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Ganesha - Yoga with Mary Bruce
Yoga with Mary Bruce
"Stay ahead of the game of seeking. We cannot serve others if we do not fill our own 'seeking cup' on a daily basis. We can’t. The line is too thin. The ice is too thin. If even a little bit of time goes by, and we ignore it...we fall through the ice. 

Personal practice. Personal practice. Personal practice. 

A yogi who does not do sadhana (practice) is an actor; a parrot...a bird who’s memorized some words. Your well that you draw on has to be filled...and not personal practice to the point of only giving you just enough to get by...that’s not filling your cup. It’s not about maintenance. It’s about fulfilling your seeking. That should be your primary focus." ~ Yogarupa Rod Stryker
Hi All,

I hope your Thanksgiving was wonderful in all ways. I taught my annual Yoga class and prior to teaching I pulled a card from My Empowered Life deck which became the theme for practice. The question was . "Who is the most powerful person you know? What similar qualities do you share with them?  " Yikes!!! I wanted to put in back in the deck and pick a different one. It's easy to see greatness in others and more challenging to see it in ourselves. But truth be told you wouldn't be able to recognize it in others unless you possess it yourself. Marianne Williamson says it's not our darkness we are most afraid of ~ It's our light. Dare to be bright and you will change the world. 

I hope your holidays and holy days are peaceful and filled with JOY. Here are my end of the year and into the New Year Offerings. If you are in the greater Phoenix area I hope to see you for some of them and to all my friends around the world, please know that my life is richer for our meeting and I carry you in my heart.

Love to One and All.

Master the Art and Science of Sequencing Beyond the Pose. If there is one training you can do to up level your skills, boost your confidence as a teacher, deepen your own personal practice, affect your students well being and contribute to peace on earth this is it!!! Yes that's a tall order and it absolutely IS possible and Yes! I AM tooting my own horn ;)  My teacher has skillfully guided me over the last 18 years and You will not be disappointed.

Advanced Energetics of Sequencing
Dec 11-13 and Jan 8-10
Friday 6-9 PM, Sat and Sun 10:30-5:30
Moksha Yoga
$260 each or $495 for both

Register with Mary or Moksha Yoga

This course is designed for Teachers who want to take their teaching to the next level and develop understanding of sequencing beyond the Apex pose. Postures will be separated into 6 categories based on their energetic effect. You will be given six practices as well as the tools to develop your own practice based on the art and science of Vinyasa Krama which translates as wise progression or the Art of Placement. Corresponding pranayamas and meditations will accompany the practices. Each weekend can stand alone or for greatest benefit choose both. This training qualifies for CEU's for certified teachers.

Vinyasa Krama is "wise progression," the intelligent linking or sequencing of postures that informs a complete practice. It also refers to a vital thread of the Yoga tradition: a practice should suit the needs of the individual. This workshop delves into the specific and broad range effects of the vast variety of Asanas and Pranayamas.

Explore the physical, mental, and subtle benefits of these practices from the sublime wisdoms of Tantra, Yoga, and Ayurveda. The training is designed to inform and empower committed practitioners as well as teachers of all levels with the knowledge necessary to heighten the effects and benefits of their own or their students’ Yoga practice.

Here's what teachers are saying about this training.

"Proper sequencing makes such a significant difference - think of the classes where you may have had a sub par savasana - after this your students will NEVER experience that again!!"

"You want this! Not just for your classes, but for your SELF! This wisdom will augment your developing sense of orientation in the life. Then, naturally, you will teach from a place of stability and ease."
"This class was the cherry on top of my YTT program! So much good information to deepen you as a student and as a teacher. This is a class I will be taking again in the future!"

 "Sequencing thru the understanding of energetics allows you to provide students with an experience they won't soon forget - it's the only efficient way to practice and with MB teaching?! BONUS!! "

"This is the training that gives you the "ahha" moment. You become aware of the makings of a wonderful class.. AND you can create the energy you seek! It's a subtle, powerful and absolutely critical in creating a class you will be happy with and your students will want to take again."

"Yes! Wise sequencing= harmony and peace. It gets the body and spirit into deeper alignment. Valuable and priceless information."
My dear friend and Teacher's wife Gina Stryker has launched her business Gina Cucina and this holiday season is offering Soup of The Month Club. What a brilliant idea. You can order delivered to your door delicious, organic, made with love soups that warm your heart and nourish your belly. Soul food at its finest. When you're rushing around it's a comfort to know that lunch or dinner is handled in the best most nutritious way possible. This also makes a great gift idea for friends and family. Treat yourself by taking a look and gifting yourself today.


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Apr 30-May 1, 2015 Fitness Fest Conference & Expo | Scottsdale, AZ

May 28-Jun 4 Seven Days of Dhi Yoga Retreat | Maya Tulum

Mary Bruce
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