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   The Viva Village Voice is an e-publication of Viva Village ( Viva Village is a member of the Villages NW nonprofit Hub and Spoke Network. It is one of six Villages being formed in the Portland area. Another Village — Eastside Village — became a fully functioning Village offering services to members on October 1 of this year. To learn more about the Village movement locally, nationally, and internationally, please visit Villages NW online at or email Contact the VivaVillageVoice at


Staff: Editor, Ross Miller; Layout, Kathlyn Brown

Villages Northwest. . . 

Best New Nonprofit of the Year


   At its recent Annual Awards Dinner, Portland Monthly named Villages NW the top new nonprofit organization of the year. (Villages NW—sometimes referred to as “our Mother Ship”, is the “hub” to which Viva Village and the other six villages in the Portland area are the “spokes.”)  2015 is the 11th anniversary of the magazine’s “Light a Fire Awards,” uniting local  philanthropic organizations and regional business leaders to celebrate nonprofits in the state of Oregon. Awards in 11 categories “honor organizations and individuals who make the Portland metropolitan area more prosperous, beautiful, healthful, and sustainable”. The winners were honored at the Light a Fire Awards ceremony on Tuesday, October 20. 

   Check out the story and the video from the Banquet with splendid vintage faces, some belonging to Viva Villagers!


Viva Village Volunteers Join
National Village Gathering


   Rae Coleman, Viva Village co-chair, and Karen McCune, Viva Village Resource Team, were among the 11 Portland area Village representatives and 350+ persons from other U.S. Villages who attended the recent National Village Gathering in Seattle, October 5-7. 

   Beginning in Boston in the early 2000s, the Village Movement now includes some 320 villages, with 170 offering services to enable older adults to age in in their own homes and communities. Another 160 Villages are in development, including Viva Village in the Beaverton area and five other Portland area Villages.


   Anne Andler, Executive Director of Villages NW, administrative center for the Portland area Villages, shared highlights from Viva Village's development strategy in one of the Gathering's General Sessions: our Virtual Brick campaign, along with the PowerPoint presentation used in the Village 101 sessions that introduce the Village concept to potential members and volunteers.  (For a full report of the Gathering, see Karen McCune’s article on our website,



Happening Soon . . . 


Volunteer Orientation Session
(for those who have attended a Village 101), 
Sunday November 1
4:30-6 p.m., at the Beaverton Community Center, Vose Room

(Across from Beaverton Library)


All Villages Circle Social Hour

Wednesday, November 4, 6:30-8:30

The Vault (O’Connors), 7840 SW Capitol Highway

   A social gathering for all Villagers and friends

Thanks to Rivers West for organizing


The next Village 101 Presentation is scheduled for
Tuesday, November 
17, 7:00 – 8:30 in a private home in Oak Hills

   RSVP: or 503-312-7675


Viva Village Planning GroupSaturday, November 14

10 a.m. to noon, Elsie Stuhr Senior Center  

*(See “Governing Council” article below)


And soon, at a new time and a new venue: 

the Viva Village monthly Social Time
Third Thursdays at The Hall Street Grill, 3775 SW Hall Blvd, Beaverton
6:00-8:00 p.m. beginning Thursday, November 19


   (Viva Village Voice scouts report no pool tables or other lurking moral traps at this site,  However, one alert reader pointed out that if pool tables are a danger, a la The Music Man, why are they so obvious and ubiquitous at Elsie Stuhr. She thinks we’ve been snookered.)


“Being Mortal” Frontline documentary, with Atul Gawande
Sunday, November 15—and a potluck supper!
at Four Seasons Club House, 15005 SW Village Lane, Beaverton, 3 to 5:30 p.m.

   RSVP: or call 503-208-2290. ("Being Mortal" was the focus of the first Viva Village book discussion in September.)


Next Viva Village Book Club: Tuesday, November 24
The book: "The Boys in the Boat, Nine Americans and their Epic Quest for Gold at the 1936 Berlin Olympics” by Daniel James Brown
6:30-8 p.m. at a private home in Beaverton’s Vose neighborhood.

   RSVP: or 503-644-7417. (See comments on the first meeting of the Viva Village Book Club, by Ruth Ann Homan, at the Viva Village website,


P is Indeed for Poet


   If it's Tuesday, it's Qi gong, or so might be the case if you're Viva Village member Ruth Ann Homan. (She waggishly asserted that she does a different kind of morning yoga daily so that she can tell what day of the week it is.) Such quirkiness is totally consonant with the spirit of Ruth Ann, whose Viva Village connections began with the insistence of a friend but evolved with her own enthusiasm. She said, "I came for the concept but stayed for the vitality."


   Viva Villagers and guests can remember Ruth Ann initially from her poem in March at Leedy Grange during the Master Gardener gardening forum, where she charmed the assemblage with "My Garden Waits for Me." When pressed, she demurred about listing POET on her passport, opting for elementary school teacher, but poetry has been a natural for her – a woman whose forte is distillation of language, succinctness over blather being her paramount language achievement:  "Say it in three sentences or not at all."


   Not that she is Calvinistically terse in person. She obligingly spun tales of life in Southeast Asia with her late husband, and for long stretches at a time too. But first to Arizona, for ESL instruction on a reservation, then on to Indonesia. When teaching jobs ended in Singapore, they returned to Oregon. Thereafter, Ruth Ann leavened her one-time avocation as hospital puppeteer and clown with seven years of hospice volunteering, which she highly recommends. "It hones one's listening skills" was her sage observation.


   In The Beginning it was very Small Town. Fathom being surrounded by 47 cousins in Rossford, Ohio! Even before college, however,  she was challenged at age 15 by an early diagnosis of gradual blindness, although seemingly very little a deterrent to a lifetime of independence and high voltage activities and contributions.  


   Now, Ruth Ann continues to live in her own house, surrounded by everything from Balinese masks to exotic statuary, a symphony of travel and practiced collecting.


   Goals? Nothing more than one might expect of a woman of words: to be published further. It looks like a go for this vital, petite woman, who continues to enrich the Viva Village group as it strides toward late 2016 “launch.”


(Viva Village volunteer, Ellin Johnson, wrote this bio-piece after interviewing Ruth Ann)



Viva Village Governing Council
        to be Elected During November


   From its beginning in January 2014, all key decisions shaping Viva Village have been made at the monthly meeting of the “Planning Group.” Attending a Village 101 information session qualified a person to be a voting member of the Planning Group.  Whether a regular or occasional attender, each person at a Planning Group meeting has had a vote — an ultra participatory democracy. 

   However, as we work to complete all the necessary tasks for becoming a fully-functioning, service-providing Village, we need to be a more representative democracy. This has been the experience of Villages around the country. A more focused leadership team is required to raise the necessary funds, recruit and screen volunteers and professional service providers, and sign up the numbers of members needed to make a Village operational.


   Our work teams will continue—financial, marketing, events, etc. and, of course, the concerns of each Viva Villager will still be honored. But a small number of Villagers will assume major responsibility for leading us through the steps toward our launch a year from now. The Governing Council functions like a Board of Directors. It is a working council, not advisory, and assumes decision-making responsibility for Viva Village.


   The Governing Council will be composed of no fewer than 8 and no more than 12 members. There will probably be 1–2 Council Meetings a month, meetings with work teams, and informally, as needed. Council members will be expected to be financial supporters of Viva Village.


   The slate of candidates will be announced at the next Planning Group, Saturday, November 14, 10 a.m. to noon, at Elsie Stuhr Senior Center. (The pay for Governing Council members is the same as that for Planning Group members.)  


   All persons involved in Viva Village activities who have attended at least two Planning Group meetings are eligible to vote. They will be notified by email re: their eligibility after the November 14th Planning Group meeting. Voters will e-mail their votes to Dick Eyde at For the slate to be elected, it must receive 50% of the vote by eligible members. 

   The Governing Council will be announced when the Planning Group meets in December. The newly-elected Governing Council will begin service in January 2016. 

Questions? Confusion about this transition process?
Contact Rae Coleman or other members of the Coordinating Committee at

Viva Village is a member of the Villages NW
nonprofit Hub and Spoke Network.
Copyright © 2016 Viva Village, All rights reserved.

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