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FoodPartner Dr. Suwelack - Specialist in Dairy Powder Specialities
By fermenting milk using bacteriological cultures cultivated in house, our partner Dr. Suwelack produces a broad spectrum of spray-dried dairy flavourings. Their yoghurt and other dairy powders are suitable for cold and hot mixes, and can be applied in a multitude of tasty products.
For example, Chocolates receive a distinctive, fresh yoghurt touch with our Yoghurt Powder Specialities, implemented into the chocolate mass itself. They are ideally used in a filling in chocolates or chocolate bars.
Our Yoghurt Powder Specialities also add an interesting, fresh yoghurt
note to any bread and pastry product. They can either be used as an ingredient directly in the dough or in premixes, or as a yoghurt-topping or -filling for cakes, biscuits, etc.

But the possibilities are endless with our dairy powders!
Our Brand New Selection
M-Yoghurt Powder
Product type: skimmed milk yoghurt powder
Colour: white to yellowish
like yoghurt
Consistency: powder
Mascarpone Powder
Product type: preparation made of mascarpone, skimmed milk powder and milk protein
Colour: white to light yellow
like fresh cream
Consistency: powder
Skyr Powder
Product type: dried fresh cheese skyr style, less than 10% fat in dry matter
Colour: white to yellowish
Consistency: powder
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