The world's most advanced decoration and inclusion mix factory ''Mixing The Finest©'' 

Worldwide, the demand for tailor-made solutions in the field of innovative blend products is increasing. These products must comply with the highest standards in terms of taste, bitem applicability and responsible use of ingredients. To be optimally able to respond to that demand, TasteStrik© opened a new ''Mixing The Finest©'' factory in Eemnes in 2017. In the Mixing The Finest© factory, the best mixing technologies in the world are brought together under one roof. With this major step forward has been taken in the possibilities for the food industry.


Mixing The Finest©

For TasteStrik© tailor-made solutions are important. Your taste wish is the beginning of our seach for the perfect solution, in which we do not use the term 'impossible'. Our decades of experience in product development, our passion for natural flavours and ingredients and the availability of a complete range of relevant skills make it possible to create unique tastes. In addition, the new facory allows us to blend and produce decorations and inclusions on any desired scale. 
The factory has a capacity of 1.5 million kilos per year. With an area of 600 m², there is room for the future to support the growth plans of TasteStrik© and it private labels. Production processes largely powered by solar cells are controlled in the factory by an integrated HelloStrik© software system. This makes the production system very flexible. We are able to blend particles from 2 to 15 mm for products in which e.g. toffee, fudge, caramel, chocolate, cookie granules, fantasy sugar, freeze-dried or reconstructed fruits are processed. 
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The result

Our optimal taste solutions are developed by forming high-tech and innovative combinations of our own TasteStrik© tasty ingredients combined with those of our FoodPartners. 

For example, do you want coated biscuit particles in your muesli without losing the crispiness of the product? Are you looking for a way to process caramelized biscuit granules in sourdough bread? Or do you want to provide your ice cream products with a decoration that looks beautiful and is very tasty at the same time?

We can do it!

Our passioned and experienced product developers create the products you want according to BRC food standards and the technicians of the Mixing The Finest© factory ensure production in any desired quantity and packaging.

Anouck Willard, senior technical sales manager, says with pride:
''The Mixing the Finest factory© guarantees our future as a manufacturer of innovative blend products. Plenty examples of our inclusions anddecorations can be seen in the reail channel and at fast food restaurants. in addition, we develop interesting clean label, vegan and organic concepts that repond to the needs of  the current market. 

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