Twelve Tips for a Merrier Christmas
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Jolly Safety

Each month brings new tips to keep your family safe. Here are twelve things to keep in mind to make your December merrier. 
  • On the first day of Christmas, don’t get grinched by cybercrime. Be AWARE of free Wi-Fi. AVOID using Wi-Fi connections to check bank accounts or ordering. Use VPN software (virtual private network).  
  • On the second day, check for “naughty” activity. AVOID using debit card. Be AWARE to use dedicated bank & email account to help be ALERT of unauthorized activity. Use different user names and passwords for accounts.
  • On the third day, AVOID overloading yourself with packages that block your view and movements.
  • On the fourth day, if going away for the holiday, secure all home entries, use timers for lights, TVs. Place valuables, jewelry in a safety deposit box or create home inventory. Make the home appear someone is home.
  • On the fifth day, be ALERT, AWARE of personal belongings, wallets and packages. 
  • On the sixth day, when traveling, be ALERT and AWARE of luggage at all times.
  • On the seventh day, be AWARE to use your key fob’s panic button to activate car alarm & lights when threatened.
  • On the eighth day, check validity of charities on Better Business Bureau or National Charities Info Bureau links.
  • On the ninth day, AVOID displaying tree/gifts thru open windows. Break down boxes to place in trash bins.
  • On the tenth day, ALERTNESS can help eliminate potential dangers.
  • On the eleventh day, AWARENESS is recognizing threats.
  • On the twelfth day, AVOIDING danger/threats is the best holiday gift to yourself and loved ones. 
The Unique Triple A™ Safety Handbook was designed to help people become more safety and security conscious by focusing on three basic aspects: 

Alertness Awareness Avoidance

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