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The Nuts and Bolts of GOing GREEN

Helping CCS Toward Becoming a Sustainable System, with Sustainable Schools, Sustainable Classes and Sustainable People

Happy BIrthday National Parks! Photo Essay

Our worlds winds (includes Hermine)
Simulated Global Temperature Change
Animal Migrations in Motion
Global Temperature Visualization 1850-2016
Policy 6530 Ready and Compliant?
Time flies when you are having fun!  

It is surprising to realize 6 years have passed since the GO GREEN Initiative was implemented.   And really our work has just begun.  In order to change our behavior and create habits to attain a sustainable future we continue our work in progressive steps.  We have been informing and helping everyone to understand the importance of what we do now and it's future impacts.  We have helped with strategies and problem solving.  And now, one year has passed since Policy 6530 has been approved and put in place.  In that, we are informed of the importance of our county's commitment to the GO GREEN Initiative.  Supported by the administration and our board, our schools are ready to go beyond simple understanding to analysis of  their program putting the GO GREEN principles into all the workings of our schools and applying those strategies in every aspect of our school community on a daily basis.  This year we will begin evaluating our individual programs deciding where we are and what our next steps will be as Green Certified Schools.
We, the members of the GO GREEN Initiative, all three of us, dedicate ourselves to being there to work with your school in Cumberland County  to make a sustainable future. 

Dear Principal's, 

If you have not already submitted your Green Team Leader's name please do so. If I do not hear from you then I will assume you are going to be your school's Green Team Leader.  

If you, the green team leader, have not contacted me please let me know you are alive and well at your school.

Happy New School Year!  I hope you had a Great Opening!

Contact me for GO Green Certification,
GO Green RE-certification,
GO Green questions,
GO Green help,
GO Green events,
GO Green Braggin'... SHINE THAT LIGHT!


Don't miss out!

Our first Green Team Leader's Meeting will be Wednesday September 14 from 4-5 pm.  We will be using the Global lab 1 at ERC.  Please see the procedure below. I can't wait to see you there!

Start the Year RIGHT: Train Your Faculty, Staff and Students


... and let me know when so I can be there to support your efforts.

One of the manifestations we see when going into the CC Schools for audits is the diversity of our many faculty and staff. This gives CCS one of the richest systems in the state because of the many people from many places who contribute to our children's fount of knowledge.  This can be separated also into those who have been at the school for a while and the newer to newest folks on board.  This can be problematic for recycling programs.
Those faculty and staff who have been there know the routine of recycling: the what, when, how, and even some why's.  We see this in the use of the recycle bins in each class being used correctly.  What we do forget in our highly mobile system are the transfers into and out of the county and those who transfer between our schools.  Remember that not every school recycles the same; not all schools recycle the same day and many collect recycling differently as well as maybe several times per week.  We have commingled schools (DBHS/DBMS; CFHS/MWMS; SVHS/SVMS;GCHS/GCMS) who recycle much like those who live in the city of Fayetteville.  All other schools recycle with the CC Solid Waste folks.  Which means the are a bit more restricted to what they recycle.  

That being said, make sure that you give everyone old timers, and new staff the how, who, what, when, where why, we recycle.

GO GREEN: Developing Initiatives and in Implementing Projects


Carbon Banking

From: USDA Forestry Service and EPA -
       1 Ton of Carbon = 3.67 Tons of CO2
       US emits 6.3 billion tons of CO2
       Forests Sequester 10% of our CO2 emissions
       One acre of Southern Pine can Annually Sequester 3-16 tons of CO2

Anyone who is familiar with the Carbon cycle knows the importance of Carbon to trees and Oxygen to us humans.  We are planting 11 acres of Longleaf Pines, and Loblolly Pines between three schools; Sunnyside, ERC and Gallberry.  We are planting them to store Carbon.  
Quick Science Lesson;  As we use fossil fuels and the products are released into the atmosphere there is a need for more trees to store (total carbon for its mass), sequester (net intake over its life) or 'sink' the CO2..  Living things are made of Carbon (ie carbon based life form... Star Trek).  Carbon makes up 50% of the dry mass of a tree.  (150 kg white cypress log (softwood) can store 84.8 kg carbon dioxide). Over the course of 30 years an acre of Loblolly or Longleaf (Southern) Pine will sequester 90 - 480 tons of CO2.  Of course it would be nice to decrease our Carbon Footpront too.  (partnering with Sustainable Sandhills and other agencies in Cumberland County)


Earth Day

Our very popular Celebration of all things Earth will be returning this year with one small change.  Since we haven't been able to accommodate all grades we will be narrowing our student population to Second graders.  Hopefully this will enable more schools to participate.  We will still have all the wonderful partners from the state to the local community who will be at the Botanical Gardens to share the wonders of our world to our students.

Solarizing our Schools

We are researching to get ready to file for monies specific to schools for funding solar panels and farms at our schools.  Whether they are on the roof or collecting solar rays as a farm of panels it looks very promising (partnership with Sustainable Sandhills).

Clean Energy Summit and Climate Interactive Student Summit

Last year we ran a student summit concurrently with the Clean Energy Summit. We explored the possibilities of alternate energy flight.  This year we are  inviting Cumberland County High School students to participate in the Climate Interactive Summit.  Schools and/or groups will represent countries from around the world bringing their strengths, needs, riches and trade to the world table to negotiate for solutions in environmental equity, climate change, climate protection and environmental justice and education.  Very much like the current world Climate talks (partnership with Sustainable Sandhills).

On the Horizon: Zero Waste Schools

Green Schools have several projects in research and development concerning our charge to reduce our solid waste and recycle, reuse as much as possible.  S.M.A.R.T. and the Flip,Tap and Stack campaign are two ways be can do this. 
To start the Flip, Tap and Stack decreases the number of bags put into the landfill.  One school went from 30 cafeteria bags of trash per day  to 6 cafeteria bags of trash just by stacking trays.  We had this in place at the start of the GO GREEN Initiative but we want to make sure every school is helping decrease our landfill footprint and this is a strategy for that requirement.
SMART  Waste Management takes the sorting and saving to the inth degree by making all materials from compostables to plastics recyclable or compostable.  Even the saft plastics like chip bags, candy wrappers can be recycled through Terracycle.  The infrastructure is not quite here as yet but we are working with CC Solid Waste and SMART Waste management.
Dates to remember:
  • September 14, 4-5 Vidyo call First Green Team Leaders Meeting ERC Lab 1
  • September 19 - 26 Plan a project (grounds beautification, fall veggie garden, etc)  to start off the GREEN school year with the Green Apple Day of Service
  • September 30th Locovore Dinner  - Savoring the Sandhills with a Locally sourced dinner!
  • October is Energy Conservation and Action Month!  Enter CCS Energy Conservation and action Art Poster and Slogan Contest.  Money awards just in time for the winter holidays!
  • November - America Recycles!  Lets have a contest!  November 15th - EWASTE DRIVE coming!
  • recertification materials DUE in November!
Tom's of Maine - green school funding
Keep America Beautiful - Recycle Bowl  improve recycling at your school

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TerraCycle Brigade - Eliminating the Idea of Waste by recycling the unrecyclable!
Sustainable Sandhills September News and Happenings

NASA Global Climate Change Update
Images of Change
CO2 Levels 404 ppm
Sea Level rise/year  3.4 mm
January through June 2016 set new temperature records


Procedure for Signing in to Vidyo Green Team Leader Meetings

Meetings Using Vidyo Labs

For our Green Team Leader's Meetings,, we will use the Vidyo Lab located in ERC Teleconferencing Lab 1.
Location:  ERCLAB1VidyoCodec

How to attend
               Sign into VIDYO on your computer desktop.  
               In the 'search contacts' box on the Vidyo desktop begin typing ‘ERC’, you will see ERCLAB1VidyoCodec appear. Click the + to add it to your list of contacts.
               Click - Connect with ERCLAB1VidyoCodec’s ROOM
               This should put you into the ECR Lab 1 and you should see me in a side window and my screen.

Calling me for a Vidyo meeting at my desk
               Sign into VIDYO on your computer desktop.  
               In the 'search contacts' box, on the Vidyo desktop: type
               Click - Connect  to Gloria Lengel’s ROOM
               This should put you into my room and you should see me in a side window and my screen.

Gloria Thomas Lengel

Sustainable Sandhills
Cumberland County Schools 

Go Green Initiative
Green Schools Program

Our mailing address is:
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