November 2015

Thankful for the Journey
As we reflect on what we are thankful for this year we praise God for His direction and provision as we’ve begun serving with Missionary Air Group.  This time last year we had been recently invited to apply to be full-time staff with MAG.  We spent our uninterrupted time together on our 10th Wedding Anniversary trip reflecting and praying about if this is where we sensed God leading.  The answer was yes.

Over the next months the journey continued to unfold.  We applied, we went to Coshocton Ohio for Sean’s technical evaluation and we were accepted.  In May we went back to Coshocton to participate in the annual conference of IAMA (International Association of Missionary Aviation ).  This is the international association that helps over 120 mission aviation organizations partner together and share knowledge.  We had always wanted to attend and it being so close this year gave us the right opportunity.   In August we began the adventure of putting together our partnership team.  We thank God for the many individuals and churches we have gotten to share our ministry vision with and for the partners that God is raising up to share in this ministry with us.

Our next big step was to begin to share our calling to full-time missionary service with our employers.  This may have been the hardest part of the journey so far. Carmen has been shepherding the youth group at Sugar Creek Presbyterian Church for 5 years now and Sean is almost at 11 years of work at Cornerstone Research Group.  We both love our jobs but we still must be obedient to the new thing God is calling us to do.   Both Sean moving to Ohio without a job and Carmen beginning work at Sugar Creek seemed like big steps of faith at the time and we have seen God’s faithfulness as we’ve said yes before. We trust God’s leadership into this new ministry as well.

We are so thankful for God’s consistent love, faithfulness and leadership in our lives.  We thank God for the wonderful people that are a part of our lives and partners in ministry.

News from the Field

The program Director Paul Jones has a wonderful opportunity to deliver some precious cargo recently.  The story in his own words:
"My friend Jimmy, teaches Kekchi men to be pastors at this seminary near where I live. Yesterday, I flew him down to a gathering of pastors in the mountains south of my region in order to recruit potential new pastoral students. The not-so-safe, 5 hour drive was reduced to 40 minutes of flight. The Kekchi people speak an ancient Mayan language and so it is difficult to find bibles in their language. The pastors meeting was in an area with a large Kekchi population, so we took advantage of the opportunity to acquire bibles while there. Henry is the name of the seminary student who is holding the box of bibles in the photo."
May God’s Word go forth in power among the Kekchi people!

This is not in the news media, but there is a growing refugee crisis on the Honduran/Nicaraguan border. Hundreds of Miskito families are fleeing the current fighting in Nicaragua and are overwhelming the villages on the Honduran side of the border - including ours (Rus Rus). Most of them have little or no food so MAG is initiating an emergency response. We want to thank another Burlington ministry "FEED the HUNGER" who has donated over 17,000 meals to this effort.   MAG is currently raising the funds to get these meals delivered.

Prayer Requests

For God to continue to go before us to raise up partner individuals and churches

For God’s provision for Sugar Creek’s youth ministry and Cornerstone Research Group as we transition to our new ministry

For God’s provision for the Nicaraguan refugees

For the Kekchi people to grow in their relationship with Jesus and in the knowledge of God’s Word.

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