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eAlert: Enabling vital partnerships to ensure the COVID-19 health response meets the needs of all Queenslanders

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New grant funding underpins our consumer-focused COVID-19 initiatives

Health Consumers Queensland has been successful in securing grant funding from Queensland Health to support our continued COVID-19 service provision. As one of more than 130 community-based health service groups across Queensland sharing in more than $30 million, the grant will help Health Consumers Queensland to continue the delivery of a number of consumer-focused initiatives. 
This additional funding will support: ​
  • continued consultation with consumers on planning for continued and future pandemic situations 
  • a new project to engage with young health consumers about their experiences during COVID-19 pandemic (check out the opportunity to join our Youth Reference Group in this eAlert​)
  • evaluation of the strong engagement approach taken by Health Consumers Queensland and Queensland Health during COVID-19.
We are so pleased to be able to continue to support the vital voice of consumers during this time.​

Going 'above and beyond' during COVID-19

We’re delighted to share the news that one of the experienced health consumers on our state-wide network, Phil Carswell OAM, has won the Metro South Health COVID-19 Staff Recognition Engagement Award for his significant contribution during the planning, preparation and response to COVID-19. ​
Phil was appointed as the consumer representative on the Princess Alexandra Hospital’s Incident Management Team for the COVID-19 response in mid-March.​
He said, “It has been a hectic time with a flood of daily emails and a daily videoconference with all the clinical, nursing, allied health, IT and finance leads working out how we can use the "COVID moment" to make changes that have been too hard before.”​
He paid tribute to the team saying, “It’s a real buzz to win the Award. Everyone has worked really productively during a very stressful time”. ​
Phil also thanked Health Consumers Queensland for our advocacy early in the pandemic in calling for more consumer involvement during COVID-19. ​

Melissa Fox, our CEO responded to the news saying: “It’s fantastic to see Metro South HHS recognise Phil’s tireless work as a consumer representative. This award clearly demonstrates the value that consumers bring to the decision-making table in public health care when consumer partnerships are integrated into the system, at this time more than ever.​
“Phil’s particular strengths are his tireless raising of issues from a consumer perspective and his empathy in understanding of the different challenges affecting both consumers and health staff and how we can reconcile these to achieve great health outcomes”. ​
Congratulations Phil! ​

Image reproduced with the kind permission of Metro South Hospital and Health Service

Over 400 Queensland Health staff register for our Engagement Snack Pack online training series

Thank you to all the health staff who joined our first live online consumer engagement training session this week. It was great to see such widespread interest in learning more about engagement across disciplines and HHSs/Divisions.​
In our first 30 minute session we introduced consumer partnerships with a particular focus on ​
• The role of consumers​
• Value of consumer partnerships​
• Q&As focused on consumer diversity and finding consumers​

The sheer diversity of roles and enthusiasm of all the staff present meant that the discussion was extremely lively and wide-ranging on the Chat bar.

If you missed the session, it’s still not too late for QH staff to register for the series via this link.

Taking your voices to the top

The Director-General of Queensland Health has asked our CEO, Melissa Fox, to join the weekly extended ELT/HSCE COVID-19 meeting to provide critical perspectives and linkages with COVID-19 implementation issues and engagement.

This is a system leadership team meeting attended by the Director General, all the Deputy Director-Generals and Chief Executives of Hospitals and Health Services, and the Chair, Queensland Clinical Senate and the Chair, Statewide Clinical Networks Executive Committee.
Training, information and resources

This week's Snack Pack training take-away

If you are thinking about whether you should involve a consumer in your work, use this test to guide your next action:

If someone is impacted by a decision you are making, they have a right to be included in that decision.

Register for the Snack Pack Series

Consumers help develop compassionate conversations guide for clinicians

In conjunction with consumers and the Care at End of Life project team, a team of clinicians has developed a compassionate conversations guide to assist healthcare professionals when they are speaking to family members virtually by video or telephone call. These conversations are difficult at the best of times, without the additional challenges of PPE and virtual communication.

An accompanying guide to using an interpreter  has also been developed.

We would like to acknowledge the consumers involved in the development of the Compassionate Conversations guide: Delphine, Helen, Adele and Jim.

How to tell your story with impact

Many people become active as health consumers due to a significant experience with the health system. Telling the story of your healthcare journey can be a powerful tool in your consumer kit, but if not told well it will not have the impact that it could. In this video we share some key tips that will help you hone your story telling skills.

BEAT-CKD Annual Research Forum

3-4 August 2020 via Zoom webinar

The BEAT-CKD annual research forum/workshops are for patients, family members, caregivers, clinicians, and researchers with an interest in conducting and implementing research to improve outcomes for people with chronic kidney disease.

This open forum provides a unique opportunity to hear and discuss innovative methods, high-priority research projects, and to meet potential collaborators.

To see the program and to register visit:
We invite you to join our network of Queensland consumers, carers and staff of health organisations.

Our shared focus is creating strong and sustainable consumer partnerships in Queensland. By joining you will become a part of a network of skilled, connected people working together to make the health system the best it can be.
Join the Health Consumers Queensland statewide network

16-25? Join the Young Health Consumers Engagement Project

Applications close at 9am, Monday 17 August 2020

We want to hear your voice!

Health Consumers Queensland is leading a project to improve the engagement of young health consumers in Queensland. We are establishing a Youth Reference Group for the project to enable and ensure the voices of young health consumers are heard.  

Many young people use Queensland Health services which are designed for older adults including emergency services, mental health services, acute and chronic support services. You have valuable experience and feedback to give that is important to policy makers, clinicians and others in the health system. 

We also want to better understand any key changes you may have experienced with health services during the COVID-19 pandemic. 

Make a difference to young people's healthcare

Would you like to help build an effective, exciting and diverse youth health consumer network?
Could you help guide the Young Health Consumers Engagement project and ensure that what we develop together works for all young people and your different needs?
Would you like to make it possible for young people to be able to regularly share ideas and views on health services with  Queensland Health and help develop the services you need together?

This opportunity will give you some key skills and experience which will look awesome on your CV. You'll need to be able to give seven hours a month for the next five months and you will receive payment in line with Health Consumers Queensland's remuneration position statement.

Find out more and apply by clicking on the link below.  
Find out more and apply

Review Queensland Health's updated immunisation website

Applications close 8am Monday 27 July

Queensland Health’s Strategic Communications Branch would like your feedback on their newly refreshed immunisation website.

The immunisation website has been written in plain English but does contain some clinical language due to the nature of the topic. Queensland Health is keen to know if the content is easy for the general public to follow.

Queensland Health would like to invite ten consumers from a range of backgrounds to review the website and complete a short questionnaire. This task should take around one hour and needs to be completed before 8am Monday 3 August. If you are just beginning your consumer representative journey then this is a great opportunity for you.


Applications are welcome from people who live in Queensland and are:

  • A parent

  • A young adult

  • Aboriginal or Torres Strait Islander

  • From a Culturally or Linguistically Diverse background

  • Medically at risk or live with a chronic condition


Participants will be remunerated $40 for this activity, which is in line with Health Consumers Queensland's guidelines


Please complete this online application form by clicking on the link below before 8am Monday 27 July.

Apply online

Help Northern Queenslanders be as healthy as all Queenslanders

Applications close Monday 3 August 2020 at 9am

The Better North Queensland Alliance has an ambitious plan to make Northern Queenslanders as healthy as all Queenslanders, and you can help make the project a success for your community. 

The Better North Queensland Alliance is a collaboration between Hospital and Health Services in Northern Queensland: North West, Torres and Cape, Cairns and Hinterland, Townsville and Mackay, and other key partners. The Alliance wants to deliver healthcare differently in the region, by:

  •  Investing in prevention and primary care
  • Giving earlier and better access to services
  • Helping communities live better, healthier lives

 The Better North Queensland Alliance is looking for consumer representatives for several aspects of the project, including Kidney, Surgical Services, Healthcare in the Home project steering groups, and the overall strategic governing committee.

Will you give an hour or two of your time each month to create better healthcare in the North? All North Queenslanders need to take part is at least 6 months’ consumer rep experience on a committee, and have an interest or lived experience in one of the key areas listed above.

Read more or apply

Join the Statewide Digital Healthcare Improvement Clinical Network

Applications close at 9.30am, Monday 31 August 2020

Statewide Digital Healthcare Improvement Network (DHIN) is seeking a consumer representative to help to improve and integrate patient care and clinical workflows using digital across primary, community and hospital settings.

The network provides overarching governance of digital activities occurring throughout Queensland Health integrated electronic medical record (ieMR) sites and functions as an innovation hub for digital healthcare improvement.

This role would suit an experienced consumer representative who has sat on an executive committee of a statewide clinical network for at least six months.  You also need to have strong links with community groups / networks and the ability to present practical advice that reflects health consumers’ real-life experiences. 

Membership will be current for two years and it is expected that meetings will be conducted every two months (approx. 2 hours during business hours), principally by Microsoft Office Teams.

Read more and apply

Join the Queensland Clinical Senate

Applications close at 9am, Monday 10 August 2020

The Queensland Clinical Senate (QCS) represents clinicians from across the health system and provides strategic advice and leadership on system-wide issues affecting the quality, affordability and efficient delivery of patient care within Queensland. The QCS connects clinicians to improve care.

The QCS share their collective knowledge to consider strategic clinical issues and make recommendations to Queensland Health about how to deliver the best care to Queenslanders.

The QCS would like to recruit two consumer and/or carer representatives from rural or remote Queensland and who identifies as being Aboriginal and/or Torres Strait Islander to be a part of the Senate. Your role is to provide the consumer perspective by engaging with your community connections and networks to inform into the Senate with a focus on quality patient outcomes and experiences through all levels of the health system in Queensland. 

Meetings will be held by videoconference or in person in Brisbane a minimum of three times per year. Consumers will be remunerated in accordance with Health Consumers Queensland’s remuneration position statement.

Read more and apply

Website revision focus group for the Telehealth Support Unit

Applications close at 9am, Monday 3 August 2020

The Telehealth Support Unit (TSU) is seeking health consumer representatives to inform the design of a new patient-focused website informing patients of their options in accessing virtual care and providing education in the practicalities of telehealth.

This opportunity would suit a consumer or carer representative:

  • With an interest in the delivery of health care via technology
  • Who has accessed or cared for someone who has received virtual care or telehealth
  • Who has been offered telehealth but not yet accessed it
  • Who is able to provide feedback to inform the design of a new patient-focused website

Applications from people living in rural and remote areas across Queensland and Aboriginal and or Torres Strait Islander consumer representatives are welcomed.

The Website Revision Focus Group will meet for two 1.5 hour sessions. The first will be held prior to the TSU provisioning a software build for the new site, with the second session to follow the developer’s production of the website in order to provide feedback. Both meetings will be held via videoconference.

Consumers will be remunerated for their time in line with Health Consumers Queensland’s remuneration position statement.

Read more and apply

COVID-19 Behavioural Insights Research Study - last weeks!

Griffith University wants to hear about your behavioural response to COVID-19.

In an effort to understand the transmission of COVID-19, this research takes a critical review of individual decision making in response to COVID-19. Your participation will contribute to a greater understanding of emerging behavioural patterns that may assist policy makers to better respond with relevant actions.

What does the study involve?

You will spend about 20 minutes answering survey questions about
1) your general attitude to behaviours in response to COVID-19 Government guidelines 
2) about you (e.g., your age, gender). 
Participants will have the opportunity to win one of 2 x $50 vouchers. There are no foreseeable risks associated with your participation. 
Go to survey

IFIC to document people’s lives during COVID-19

A worldwide project plans to document people’s personal experience of living with COVID-19 restrictions as well as hearing from those who have been directly impacted by the disease itself. 

The International Foundation for Integrated Care is a not for profit network based at Oxford University in the UK, that brings people together to advance the science, knowledge and adoption of integrated care policy and practice.

As part of their ICIC20 Virtual Conference taking place in September they are creating a short sound-byte video, documenting people’s lives throughout the months of COVID-19.
They are keen to hear from Australians. Are you interested in doing a short zoom call to answer two or three questions relating to your personal experience of living with COVID 19 restrictions or being directly impacted by the disease? The call will take no more than 5-10 minutes and you may speak in your own language and they will provide translation to English (the conference language) on screen.
The people they would love to hear from could be (but aren’t limited to):
  • Someone working from home with young children
  • Someone who usually receives treatment in a hospital setting that had changed significantly
  • A person who was seriously ill with COVID-19 and has recovered
  • A person whose family member has passed away due to COVID-19
  • A person whose family member has passed away unrelated to COVID-19 and the funeral and celebration of life was affected 
  • A care home worker
  • A frontline worker

Health Consumers Queensland is collecting details of interested people to pass along to IFIC. If you are interested in taking part, and would like us to pass your details along to IFIC for them to contact you, please complete the form below.

This activity is not remunerated.


Read more or apply

Other opportunities for consumers and carers

Share your experiences of maternity care during COVID-19

Have you received or supported a woman receiving maternity care in Queensland after 1st March 2020?

Take part in the Queensland Maternity Survey for COVID-19.

This survey will help Queensland Health understand the experiences of families during the Novel Coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic and how it affected your pregnancy, birth and post-natal care, and your general health and wellbeing. 

Queensland Maternity Survey for COVID-19

Consumer Representatives for Women’s and Newborn Services, Royal Brisbane and Women’s Hospital 

Applications close 31st July 2020.
Would you like to be part of a network of like-minded, positive, individuals and groups who are committed to improving the quality of care provided to our women, babies and families. 

Women’s and Newborn Services(WNS), Royal Brisbane and Women’s Hospital (RBWH) is seeking consumer representatives to provide consumer, carer or community perspectives about women, babies and families within the care of Women’s and Newborn Services at the Royal Brisbane and Women’s Hospital (RBWH).  The three areas of interest are:
1. Maternity - Specialty health care related to pregnancy, birth and afterwards 
2. Gynaecology - Specialty health care related to women’s health   
3. Neonatology - Specialty health care related to newborn babies 
Find out more and complete the application form below. 
Find out more
Application form

Share your experience of medicine use after a road traffic crash

Do you have neck or back pain following a road traffic crash? Join UQ's study about people's experiences of medicine use after road traffic crashes.

Gaining a more in-depth understanding of people's experiences will help guide development of better treatment options to improve recovery and hopefully prevent chronic pain from this injury.

Find out more by clicking on the link below.

Find out more and participate

Join Gold Coast PHN’s Community Advisory Council

Applications close on Friday, 31 July 2020

Gold Coast Primary Health Network (GCPHN) is currently recruiting for a number of people to join its Community Advisory Council (CAC). The CAC membership is a cross section of health consumers and members of the Gold Coast community, and provide valuable input into GCPHN activities. As a key governance council, the advice of the CAC goes directly to the GCPHN Board for consideration.

Topics discussed by the CAC are varied and have included population health management, patient experience and satisfaction, advanced care directives, mental health, alcohol and other drugs and consumer rights. 

If you live on the Gold Coast in the GCPHN region and you've used the Gold Coast health system in the last five years please click on the link below to find out more about this role and apply. 


Find out more and apply

Join the Queensland Clinical Guidelines (QCG) Register

Queensland Clinical Guidelines (QCG) is seeking consumer representatives to participate in a wide range of maternity and neonatal clinical guideline development.

Consumers representatives participate in statewide working parties as part of a multidisciplinary team that also includes doctors, midwives, nurses and allied health staff. Working parties provide expert opinion on the scope and content of clinical guidelines and related works.

The consumer role may include commenting on aspects of care, sensitive and respectful language, and the flow of information.

For further information about the role, registration, payment and how to apply click the links below.
Find out more
Application form

Inform consumer involvement in diabetes living guidelines

La Trobe University would like to bring together 12 consumers (from throughout Australia) and researchers in a 90-minute online forum to explore how consumers can be more involved in the development of living clinical practice guidelines (living guidelines) for diabetes.

The results of the forum should inform consumer involvement in diabetes living guidelines going forward. I have also attached the study advertisement and participant information statement.

The forums will be occurring on three different dates: 6, 18 and 19 August. Consumers only need to participate in one of the forums. A sitting fee of $150 for participating consumers (including time for pre-reading) will be provided.


Find out more and apply
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