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My  Green Wishes for the New Year, Your School and You.

Winter on the Appalachian Trail
  1. Your school has seen the video and knows there is a Resource Conservation Policy 6530 and 6530-R for Cumberland County schools, buildings and personnel. 
  2. Your school personnel and your students have been taught the 5 principals of Sustainability.
    1.   Energy Conservation
    2.   Water Conservation
    3.   Waste Reduction and Recycling
    4.   Pollution Control
    5.   Awareness and Education
  3. Your school's total climate is geared toward Sustainability and Resource Conservation.
  4. Your school personnel use the Sustainability principles to guide as well as limit the human impact in all activities and events your school.
  5. Your school has the Green notebook with the sustainability plan for your school, new policy as well as contact information for questions to run the Green Schools program.
  6. Your School has a Green Team Leader who attends at least 2 Green Team Google Hangout meetings per semester.
  7. Your School has a Green Team made of administrative, faculty and staff personnel.
8.  Your School has a Green Team meets frequently or meets as part of the School Improvement Team.
9.  Your school has a Student Green Team representative of various grades.
10. Your school has recycle bins/buckets in the classrooms of the school. One for recycling paper (the major source of recycling and waste in a school), and one for plastics and metals.
11. Your school has a regular recycling day before recycling is picked up no matter whether you are a co-mingled  or CC Solid Waste recycling school.
12. Your school has signage to reflect the importance of recycling, energy and water conservation.
13. Your schools has PR which reflects the importance of all the above in parent letters, and staff memos and signs.
14. Your school practices Integrated Pest Management or IPM in pest control to reduce the problem with IAQ as well as contact with pesticides.
15. Your school participates in Earth Day by celebrating and imparting the message of keeping our Earth for each succeeding generation
16. Your school personnel participate in continuing education; learning about Sustainability.

Whereas most of the above has been answered in the affirmative then ...
  1. You are open to change.
  2. You are a role model for sustainability at your school.
  3. You encourage and share ideas for moving toward sustainability with your peers and personnel.
  4. You call for questions, and ask for assistance to meet your sustainability goals and overcome obstacles that arise within your program.

National Climate Assessment Resources for Educators.

A Breathing Planet Off Balance

Earth's carbon cycle is off balance.  View the Infographic.

A computer simulation-based; role-playing exercise

This simulation provides scenarios for exploring the principles of climate dynamics from a multi-disciplinary perspective. Inter-connections among climate issues, public stakeholders and the governance spheres are investigated through creative simulations designed to support learners' understanding of international climate change negotiations.

Climate Youth Engagement

Teaching Climate Literacy

U.S. Climate Resilience Toolkit

Find resources and a framework to understand and address climate issues that impact people and their communities.
Tracking Ocean Currents from Space
Global Ice Viewer

2015 and 1997 El Niños: Déjà vu or something new?

A Wave of Optimism at the UN Climate Summit in Paris

Think back to when you were a kid imagining what you were going to be when you grew up. You dreamt that someday, somehow, you would make a difference, a contribution, that your work would be meaningful in the world. If you accomplished this today, how pumped would you be?

“This is going to sound really cheesy and lame,” NASA oceanographer Michelle Gierach told me over a Skype call from COP21 in Paris, “but I just get a sense of pride being from the U.S. and being a cool NASA representative and seeing people get excited about what we do. In my day-to-day job, I sometimes forget how much Americans and international people from everywhere love to know what we’re doing. It reinvigorates a sense of pride in NASA's work.”  Read more...

Feeling Down? Then Get Dirty! Soil Is the New Prozac.

It’s official, soil microbes have been found to have similar effects on the brain and are without side effects of anti-depressants or the chemical dependency potential. So if you are feeling a bit blue, get digging!  Read more...

Exposure To Nature May Reduce Crime, Strengthen Communities

A study recently published in the journal BioScience finds that contact with nature is associated with stronger communities and lower crime rates.  Read more...

Take a Hike for Health: Small Doses of the Outdoors Make a Big Difference

“Over the past 20 years, we’ve invested in the creation of more than 130 urban green spaces,” said Mary Wyatt, executive director of the TKF Foundation. “Hunter’s and Berman’s initial results confirm the significance of this work and our observations over the past two decades. Our goal is to freely share the results… 

Nature Boosts the Health of Both Mind and Body

A conference entitled Delivering Health Through The Environment is taking place in Belfast on November 24, bringing together experts from the environmental and health sectors to discuss how they could work together to help save lives and save taxpayers’ money...

A total of 73 per cent of participants in the survey admitted they felt there was something they could do to make their life healthier, including eating more healthily and being more physically active. Respondents felt that by reducing the amount of stress in their lives and controlling their weight their lives would be healthier. read more... I know this works for me (GL)

Gloria Thomas Lengel

Sustainable Sandhills
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Go Green Initiative
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