You know how when you think something has happened before and/or you are a groundhog? We are not calling you a groundhog. We are saying we have asked, repeatedly, for Bill Murray to call us and he’s left us like a bride at the alter on her wedding day, full of nervous anticipation and in possession of a pair of track shoes. So Bill, call us, will you?

Now, we know you read this space each week in search of updates on world affairs and important information that will change your life. And we’re glad you do. And it is just this sort of information that we have right now to impart: Next week, be on the lookout for Bill Bottoms. These are pants by William Murray Golf, and if you are the sort to frequent back or front nines and you have legs you might want to know about these pants.


1.  Mr. Murray will be at Pebble Beach next week sporting said pantaloons, or so we hear. But this week you may have bigger fish to fry. Those fish might take the form of linemen, or those who will eat copious amounts of food while watching linemen and drinking copious amounts of beer. We have a recipe to feed them.

2.  And if you are a member of Philadelphia’s professional football team or just an interested party, we have a recipe on how to beat the Patriots, too.

3.  You remember John from last week? That mustachioed gent from Portugal. The Man who presented you with a playlist presented in turn by Compass? Well, he’s back this week with an interview he did for our Interview Issue and you can read it here.

4.  Have you ever asked, what if Nietsche surfed?

5.  We’re having an end of the year party (we know, we know, we’re a bit late, but go with it) and you’re invited. It’s over here and nets you 30% off all the soft things in the Whalebone store and a shot at free shipping. It ends Monday.


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