TasteJournal #259

Tasty Caramel Products By Felix Koch Offenbach Couleur und Karamel GmbH.

For more than a century our FoodPartner Felix Koch is specialised in manufacturing caramelised sugars, caramel couleurs, caramelised milk powders, mocha pastes, nougat and many more products. All products according to an authentic family recipe. It achieves the tastiest colours and flavours in bakery, beverages, confectionery, chocolates, cereals, desserts, ice cream, bread, meat (substitutes), soups and sauces. In this TasteJournal we would like to highlight the caramel range of Felix Koch.
Caramel is traditionally made by controlled heat sucrose and types of sugar produced without any additives. This develops in addition to the different degrees of browning also the typical caramel taste. The range of Koch's caramel products includes the sweet, mild, and light types up to tart-aromatic, dark variants, both available in liquid and in powder form. For taste enrichment or colouring. For both sweet and savoury applications. Free of E-numbers, full of taste!
Caramelised Milk Powders are caramelised mixtures of powdered sugar and skimmed milk powder. Depending on the degree of caramelisation, there are degrees in colour and taste. The darker the product, the more caramelised and the more intense the taste. The Caramelised Milk Powders are excellent to use in chocolate and fillings, baked goods and the dairy and ice cream industries.
For food colouring we can offer you the Caramel Couleurs. They are manufactured from sugars and chemical additives in a controlled heat treatment process. We can offer you an extensive range of colours based on sucrose or glucose. Caramel Couleurs are ideal to give your bread, meat (substitutes), sauces or beverages the tasty colour that you want. 
In addition to the caramel products, Felix Koch can offer many more ingredients to give your products taste, colour and/or a pleasant mouthfeel. You can think of nougats, toffee- and maple products and coconut cream powder. Please do not hestitate to contact our TasteExperts© for more information and/or sample material.
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