LoRa-E5 (STM32WLE5JE) is a low-cost, ultra-low power, extremely compact, and high-performance LoRaWAN module.

STM32WLE5JE is the first SoC integrated with the combo of LoRa RF and MCU chip, powered by ARM Cortex-M4 core and Semtech SX126x LoRa chip, supporting LoRaWAN protocol on the worldwide frequency band.

It is exciting to see a lot of positive feedback from the community after LoRa-E5 released. This week let's meet new members of the LoRa-E5 family from the module to the development boards to meet your different long-range wireless communication needs.
LoRa-E5 Development Kit - based on STM32WLE5JC Dev Board $24.90
Worldwide frequency, LoRa & LoRaWAN supported
  • Ultra-low Power Consumption: as low as 2.1uA sleep current (WOR mode)
  • Extremely Compacted Size: 12mm * 12mm * 2.5mm 28 pins SMT
  • High Performance: TXOP=22dBm@868/915MHz; -136.5dBm sensitivity for SF12 with 125KHz BW
  • Long Distance Use: 158dB link budget
  • Wireless Connectivity: Embedded LoRaWAN® protocol, AT command, support global LoRaWAN® frequency plan
  • Worldwide Compatibility: wide frequency range; EU868/US915/AU915/AS923/KR920/IN865
  • Great Flexibility: For customers who want to develop software on the MCU of the module, other GPIOs of the MCU can be easily manipulated, including UART, I2C, ADC, etc. These rich GPIO interfaces are useful for users who need to expand peripherals.
  • FCC and CE Certified
This LoRa E5 module is designed with industrial standards, hence it's highly suitable to be used in designing industrial IoT products, with a wide working temperature at -40℃ ~ 85℃.
LoRa-E5 mini (STM32WLE5JC) $19.90

LoRa-E5 mini is a compacted-sized dev board suitable for the rapid testing and building of small-size LoRa device and application prototyping. LoRa-E5 mini is embedded with and leads out full GPIOs of LoRa-E5 STM32WLE5JC. It has rich interfaces including UART, ADC, SPI, IIC, etc. Supporting LoRaWAN protocol and global frequency, LoRa-E5 mini is able to achieve a transmission range of up to 10 km in an open area and ultra-low power consumption.

  • Full GPIOs led out from the Lora-E5 STM32WLE5JC
  • Global LoRaWAN® and LoRa frequency plan supported
  • Long-distance transmission range to 10km (ideal value in open area)
  • Mini and compact size, suitable for rapid testing and building small size prototype
  • Convenient RESET and BOOT buttons on board
Grove - LoRa-E5 (STM32WLE5JC), EU868/US915, LoRa & LoRaWAN supported $16.90

Grove LoRa-E5 embedded with LoRa-E5 Module is an easy-to-use wireless Radio module supporting LoRa and LoRaWAN protocol on the EU868 & US915 frequency, and (G)FSK, BPSK, (G)MSK, LoRa modulations.

  • ST system-level package chip STM32WLE5JC, ARM Cortex M4 ultra-low-power MCU and LoRa SX126X
  • Support LoRaWAN / LoRa protocol and global LoRaWAN frequency 
  • Ultra-long transmitting range up to 10km (Ideal value in open space)
  • Easy control by AT command via UART connection
  • Rapid prototyping with plug-and-play Grove interfaces
  • Ultra-low power consumption and high performance
LoRa-E5 STM32WLE5JC Module, embedded SX126X and MCU for LoRaWAN Wireless Sensor Network & IoT devices  $9.90

EU868 & US915

LoRa-E5 LoRaWAN module is designed with ST system-level package chip STM32WLE5JC, ARM Cortex M4 ultra-low-power MCU and LoRa SX126X.
It supports (G)FSK mode and LoRa. 62.5kHz, 125kHz, 250kHz, and 500kHz bandwidth can be used in LoRa® mode.

Free LoRa-E5 Wireless Modules Sponsorship for PCBA Service

In order to help developers working with LoRaWAN, Seeed is providing 5 of the new LoRa-E5 STM32WLE5JC modules, free with prototypes made with Seeed Fusion PCBA.

What you need to do is just fill in the form and complete your LoRa-E5 design.

Please click the link and fill in the form:

For those who have successfully applied for sponsorship, please let us know when the design based on LoRa-E5 is completed. We will review your application and fulfill the sponsorship by bounding a $50 coupon to your account to deduct the price of five LoRa-E5 modules.

NVIDIA® Jetson™ TX2 NX delivers the next step in AI performance for entry-level embedded and edge products. It provides up to 2.5X the performance of Jetson Nano, and shares form-factor and pin compatibility with Jetson Nano and Jetson Xavier™ NX.

NVIDIA® Jetson™ TX2 NX Module can be attached to a Jetson Mate to build your own Jetson cluster! It supports up to 4 Nvidia Jetson Nano/NX/TX2 NX SoMs!
Grove Smart Agriculture Kit with Raspberry Pi 4 $103.90
Designed for Microsoft FarmBeats for Students

Grove Smart Agriculture Kit for Raspberry Pi 4 $68.90
Designed for Microsoft FarmBeats for Students
Grove Smart Agriculture Kit consists of a Raspberry Pi 4, multiple Grove sensors measuring soil temperature, soil moisture, sunlight, and air temperature & humidity, etc.

Designed for Microsoft FarmBeats for Students, aiming at bringing the fundamentals of AI, Machine learning, IoT, and data science into the classroom, the kit comes with FREE curricula and rich educational resources for teachers and students.

Using FarmBeats for Students, students learn about AIMachine Learning, and the Internet of Things (IoT) by building a garden monitoring system. They assemble a Raspberry Pi equipped with atmospheric and environmental sensors to understand their soil's health, analyze data, and make decisions. The student-built IoT devices connect to custom Excel workbooks that collect real-time data using Excel’s Data Streamer. Using, students are introduced to building their own Machine Learning models, applying the technique to predict nutrient deficiencies in their plants, and identifying pests in their garden. The course ends by introducing a responsible AI framework, engaging students with some of the social and ethical challenges raised by this new technology.

The five lesson plans and activities have been designed to align with the AI4K12's AI education guidelines and the 5 Big Ideas.

In today’s tutorial, Jonathan will show you how you can build a machine learning-based handwriting recognition device with the Wio Terminal and Edge Impulse. 

In this comprehensive tutorial, we will cover:

  • Key Concepts: Time-of-Flight Sensors, Machine Learning & TinyML
  • Setting up the development environment
  • How to Perform Data Collection with Edge Impulse
  • Designing, Training, Evaluating & Deploying the Machine Learning model with Edge Impulse
  • Implementing Live Inferences on the Wio Terminal with Arduino
  • Potential Improvements to this Project

"Seeed Studio has launched a low-cost, ultra-compact LoRa module with embedded Arm Cortex-M4 microcontroller and costing under $10 — and it's giving away five of the modules anyone designing prototypes through its Seeed Fusion PCBA service." by

"LoRa-E5 is a low-cost, ultra-low power, extremely compact, and high-performance LoRaWAN module designed by Seeed," the company writes of its latest product, brought to our attention by CNX Software

Would like to learn more about the application scenarios of LoRa technologies? Please check out the following real-world use cases of Seeed  Industrial-grade LoRa devices - the SenseCAP LoRaWAN series.  
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Since our inauguration in 2008, Seeed has been dedicated to supporting engineers and developers around the world. We aim to make hardware more accessible by removing barriers to hardware innovation, through open technology, design & agile manufacturing services, as well as industrial-grade IoT devices. Thus, the message behind World Engineering Day is one that resonates very strongly with our mission here at Seeed.

Tutorials & Guides
At Seeed, we have written extensively about basic electronics knowledge for anyone to learn about key concepts and how to get started. Below, you’ll find a big collection of articles, organised by category for your learning pleasure. Have a topic that you want to learn about that’s not included? Let us know in the comments below!

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