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Dear Parents

Thank you for organising an exciting Halloween party for children.  The costumes were fantastic and it was a pleasure, although rather difficult, to judge the outfits and unusual pumpkin homes and faces.  It was very well supported, so thank you to everyone involved.

This morning, we held a special harvest assembly to celebrate Harvest.  All the children sang and told poems together in classes and as a whole school. It was a very happy occasion and we gave thanks for all that we have.  It is important at this time of year to remember others less fortunate than ourselves.  According to a report from United Nations food agencies 11% of the World's population (800 million people) go to bed hungry every night.  Although we cannot easily solve all the problems in the world, we can help our local community.  Thank you for your Harvest contributions.  We will ensure your donations are delivered to Grantham Food Bank before half term, where I know they will be very much appreciated.

I hope you all have a very happy and enjoyable half-term break.

Kind regards

Mrs Kathryn Korcz

Calendar & Events

Autumn Term 2018

Term Starts:
Tuesday 4/9/18
Half Term:
22/10/18 - 2/11/18
End of Term:
Friday 14/12/18

Spring Term 2019

Term Starts:
Monday 7/1/19
Half Term:
18/2/19 - 22/2/19 
End of Term:
Friday 5/4/19

Summer Term 2019

Term Starts:
Tuesday 23/4/19
May Day:
Monday 6/5/19
Half Term:
27/5/19 - 31/5/19 
End of Term:

Wednesday 17/7/19

ISSUE: 350  18th October 2018


Cool Cats Uniform Supplier: TGPS website - Please access the Uniform & Equipment heading on the home page there is a direct link to the Cool Cats website.


Friday 19th October
School finishes for Half Term

Monday 5th November

Back to school

Wednesday 7th November
U8/U9 Tag Rugby Festival, St Hugh's (a)
U8/U9 Hockey Festival, St Hugh's (a)
U11 Netball v Ayscoughfee Hall (h)

Thursday 8th November

Flu vaccinations (nasal spray), Reception - Y5 only

Friday 9th November

"Friends of Grantham Prep" meeting, 9am


29.10.18 - 2.11.18          October Holiday Camp

Tuesday 13.11.18          Parents' Evening, 5pm - 7.30pm

Thursday 15.11.18         Individual Photos
                                       Parents' Evening, 5pm - 7.30pm

Friday 16.11.18              Inter-House Recitation

Wednesday 21.11.18     Bag 2 School, drop off

Monday 10.12.18           Christmas Dinner, at school
                                       Christingle Service, 6pm
                                       at St Wulframs

Tuesday 11.12.18          Nativity Production, EYFS & Infants

Wednesday 12.12.18     Nativity Production, EYF& Infants

Thursday 13.12.18         Infant and Junior Discos & Santa's

14.12.18                         End of Term. School ends


This week Miss Linehan, and the House Captains invited entries from children throughout the school for the Inter House recitation competition which will take place on Friday 16th November. Many have already taken home entry slips and sheets of the poems they can select from. If you think your child would like to enter, but have yet to see the poems, do let us know.

If your son and daughter is taking part, please help them to learn their poem by heart over half term; the poems will need to be performed from memory.

Many thanks,
Miss Linehan
Nene Valley Railway
Y3 & Y4 visit to Nene Valley Railway
Year 3 & Year 4 had a fantastic day at the Nene Valley Railway on Wednesday.  They visited the engine workshop, where Steve told them all about the important mechanisms of a steam train!  Later a visit to the signal box gave them the chance to operate the side gate levers under the watchful eye of Reg, the signalman.  Climbing aboard an old decommissioned locomotive provided an opportunity to see what it was actually like to drive a steam train.  After a visit to the education centre the highlight of the day was a return  steam train ride to Peterborough. 

The staff at the Nene Valley Railway are mainly volunteers who are retired.  Their commitment, expertise and enthusiasm was commendable, as were our pupils' behaviour.  Well done to all.
Halloween Party!
Thank you so much to the Friends of Grantham Prep for organising such a "Spooktacular" party. A great time was had by all!!
French Club - Infants
Time flies in French Club!
Members of the Infant French Club are developing superb early conversational skills. So far, they have learned the names of colours, months, seasons, days of the week and polite greetings. This week, the children were revising 'les couleurs' and creating a scrapbook (in French) showing which day a fictional visitor explored key locations in Paris. There were some exceptionally good interpreters in our midst and the task was completed beautifully. Many of the children were able to share their personal experiences of reaching the top of the Eiffel Tower, travelling on Eurostar and seeing the Mona Lisa painting at The Louvre. Magnifique mes enfants! Mrs Bell
Pre-School Visit to Brick Kiln Place

Last year Mrs Whinney instigated a local inter-generational project between the elderly and our Pre-School which involved the Pre-School visiting a local care home.Such a project is currently very much in the news and the mutual benefits are proving to be fairly extensive.
We are continuing with the project and last Tuesday the pre-schoolers visited Brick Kiln Place in Grantham which provides care for elderly tenants.
The children were very excited to climb aboard the school's minibus and set off on a short journey into Grantham.  Everyone joined in with singing "the wheels on the bus" as we travelled to Brick Kiln, even our lovely driver Mrs Clegg joined in by making the wipers work for us!
Once we arrived we walked into Brick Kiln with our box of tricks containing books, puzzles, colouring sheets and some toys to share with our new found friends.  Naturally our children were fairly shy to begin with but they soon came out of their shells and began to engage with the tenants, 15 or so, in the lounge area of Brick Kiln, who had joined us that morning.  Conversations were struck up while the children shared stories, coloured pictures and tucked into a biscuit and squash kindly provided by Brick Kiln.  Some of the children were confident enough to find one or two people to talk to and ask if a story could be read to them which was super to see.  We spent 40 minutes together and  it was a pity to leave. Indeed, one little girl said "I enjoyed that, I was really happy there".
Our next visit has already been planned for November and Brick Kiln has offered us the opportunity to decorate some gingerbread biscuits!  
We envisage visiting Brick Kiln once every half term which we hope will develop good friendships across the generations and build happy memories for us to treasure.  Each group, young and old really enjoy this time together and I'm sure the benefits for both will be huge.  It is such a wonderful opportunity and we are very grateful to parents, staff and Brick Kiln for enabling us to continue this project. 

STEAM: Fascinating Fingerprints

This week we were investigating fingerprints. We found out some facts about the shapes of them, and that they are all different; they can change over time; even twins have different fingerprints –they are unique. Though of course, there are some exceptions. Class 6 decided to test out a hypothesis about making the best prints onto paper. We used a number of different items to have a go at making prints: flour, salt, chocolate powder, chalk, sellotape, parcel tape, blu-tack, pen and paint. Class 6 thought that you would get a better print from the wet resources. So, they tested out their theory; using flour dry first, then wetting their finger and so on.

They concluded that yes, wetter substances were better, but in fact the sticky items were the best. They were surprised that the chalk was no use at all, and that even when a little wet, the flour did not produce much of a print.


Sponsorship opportunity

Our new corporate colour scheme is now firmly concreted into our sports teams and they look stunning on the sports field in their Navy, Gold and white team shirts. Our Netball, Hockey and Rugby teams are enjoying the very generous sponsorship deals with Amulet Wealth Management and Asher Pools. We are now looking to extend our range by offering openings for Swimming, Rounders and Football teams. If you or anyone you work for would like to sponsor a sports team( and reduce your tax bill slightly ) with a new kit for the coming months, please contact a member of the PE staff to discuss ideas. Our teams are travelling far and wide these days with our involvement in local, ISA, National and International competitions which would make an ideal opportunity for the company brand name to be advertised for a very small outlay. Please get in touch to discuss ideas.

G & D High 5 U11 Golds - Thursday 11th October

The U11 Blues and Golds played in the Thursday night High 5 netball league at The Priory Ruskin on the 11th October. 

The Golds were up against St. Mary’s first. It was a feisty game with both sides hungry for the ball. The Squad clinched a win of 6-2 and displayed both great attacking and defensive play. 

They went on to play Marston and managed to secure a 7-0 win. This was a coaching game primarily because a lot of the players appeared new to the High 5 rules. 

It was a great way to re-enforce the Hi Five rules, which are quite different to the 7 aside game that a lot of the Schools usually play. 

As a coach, I really like the Hi 5 rotational system, which enables all of the children to learn and experience all of the court positions and the role of every player.  It gives understanding and clarity of the whole game.
It’s perfect for primary school aged children. 

Well done to everyone! 

Mrs Klimes 

G & D High 5 U11 Blues - Thursday 11th October

After having our warm up games last week, even the wind couldn't dampen our enthusiasm to start the league well.

Our first match was against Claypole, Marianna and Georgina M took their chances and forged a 3-0 lead by half time.  In the second half Iniya and Annabella formed an unstoppable partnership and added a further 6, final score TGPS 9-0 Claypole.

Then came our most difficult game in the league, Long Bennington.  We kept our confidence and matched Long Bennington all the way to the final whistle.  1-1 at half time and 2-2 at the end.  Scorers Sophie and Georgie.

Well played all of you.  Marianna, Sophie, Iniya, Georgie, Annabella, Georgina M, Georgina S, Isla.

Mrs Clegg
U11 Hockey Match at Lincoln Minster
Our first match was against Lincoln Minster's A team who confidently went 1-0 up early in the first half.  We then settled into the game and created two good chances of our own with Leila's shots going just wide of the post.  A final result of Lincoln Minster A 1-0 Grantham Prep showed the girls determination.

Our next game was against Lincoln Minster B and we started off in our determined mood.  Martha C scoring early from a free hit pass.  She then went on to score 3 more!  Second half Georgie added to the score.  Lincoln Minster 0-5 Grantham Prep.

Our final game was against Wellow House and was a very close game, deadlocked in the first half.  Martha C finished off her exciting afternoon by taking a shot from distance catching the keeper by surprise.
Grantham Prep 1-0 Wellow House.

A very pleasing performance by all our girls.  Cora, Emily, Iniya, Olivia, Georgie, Martha B and Leila.
 ISA National Swimming Championships
Congratulations to Orla, Martha, Cora, Josh and Jack who have all been selected to represent the Midlands at the forthcoming National Swimming Championships. We have had single representatives and we have had pairs represented over the years but this is the first time we have had 5 children in one Championship. We wish them well and good luck for Saturday 1st December.

( Jack and Cora Freestyle Relay, Martha Breast Stroke and Medley Relay, Orla Back Stroke and Medley Relay, Joshua Back Stroke, Medley Relay and Freestyle Relay )

Band in the morning,
Band in the morning,
Band in the morning.
Whoop, Whoop!!!!!!!!

Mr Giles's top tip …. “Practice the Rhythm Studies regularly to learn “Blocks” of rhythms. Be really accurate and count as you play. This will help you to become great sight readers!”

News from IES/SEK Schools
Dragon's Den
The annual Dragons’ Den brought to you by Hout Bay International School in conjunction with the IGCSE 1 Business Studies students took place on Wednesday.
The IGCSE 1 students had to create their own business venture based on the Cambridge Syllabus. The students had to formulate an actual business prototype complete with a business plan, samples of products, estimated cost, selling price & break-even point.
These business ventures were presented to a panel of the finest business owners in Cape Town: Mr Richard Lurie (Excellence Group), Mr Ray Chaplin (Solo Adventurer) and Mr Warren Franken (Elementree Design). 
Each business venture also had their own exhibition stand representing their business, which the audience could also enjoy while asking the entrepreneurs more questions based on their business/product.
The evening was a great success and enjoyed by all who attended. The panel of Dragons where incredibly impressed by our students.
Congratulations to each and everyone of the IGCSE 1 Business students.
This evening would not have been possible without the panel of Dragons and we thank them for taking time out of their busy schedules to invest in the future leaders of the business world.
The overall winners were as follows:
1st Place: S&D Gin (Scott Macfarlane-Chase & Devon Saville)
2nd Place: D’Vine Light (Ella Drummond)
3rd Place: Refresh (Imaad Baderoen)
Best Exhibition Stand: Maca Bowls (Erika Bierny & Viola Cisari)
Hout Bay International School
The difference between knowing the name of something and knowing something
The primary purpose of schooling is that our students apply the knowledge and skills they learn with us to other challenges inside and outside of school.
In order for transfer to occur, students need to gain a good understanding of the concepts that we wish them to be able to apply to new problems. As Nobel Prize winning physicist Richard Feynman said, it’s “the difference between knowing the name of something and knowing something". Memorizing a list of facts is unlikely to promote sufficient understanding of a concept for students to be able to apply it in a new situation.
As an example of transfer, by building a protection device that was able to preserve the integrity of a chicken egg (Humpty Dumpty) from a great fall, students were able to apply Physics concepts such as, Momentum, Pressure, Air Resistance and Gravity.
The question “Why are we learning this?” is arising less frequently as we make “transfer of learning” a high priority in our educational efforts.
Mrs. Evelyn R. Quiroa
Science and Biology Teacher
Colegio Internacional SEK Guatemala
Lunch Note

Lunches are provided for all children by Edwards and Blake 
(Website: )

If you are selecting your child's lunches on a weekly basis, it must be done by midnight Thursday of the previous week.  Once you have made your choices, unfortunately, you are unable to change them.  However, if your child would like to change a meal, please email the school office ( with the date and meal choice that you would like changing and we will make the changes for you.

The Wise pay booking system for hot lunches is available through the TGPS website.

Thank you.

School Bus Collection Points & Times
Bookings for this week:
Please contact the school office to book a place for your child.
8.10am         Normanton on Cliffe
8.20am         Ancaster
8.25am         Wilsford
On Fridays the bus will run 15 minutes earlier to ensure pupils arrive in time for the *Music Machine" School Band rehearsal.

Access to the School Building after 4.30pm

As you are all aware there is now a gate which has a key code access to the Creche in the evening.  If you do not have the code,  please call 01476 593293 and your call will be answered by Creche.


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