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PBISaz Communiqué

September 2015

Executive Summary of PBISaz Advisory Committee Meeting

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Core Team Attendees
Dan Davidson, Daniel Gulchak, Celeste Nameth, Jessie Gillam, Adam Leckie, Bob Crouse, Abby Wright, Angel Jannasch-Pennell, Jane Ballesteros, Debbie D’amore, Janna Murrell, Corina Enrique, Amber Pauga, LeiLani Scott, William McQueary 

Key Advisory Attendees
Sheri Dollin, Diane Wray, Meleika Wadley, Pam Harris, Kris Kurtz, William McQueary

Goals For Meeting
Receive updates from PBISaz grant recipient districts, review PBISaz objectives for 2015/16, and plan for PBISaz sustainability using a Community of Practice framework.

What We Did
  • Welcomed and introduced Core Members, then reviewed meeting roles, norms, participation expectation, prior meeting minutes and today’s agenda.
  • Listened to updates from PBISaz grantee districts: Yuma USD, Cartwright ESD, Madison ESD and Phoenix ESD. 
  • Subcommittees reported out on tasks assigned. 
  • PBISaz Annual Report and the evaluation findings from the 2014/15 PBISaz survey and focus group were reviewed 
  • Subcommittees and committee chairs were assigned the PBISaz Objectives for the 2015/16 school year. 
  • The Community of Practice (COP) model was reviewed and this Communiqué was collectively created. 
What We Learned
  • All PBISaz Grantee districts provided outstanding data-based summaries of their achievements with PBIS, reported preliminary outcomes, and demonstrated that the grant spurred the expansion of PBIS through use of additional funding streams. Leadership change was identified as a barrier of progress, high quality training and coaching identified as facilitators. Download their Presentations for details.
  • There are opportunities for PBISaz to partner with DES/DDD to impact DDD students in PBIS schools and talks are beginning with new director, Dr. Laura Love.
  • AZSBA has published seclusion/restraint policy recommendation (see section JK Discipine) to align with SB 1459 passed 2/20/15.   
  • DBHS has an 8 hr training and booklet available for behavior health professionals on Understanding Arizona’s Education System. The goal is to improve the effectiveness of working with schools to meet an individual’s needs. They are developing a 1-2 hr training and booklet for school professionals on the behavioral health system.
  • PBISaz’s Annual Report revealed that we met our goals and objectives for 2014/15, our Getting Started webpage continues to be a key step for schools/districts to get Readiness documents and guidelines to choose qualified PBIS trainers/coaches/evaluators, and the 2015 PBISaz Achievement Awards attracted triple the number of schools from 2013. 
  • Dates for the next PBISaz Advisory Committee core team meeting are Nov 4/2015, Feb 10/2016, Apr 6/2016. 
What We Accomplished
  • The Subcommittees were decided for the following PBISaz objectives for 2015/16. They are as follows, with the Chairperson listed first:
  • Obj.5 PBISaz Achievement Award: Daniel Gulchak, Jane Ballesteros, Celeste Nameth, Amber Pauga, Adam Leckie. 
  • Obj.6 Partnerships: Dan Davidson, Debbie Damore, Bob Crouse, Jessie Gillam, Celeste Nameth, Sherri Dolan.
  • Obj.7 Arizona PBS Network/Social Media: Celeste Nameth, Daniel Gulchak, Joni Cesario, Adam Leckie, Leilani Scott.
  • Obj.9 Creating PBISaz Videos: Angel Jannasch-Pennell, Dan Davidson, Jean Ajamie, Leilani Scott, Adam Leckie, Janna Murrell.
  • Obj. 10 DDD Proposal: Dan Davidson, Bob Crouse, Janna Murrell.
  • Obj. 11 Restraint/Seclusion TA Paper: Adam Leckie, Dan Davidson, William McQueary.
  • Obj. 13 Sustainability of PBISaz: Leilani Scott, Dan Davidson, Angel Jannasch-Pennell, Debbie Damore. 
  • Using the COP model and an emphasis on “increasing non-traditional stakeholder engagement” we created this communiqué collaboratively to expanding the collective impact of PBISaz.
Next Steps
  • Subcommittees, led by the chairperson, will independently meet and work toward their assigned objective and present their recommendations for PBISaz Advisory Committee quarterly meetings. 
  • This Communiqué will be distributed broadly to the entire PBISaz Community of Practice. Please share this email with at least two people who you think can benefit from the information and encourage them to subscribe

We want to hear from you:  

  • What LEA is ready to use PBIS or has asked you about it?  Our goal is to suscribe two names and contact information from each reader.
  • In your organization, who is using PBIS with the greatest fidelity (name, position, and site) that might help us speak to the practitioner level needs and concerns?
  • Who do you know personally that could provide PBISaz with insight related to PBIS successful implementation?
  • Would you like to hear more from one of the schools currently participating in PBIS that reported today? 

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PBIS improves student learning by making life more positive, predictable, equitable and safe. 

We are a statewide Advisory Committee providing the vision and leadership to grow PBIS in Arizona.

 Celeste Nameth
 Jean Ajamie
 Renaldo Fowler
 Jessie Gillam
 Adam Leckie
 Nancy Vaughn
 Tyrone Peterson
 Larry Clausen
 Bob Crouse
Buckeye ESD
 Joni Cesario
JC Advisor
 Gail Jacobs
KOI Education
 Daniel Gulchak
Madison ESD
 Abby Wright
 Dick Geasland
 Dan Davidson
Phoenix ESD
 Angel Pennell
Pima County SSO
 Debbie Damore
 Jane Ballesteros 
 Robert Horner
Raising Special Kids
 Janna Murrell
Sacaton ESD
 Amber Pauga
Mesa Public Schools
 Leilani Scott
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