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Dear Parents

As in previous years we would like to support the  Grantham Foodbank with donations for our harvest assembly on Thursday 18th October. 

If you would like to donate to this worthy cause, please send your donations to school in the week beginning 15th October. 

The Foodbank have specific requests which we will distribute, and we will ensure that all the donations are sent to the Foodbank before half term.

Since the 1st April, food has been provided to 2943 clients and 934 of those were children.  It is very much valued by our local community.

Harvest Collection

Tinned meat or casserole sauces
Tinned vegetables
Meat based sauces
Tinned fish
Tinned or powdered potatoes
Noodles or pasta sauces
Steamed puddings or custard
Tinned fruit
Coffee or tea
UHT long life milk, cordials
Children's treats or biscuits
Tinned tomatoes or beans
Jam or spreads
Deodorant or toilet paper
Salad cream, ketchup or sauces

For more information please go to

Thank you for your support.

Kind regards

Mrs Kathryn Korcz

Calendar & Events

Autumn Term 2018

Term Starts:
Tuesday 4/9/18
Half Term:
22/10/18 - 2/11/18
End of Term:
Friday 14/12/18

Spring Term 2019

Term Starts:
Monday 7/1/19
Half Term:
18/2/19 - 22/2/19 
End of Term:
Friday 5/4/19

Summer Term 2019

Term Starts:
Tuesday 23/4/19
May Day:
Monday 6/5/19
Half Term:
27/5/19 - 31/5/19 
End of Term:

Wednesday 17/7/19

ISSUE: 348   4th October 2018


Cool Cats Uniform Supplier: TGPS website - Please access the Uniform & Equipment heading on the home page there is a direct link to the Cool Cats website.


Friday 5th October
Cross Country @ Brooke Priory, Oakham (a)

Monday 8th October
Year 6 visit to Southwell Workhouse

Tuesday 9th October
U11/U10/U9 ISA Swimming Gala, Walsall Baths (a)

Wednesday 10th October
U9 Hockey v St Hugh's (a)
U8 Tag Rugby v St Hugh's (a)

Thursday 11th October
U11 Hi 5 Netball G&D League, Priory Ruskin (TBC)


Tuesday 16.10.18          "Friends" Halloween Party
                                    4.00pm - 5.30pm

Friday 19.10.18              Break up for Half Term

29.10.18 - 2.11.18          October Holiday Camp

Monday 5.11.18             Back to School

Tuesday 13.11.18          Parents' Evening, 5pm - 7.30pm

Thursday 15.11.18         Individual Photos
                                       Parents' Evening, 5pm - 7.30pm

Friday 16.11.18              Inter-House Recitation

Monday 10.12.18           Christmas Dinner, at school
                                       Christingle Service, 6pm
                                       at St Wulframs

Tuesday 11.12.18          Nativity Production, EYFS & Infants

Wednesday 12.12.18     Nativity Production, EYF& Infants

Thursday 13.12.18         Infant and Junior Discos & Santa's

14.12.18                         End of Term. School ends


Please can we remind parents not to park near the exit and entrance gates especially at morning drop off and at the end of the school day.  Please keep the gates clear.

Thank you.

Thank you to everybody who donated and participated in "Jeans for Genes Day".

We raised a magnificent £130.96!! 


Harvest Collection

Tinned meat or casserole sauces
Tinned vegetables
Meat based sauces
Tinned fish
Tinned or powdered potatoes
Noodles or pasta sauces
Steamed puddings or custard
Tinned fruit
Coffee or tea
UHT long life milk, cordials
Children's treats or biscuits
Tinned tomatoes or beans
Jam or spreads
Deodorant or toilet paper
Salad cream, ketchup or sauces

For more information please go to

Thank you
The Friends of Grantham Prep


There must be 1 adult present for every 4 children, please co-ordinate with other parents. We will capture this info when you sign up at the office. 
A really special Grantham Prep welcome to Hannah who has joined us in Year 6.  Hannah loves Chess, and enjoys playing piano and flute. Please be sure to say "hello" when you see her around.
Gravity Fields
EYFS visit Gravity Fields- The Hogwallops
Another fun week of learning in the EYFS Unit. As part of the Gravity Fields Festival we visited ‘The Hogwallops’- Lost in Translation Circus on Friday afternoon. The venue was in Wyndham Park and took place in a very impressive circus tent. It was a colourful, daring and spectacular performance of acrobatics, juggling and some very amusing comedy sketches! The whole show appealed to every generation and certainly celebrated the Arts. All the children and adults were mesmerised by the event. The young children behaved beautifully- well done! 
Mrs Ives
Gravity Fields

We are so lucky to have this fantastic, inspiring festival on our doorstep every other year.
Year 5 and 6 spent Thursday at Woolsthorpe Manor, famous for being the birthplace and home of Sir Isaac Newton.

During the morning, in small groups, the children were taken into the house and considered some of the gruesome self- experiments that Newton undertook; simply trying to find out how things worked, and they were shown how they too could make some simple gadgets to measure and find out information. Everybody visited Dr Ken’s highly entertaining Science and Circus show, where he was demonstrating how forces operate on different objects. There were also art based activities using photo paper and developing and fixing chemicals or some photo paper, where creativity and having a go was definitely the point. As an observer, it was very interesting to see how different people tackled the task; some just jumped in and saw what happened, whereas others took their time, being very meticulous in their methods.


The afternoon was a fascinating talk by Dr Patricia Fara; which focused on Women Scientists who remain largely unknown, simply due to the fact they were women, at a time in history when they were fighting for the vote. Some great facts were explored that will inform some insightful class discussion as we move onto Women’s Rights and the Right to Vote next term.

An entertaining, educational experience was had by all.

Rear View – IOU Theatre

Mr Tranter and I spotted this performance in the brochure, back in the Summer Term, and were intrigued by a chance to experience a very unusual, and original, style of performance.  This is the picture that advertised it.

In total, 4 members of staff took part, on different days, and in fact Annabella, in Class 6, was clearly so inspired by my sheer delight in it, that she too visited on the Saturday.
Words to describe what we saw: intriguing, moving, confusing, emotional, monologue.
What actually happened, well, to keep it short, simply doesn’t do it justice. However, we started in a life drawing class (fun!), then took our seats on the rear facing tiered seated bus and drove to a number of different locations around Grantham as we were let into snippets of a woman’s life as she looked back at key memories and moments.

Although it was aimed at 11+ there was no real adult content; part of the experience and enjoyment was simply watching the world go by, and other people stop and notice us. I enjoyed it so much, I even went back to watch it with my daughter.

Annabella said, “I was confused about how the actress got to each of the places before us. I really enjoyed it. It was interesting and very different.”

Mrs Dickinson
Gravity Fields Evening Festival Finale
Grantham Preparatory International School welcomed a visit from artist Claire Carrington, who led a fantastic workshop during the school’s activity week, towards the end of the Summer term.
Claire worked as part of a group of artists, on art projects linked to the hugely popular Gravity Fields Festival, which took place in and around Grantham at the end of September.
The theme for the workshop was “Exploration” and in particular Captain Cook’s discoveries.  The children focused on ideas featured on the island of Tierra del Fuego.
They created amazing 3D structures from sea creatures to birds, which were full of colour, texture and movement. 
On Saturday 29th September, the children from Grantham Preparatory International School were involved in the grand finale of the Gravity Fields Festival where they paraded their creations through the streets of Grantham. Their work was then combined, with those of the other groups that took part in the Gravity Fields workshops, to create one big display of various sea creatures and birds from the island of Tierra del Fuego.

ISA EYFS Award for Excellence and Innovation in Provision 2018

We are all very excited in the EYFS unit as we have been shortlisted to the final 3 in the Independent School Association 2018 Early Years Award for Excellece and Innovation in Provision.  We sent our application and evidence in at the end of the summer term and are thrilled to be recognised as a finalist by the awarding body for the excellent provision and curriculum that we provide for your children!  The final is at the beginning of November where the winner will be announced! Fingers crossed!
Well done to Felicity, Ella and Lucy for working and trying really hard this week!! 
Year 1
Animals and their young
As part of their Science studies this term, Class One have been learning about animals, their natural habitats and how they rear their young. The children have had fun thinking about their favourite creatures, why some animals have patterns to camouflage themselves and how nocturnal animals are able to go about their business so adeptly in the dark. Through art, research on the iPads, interactive quizzes and fact books, everyone has produced some wonderful work. The children have also been considering the importance of human actions on the natural environment; both on land and in sea. We are all making a concerted effort to recycle unwanted items and to lessen our use of one use/disposable plastics. What a super group of scientists you are Class One!

Mrs Bell
Fun with Festivals
Class One have been learning about the religious festivals which take place at this time of year. The children have written about the hard work done by farmers and the importance of eating healthy food. They are currently learning Harvest songs ready for the school Harvest Festival. Thinking further ahead in the calendar, Class One have been listening to the story of Rama and Sita and have created some beautiful Diwali lamps in readiness for the Hindu Festival of Lights. The children have been very creative with both their clay work, singing and their written pieces. Excellent effort. Mrs Bell
House Points

The House Points visual displays are now in operation. They can be viewed on the House noticeboard outside class 5 and will be updated weekly as our children earn their rewards. Behaviour, acts of kindness, special work achievements, school sporting representation and a variety of other deserving acts of school expectations will be rewarded by staff on a daily basis. We are also helping to recycle bottle tops which can be difficult to recycle and hard to dispose of. As you can see by the photo below, Benjamin has taken his responsibilities very seriously and has been handing in (and collecting house points for his house in the process) bags full of the tokens. This looks like a community project in process or maybe a very conscientious milkman!
Yellow and Orange tokens  (Hornsby House) are very scarce and until half term anyone bringing those colours in will earn two house points for every token. 
Keep collecting.
Witham Hall Cross Country

The second event of the cross country season took place at Witham Hall this week over the toughest course of all the challenges we face throughout the season. Ten schools took part in each race which meant at least 60 runners to contest the top six places. The first race saw the U9 girls trying to emulate their success from Wellow last week but unfortunately only Hattie was able to establish herself in the top medal winning group by finishing in a very gritty 3rd place. Pippa ran a fabulous race for a year three runner finishing 26th which against some strong year 4 runners was a great ending. In the U9 boys race again only one athlete, Harry was able to finish in the top 10 placing but failed to challenge the medal winners when finishing 10 th. Georgie trying to establish a winning run just ran out of steam in the final quarter but finished in a tremendous  medal winning position of 4th place. Martha (20th), Georgina (22nd) and Phoebe (26th) all finished really strongly to finish in the top quarter of the field. The U 11 boys only produced one top quarter finisher with Tom landing a good solid 19 th position. With little time to recover and prepare the cross country caravan moves to the picturesque setting of Rutland Water for the Friday challenge at the Brooke Priory event.

Oakham Music Day

Flavours of Folk

A small group of our musicians joined together with children from 13 other schools for this fabulous day of music making. It was a chance to catch up with old friends and a wonderful opportunity to make new ones. The children worked hard throughout the day rehearsing several pieces of music, culminating in a memorable concert at the end of the day. A huge thank you to Mrs Clegg and Miss Belasova for accompanying the children.


“I really enjoyed the day because I got the chance to sing with a large group of people rather than on my own.”

Leah Class 5

“I loved the music day at Oakham because I had to face new challenges.”

Cora Class 5

“ I really enjoyed rehearsing with all the other children and performing in the concert at the end of the day.”

Edward Class 6

Band in the morning,
Band in the morning,
Band in the morning.
Whoop, Whoop!!!!!!!!

Mr Giles's top tip …….. Practise difficult passages slowly and build the speed up gradually. The slower you practise it, the quicker you’ll learn it!!!

News from IES/SEK Schools
Launching our Rockets!
On Monday, Years 3 and 4 had a brilliant time racing their rocket cars.  John Hems and the Science Committee in to school to facilitate the races, which involved a wonderful mixture of speed, style and gunpowder!  Aerodynamics and sturdiness were tested, with some cars passing the challenge more convincingly than others!
Please see the video footage of our launches on Facebook!
Mr Titchin and Mr Towe
St. John’s International School

Bird school project
Fourth graders are developing a Bird Projectfor science class. By stepping outside the classroom, students gain critical experiences through observation. Kids will discover and care about the world around them and interact with nature by birdwatching.
This Bird School Project will last the whole school year. Countless interesting activities have been planned such as, identification and study of birds which often show up in the school green areas. Moreover, kids will have the opportunity to meet and talk to qualified specialists who will visit our school. Furthermore, students will be in charge of making a map of all the trees in school to identify bird nests. Besides, students will enjoy doing bird illustrations, field journals to record their observations, planting endemic vegetation, debates, designing, creating and the implementation of bird fountains and feeders around school.
When we create an appropriate environment and provide effective resources to students, they can learn from the outside world, we open a new channel of insight and understanding. The project’s goal is to allow children to explore, to research and to raise awareness of the important role birds fulfill in the ecosystem. 
We will keep you informed about all the activities that will be carried on by our students.
Ericka Calderón, English Teacher
Colegio Internacional SEK Los Valles
Lunch Note

Lunches are provided for all children by Edwards and Blake 
(Website: )

If you are selecting your child's lunches on a weekly basis, it must be done by midnight Thursday of the previous week.  Once you have made your choices, unfortunately, you are unable to change them.  However, if your child would like to change a meal, please email the school office ( with the date and meal choice that you would like changing and we will make the changes for you.

The Wise pay booking system for hot lunches is available through the TGPS website.

Thank you.

School Bus Collection Points & Times
Bookings for this week:
Please contact the school office to book a place for your child.
8.10am         Normanton on Cliffe
8.20am         Ancaster
8.25am         Wilsford
On Fridays the bus will run 15 minutes earlier to ensure pupils arrive in time for the *Music Machine" School Band rehearsal.

Access to the School Building after 4.30pm

As you are all aware there is now a gate which has a key code access to the Creche in the evening.  If you do not have the code,  please call 01476 593293 and your call will be answered by Creche.


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