Join us This Saturday for for Our Weekly Lockdown Show

JC has done Over 40 Shows great atmosphere..… Solitary Confinement in The Suburbs is NOW an INSTITUTION

Its free if you are broke or unwaged But Most people pay the £5.00 Fee because its FUN .

we have a regular bunch of listeners from round the world from Los Angeles to Kiev From Christchurch to Ljubliana, From Glasgow to the Isle of Wight.. JC plays Reggae Punk Chanson.. Blues and keeps the Vibes coming .. The link is Here

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LAST WEEKS SHOW HAD OVER 1000 Views and 400 Comments

Last Weeks Show Had over 400 comments


WE ARE GIVING AWAY T SHIRTS AND CDS …. to the first correct answers…

The Streams starts at 10pm GMT on JC’s FaceBook Page Join us… HERE

Over the last 8 months we have created a unique pub concert atmosphere where chat is mixed with music and JC tells stories from his Explosive Autobiography (still) Annoying The Neighbours…

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JC from THE MEMBERS autobiography

(Still) Annoying The Neighbours is the Autobiography of JC Carroll - From The Members - The Sound of the Suburbs.

From bank clerk to punk rocker, From bedsit in North London to rock and roll heaven in Hollywood, “(still) Annoying the Neighbours” takes its title from the lyrics of The Members anthem “The Sound of the Suburbs” and traces the journey of Members Songwriter and guitarist JC “Jean-marie” Carroll a boy with three girls names catapulted from suburban obscurity into the punk rock limelight and then flung back onto the music business scrap heap ..

It tells the story of a man who is driven to make music, art and clothing a man who is escaping from, but always defined by, the songs of his youth. The book charts his early success through to recording and touring with Le- gends such as Glen Matlock , Dee Dee Ramone, Johhny Thunders Rat Sca- bies. Playing accordian for Johnny Depp and Marlon Brando and dressing Kylie Minogue.

It traces his rock and roll journey thru glam, Metal, Rock Punk, Electro, Folk and finally onto the silver screen. Like JC’s songs the book is simulataneously funny sad and triumphant.

With foreword and editorial help by Marley and Strummer Biographer Chris Salewicz and Artwork and Layout by iMages&co New Wave art guru Mal- colm Garrett MBE - This is a quality product.

This is what JC writes in his book about his most famous song:-

I felt a responsibility to play "The Sound of the Suburbs". That song could and would bring happiness to people that had grown up to it: it was the sound of their youth and bouncing around to it in a sweaty club for three to four minutes could and would take them back to a time where they were 17 years old with a full head of badly bleached hair, a 28-inch waist, and a fake leather jacket covered in pins and badges. That song was no longer just a song: it had become a time machine, an elixir of yoof, a magic pill that they

could neck with a pint of lager to bring that youth club disco in a scout hut spinning back. It was not just a song, it was “The Sound of the Suburbs”. It was the aspirations and ambitions of thousands of bored provincial teen- agers from a hundred satellite towns, bottled and aged in a cellophane wal- let in a box in the garage, a time-bomb waiting to go off inside the head of a normally sensible 55 year old.

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