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2021 Resident Scholarly Project Program (RSPP) Day

On May 13, 2021, our Resident Scholarly Project Program (RSPP) Scholarly Day took place at Lodge on the Desert. It was wonderful to see so many of our FCM family in person! Like so many other things in 2020, this year’s RSPP scholarly day was very different than those in previous years.

The pandemic completely disrupted our residents’ ability to carry out their scholarly projects as originally planned. So, the RSPP Directors (Drs. Uma Nair and Julie Armin), together with Dr. Karyn Kolman, came up with an innovative alternative that gave the residents an option to create and present an expressive arts project, reflecting on their experiences in 2020 and what it meant to them as residents.

All the RSPP projects and presentations were insightful, moving, and spoke eloquently to the tremendous hardships, daily challenges, and the emotional traumas that our residents experienced as young physicians who were truly on the frontlines of facing the COVID-19 pandemic. But, these projects also spoke to the great courage, determination, strength, and resilience of our residents and faculty. Even as they were reflecting on having shouldered a huge burden from the pandemic, the residents' projects spoke about hope, the future, and a belief in themselves, their colleagues, and in having chosen to become family physicians. 

Since the event was held in person and on Zoom, you can view the recording of all the presentations here. Below, we have a synopsis of each resident's project, with links to the artwork/artist statement, poster or music video. You will be inspired!
Ambereen Ahmed, MD
"Lights in the Darkness"

"I chose a basic abstract, monochrome composition for this piece because although seeing us working during this past year seemed simple, there were many complexities beneath the surface. This project was meant to be created as a catharsis and a reminder."  View artwork/artist statement: "Lights in the Darkness"

Nicolette Barbour, MD, MPH
"My Love Letter to Family Medicine: You have so much potential"
While investments in primary care have been shown to positively impact health outcomes, still some say that family medicine is no longer that valuable and a relic of the past. I say that family medicine has a unique place within modern medicine; however, it requires us as a specialty to evolve. View poster: "My Love Letter to Family Medicine: You have so much potential"

Bryan Brown, DO
"A Spectrum of Emotion"
"It all started out with one word. One word: COVID-19. Little did I know how dramatically this one
word was going to not only affect my life, but the lives of everyone across the world." View artwork/artist statement: "A Spectrum of Emotion"

Joseph “Joey” Harkins, MD and Javier Laguillo, MD
"Wellness has always been a priority for both of us. Before COVID-19, one of the many ways we would maintain our own wellness was by frequently meeting to play ukuleles together, which was a simple way for us to express ourselves through an outlet that we both valued for much of our lives, music. Unfortunately, the pandemic changed our world in many ways, including our ability to get together, which had been limited to our time at work. During the course of creating this project, we built a deeper understanding of the loss, loneliness, and despair we felt through the past year, as well as a heightened sense of pride for the work we have all completed and hope for things still to come." View music video: "Hurt" | View artists' statement

Connie Herrera, MD
"My art piece was inspired by a patient I took care of during COVID19 surge. She was an older Spanish speaking patient who came in at the urgency of her family. She had a family get together the week prior to her presenting and fell ill a few days later. Her hesitancy in coming to the hospital was that she heard of people coming in and then never leaving.... The experience is not unlike many others but I had not had a patient be so concerned about the force of the oxygen like this patient was. The thought of flow and oxygen were what inspired this painting." View artwork/artist statement: "Flow"

Jeiran Javaherian, DO
"Beyond the See"
"We have all learned a lot about ourselves this past year, and many of us have found new hobbies; for me, one of those hobbies was painting. The ocean is a place that has always brought me peace; even during the toughest moments. Looking beyond the water, I see where I came from and the countries where my family members still live. The ocean is unpredictable, and so is life. Its’ waves are similar to life itself; fluid most of the time, but sometimes a riptide will come, and if you remain calm, everything will most likely be OK." View artwork/artist statement: "Beyond the See"

Weston LaGrandeur, MD
"Decreasing Healthcare Disparities by Increasing Resident Involvement in Free Clinics"
"Not only are family medicine residents willing to work in free clinics, they desire more opportunities with these clinical experiences. By increasing resident involvement in free clinics, there is a relative increase in providers trained to work with underserved populations and therefore more access to care for underserved populations." View poster: "Decreasing Healthcare Disparities by Increasing Resident Involvement in Free Clinics"

Sean Maiolo, MD
"All the Things We Think We Know"

"The name of the piece holds the key to a place where we can always meet and walk together through that moment in time like friends walking together in the desert when spring blooms because that piece is no longer who I am or what I will always believe. Just as the precious bloom of the desert flower, that moment is only most vibrant for a moment and then it will fade away." View artwork/artist statement: "All the Things We Think We Know"

Jennifer Veaco, MD
"Layers of Emotion"
"I chose to create the multi-media piece 'Layers of Emotion' to reflect how COVID affected me. When reflecting on the past year of 2020, not one emotion explains the year. Because of my mixed experiences and emotions regarding our nation’s and residency’s response to the pandemic, I thought it was fitting to convey multiple emotions in my work." View artwork/artist statement: "Layers of Emotion"

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