—a big one, thousands of pieces. It’s like those puzzles families work on at holiday times. It sits on a table, and, little by little, the puzzle-solvers fit enough pieces together so that the scene begins to reveal itself.

However, there are big differences between Village-building and puzzle-solving. First, there’s no picture on the box to show us exactly what the Village will look like. We can check out some of the 200 Villages already up and running and get some ideas about the general shape of Villages. But, across the country,


Villages vary a lot, reflecting their particular settings.

Second, our holiday jigsaw puzzle has a certain number of pieces. It’s right there on the box: 500, 1000, 3000 etc. We have to figure out how those pieces fit together to complete the puzzle. (We watch to see that no pieces get lost, or eaten by the dog, or slipped into the pocket of a family member who wants the glory of putting in the last piece.)jigsaw logo

When we put a Village together, however, we find that some of our pieces don’t quite fit. Not only is “some assembly required,”  but we may have to fashion some missing pieces.

On Thursday, October 13, we pause to celebrate the amazing creation of Viva Village by an amazing group of people. And we celebrate our growing sense of community as we get to know others who care about our Village. So many pieces!

Blessed are the piece-sorters, piece-fitters, and piece-makers.

The Editor

jigsaw logo

Congratulations from Florida …Anne Andler
Rae Coleman received the following message from Anne Andler, who  introduced the Village idea to people in the Portland area three years ago. Before she moved to Florida she helped start the seven Villages now launched, or nearing launch in our area. Anne was the presenter at an introductory “Villages 101” for many of us, and our mentor for many months as Viva Village took shape.

Hi Rae,
Just a brief note to tell you and everyone else how proud I am of all of you.

Congrats on building Viva Village and getting it to this brand new stage.

You are awesome.
Big hugs,
Anne (Chana)



Terri Mishler:
Our Woman for All Seasons

Lots of innocent events often conspire to bring Viva Village volunteers into the flock. Terri Mishler had a few Eureka! moments that underscored her initial urge to team up with the then-fledgling Viva Village group. An AARP seminar about aging in place was the first, and when she later met Rae Coleman and Susanna Sharp at a leadership training, she was really hooked. Finally, however, a most infelicitous tumble following foot surgery consigned this otherwise youthful woman to a series of discouraging days housebound, with far too many moments to reflect on the challenges of a home stay. Firsthand, she realized that being woozy with meds and scarily immobile are a bad recipe for survival. 

After that discouraging ordeal, Terri says she hustled off, albeit not at marathon speed, to the next Viva Village organizational meeting, more convinced than ever that a Viva affiliation was indicated. Quite a preface to what was to come.

Terri’s extensive background as a licensed psychologist came into play as she moved into her present prominence as the guiding light of the membership committee—the only Governing Council member, incidentally, still employed full time. The requirements of the job, in addition to many meetings, have found her the brains behind a crucially important aspect of the growing Viva Village organization. She has defined the role of membership chair, designing and producing forms for training and interviewing, as well as compiling a membership manual to accompany the interview training
Macarena anyone?

Terri Mishler

handbook, all with an eye to moving Viva Village in the direction of being a premier organization for the aging population.

None of this “people” work would have been executed so meticulously without the high-octane c.v. that Terri brings to the job. An original plan for a communications BA at the University of Nebraska morphed into an undergraduate psychology degree. Then a gutsy solo move from home state Nebraska to Oregon produced a masters and a doctorate, with the communications piece coming in handy when Terri taught graduate psychology locally. And how about a post-doc masters in clinical psychopharmacology? No end to the unspellable areas of expertise, including multiple stints providing expert witness testimony in court cases dealing with traumatic life events.

But wait—there’s more! Clearly with nothing to do between two and three in the morning, Terri had ample time to learn to fly a helicopter—after all, what else does one do after flying over a live Hawaii volcano? Then she was off for some Alaskan glacier walks, and, get this, Dear Reader, went on to pass the rigorous test for racedriving school. For dessert, winning a macarena dance contest!

Now a lovely Murrayhill townhouse sparkles with purple—a favorite hue even before Terri was cloistered with Royal Purple Rae (Coleman) at Governing Council meetings. It’s home to two mannerly felines too. Here Terri muses over her genealogy, tracing ancestors to British Parliament, and tests and refines recipes, with an eye to future cookbook publishing. No rest for the wicked!

This one-woman talent show already is a strong impetus to the burgeoning Viva Village membership. 

Macarena lessons, anyone?

Ellin Johnson interviewed Terri Mishler and composed this bio.
Drawing by Judith Feinstein.
Saturday, October 15:
Village 101
(introductory information)

10:00-11:30 a.m.
St. Cecilia Library,
12250 SW 5th Street, Beaverton


Viva Villagers

Thursday, November 10:
Village 101

7:00-8:30 p.m.

In a private home in the Bauer Woods neighborhood
Tuesday, October 25:
Men’s Coffee Breaksteaming coffee

9:30 a.m.
at Java Lounge

  • Corner of Cornell and Dale
  • (two blocks east of Murray)
These sessions, stimulating but not stressful, will not be held in November or December. We cannot compete with the more established events of Thanksgiving and Christmas. However, we will resume our gathering each 4th Tuesday in January.

Questions: call Ross Miller, 503-713-3563

welcome new members
Saturday, November 12:
New Member Meeting

10:00 a.m. – Noon
Southminster Presbyterian Church

A chance to meet your fellow Viva Village members.
More information to follow.
Total for August and September 2016 for Viva Village
— Marketing, Events, Funding, Volunteering,
Strategy, Research, and Other Action Teams—

1937.06 hours 
V V Volunteers
Undoubtedly there are Viva Village volunteers not mentioned here.
Sorry we missed you.

Please submit your volunteer hours to so we can recognize all of our volunteers.
Reported by Gerry Barksdale
Webmaster and Keeper of the Rolls
More Good News …
Supporters of Viva Village have not only given hours of volunteer time, but have responded to the Governing Council’s call for financial help—$22,000 by the end of 2016—as the Village gets under way. The funds cover Village volunteers workingoffice costs, vetting volunteers, insurance, etc. By September 24 the amount raised was $10,580. On October 5, the fund total was $15,170.
(Viva Village has no paid staff. Nor do any of the other Villages developing in the Portland area. Villages NW, which supports all these Villages—providing non-profit status, insurance, etc.— has one part-time employee!)

member service requestTo make a tax-deductible donation for Viva Village, you can donate by check or online ( More of your donation will directly benefit Viva Village if you mail a check, as online donations are subject to processing fees.
To donate by mail, make your check out to “Villages NW fbo Viva Village” and send it to:

Viva Village
4905 SW Griffith Drive, Suite 108
Beaverton, OR  97005

Text: Ross Miller; Art: Judith Feinstein
Roof Cartoon

(Viva Village members are eligible to receive 8.3 services each month.)
Back issues of The Viva Village Voice (August, October, and December 2015, February, April, June, and August 2016) may be viewed on the website, Viva Village is a member of the Villages NW nonprofit Hub and Spoke Network. We are one of seven Villages in the Portland metro area. Eastside Village began offering services in October 2015. Viva Village, along with Village Without Walls, have opened this month, and Northeast Portland-PDX opens November 1. Three other Villages are making good progress towards opening next year or soon after.
To learn more about the Village Movement locally, nationally, and internationally, please visit Villages NW online at or email Contact The Viva Village Voice at
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4905 SW Griffith Dr., Suite 108
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Editor, Ross Miller Roving Reporter, Ellin Johnson
Graphic Artist, Judith Feinstein Hard Copy Distributor, Darleene Meyer
Layout, Kathy Brown  
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