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Dear Parents

Next Thursday (15th October) we thought the children may enjoy a Halloween club in their bubbles, rather than their usual club.  All children may attend but your children may of course be collected as normal between 3 -3.15pm from the usual collection points.

We understand that some children and families do not enjoy celebrating Halloween.  Those that wish to attend please bring a Halloween accessory which can be worn for the club.  Collection times after the club will be as normal between 4 and 4.30pm from the usual collection points.

If your child would like to make a scary pumpkin face or a funny pumpkin face then please drop off the pumpkins outside school on Thursday 15th October in the morning.  We will group them in school bubbles and ensure the children have an opportunity to view them.  They can then be collected after the Halloween bubble club party.

We will also start collecting tins for the Foodbank as we celebrate Harvest from Monday 12th October; and will deliver them in the afternoon of 16th October to Grantham Foodbank.

Many thanks for you support and enjoy the weekend.

Mrs Korcz


Calendar & Events


Autumn Term 2020

Term Starts:
Wednesday 2/9/20
Half Term:
19/10/20 - 30/10/20
End of Term:

Friday 11/12/20

Spring Term 2021

Term Starts:
Tuesday 5/1/21
Half Term:
15/2/21 - 19/2/21
End of Term:

Thursday 1/4/21

Summer Term 2021

Term Starts:
Monday 19/4/21
May Day:
Half Term:
31/5/21 - 4/6/21
End of Term:

Friday 16/7/21


ISSUE: 425   8th October 2020


Cool Cats Uniform Supplier: TGPS website - Please access the Uniform & Equipment heading on the home page there is a direct link to the Cool Cats website.



12.10.20 - 16.10.20         Children may bring in
                                      Foodbank donations

14.10.20                         Harvest Festival

15.10.20                         Halloween Club Party in

16.10.20                          Flu Immunisations

                                          Break up for Half Term

19.10.20 - 23.10.20          October Holiday Camp

2.11.20                            Back to School

5.11.20                            Individual School Photos

10.11.20                          Parents' Eve by Zoom
                                       4 -

11.11.20                          Parents' Eve by Zoom
                                       4 - 6pm

12.11.20                          Parents' Eve by Zoom
                                       4 - 6pm

13.11.20                          Inter-House Recitation

Year 5 and 6 Choir

Dr Williams and I have been so impressed with how the choir has been working this half term we thought everyone deserves to hear them perform. So please take a couple of minutes to listen to them sing Hallelujah by Leonard Cohen. A huge thank you to Dr Williams for his efforts and enthusiasm with the choir and big well done to all the members of the choir for an amazing half term. 

A very proud Miss Linehan
Move It
This term, Year Five and Year Six classes have been working on a new game which came from an idea that we introduced through our lockdown PE provision. MOVE IT was developed as an individual fitness challenge but we have adapted it for our second Inter-House competition of this term. The challenge is to move 3 bean bags around 4 hoops, 2 metres apart (original social distance recommendation distance) but only touching one bag at a time in a time of 45 seconds. All Year 5 and 6 pupils not only moved the bags but were all involved in the umpiring and judging of each round. A tight competition was eventually won by Newton (176 points), Brownlow (168 points) runners up and Hornsby (162 points) third.

Mr Park
Virtual Cross Country Competition

The children have been busy training for their first “virtual” competition which takes place this week . Witham Hall School have organised a cross country competition for our children to take part in, replacing their traditional meeting which takes place at this time of the term. Thirty children will run over distances of 1500 and 1800m, on courses at their own school and send the results in to be compared with all other entrants. We wish all participants well and look forward to a good competitive event.

Mr Park
A Fun Week in Pre-School

Following on from last week and continuing one of our themes ‘Autumn’, Tabitha brought in a very large sunflower head for us all to see. Look how big it is! It was bigger than any of our faces! We looked at how tiny the seeds were and other aspects of the flower. Did you know why sunflowers are called sunflowers?  Because they turn their heads to follow and face the sun!

The children have made lovely fruit and vegetable prints using cooking apples from Mrs Whinney’s apple tree and a variety of squashes that Mrs Whinney found in Aldi! We had lots of messy fun!

On a more academic note the children really enjoyed playing a phonics game, whilst learning at the same time.  The children had to move around until Mrs Whinney said ‘stop’ and they had to jump onto a letter mat and tell Mrs Whinney the sound. On a proud note, recognition of the sounds was high!

Well done everyone!

Mrs Whinney
A Busy week in Reception

In Reception the children have really enjoyed their learning this week. We have been looking at the famous outdoor character ‘Percy the Park Keeper’ and all his lovely amusing animal friends. We have been focusing on some of those lovely tales where he embarks on lots of funny adventures with all the animals; such as ‘After the Storm’, ‘The Secret Path’ and ‘The Rescue Party’. The children then had a go at writing about Percy. It was lovely to see that they are starting to use their phonic knowledge to write some sentences when working with an adult. They are remembering the sounds and we are sounding out the words together which they are then writing independently. They are very proud of themselves as are we!

In Maths we are working hard on number correspondence using a theme of autumn. We have a ‘leaves and conker’ challenge, where the children have to match up the correct number of conkers with the corresponding number on each of the different leaves. Great maths work Reception, keep it up!

Mrs Ives
Year One
Class One find out about Lincolnshire
Class One have had their usual, busy week in school. This week we had cause to celebrate some of the people and things that are particularly important within the County of Lincolnshire. This was because Thursday October 1st was designated "Lincolnshire Day." Mrs Korcz very kindly loaned Class One a real, county flag which was hung up in the classroom with great pride...even leading to a scientific investigation to see if the classroom fan would make the flag unfurl and flutter. The children made their very own version of the flag; carefully using their measuring and line drawing skills. Everyone brought in some interesting facts; ranging from the fact that the first female Prime Minister; Margaret Thatcher attended KGGS in Grantham, Isaac Newton being a former pupil at The King's School, details about Richard Hornsby's pioneering work on the first diesel engine, Edith Smith - the first woman Police Officer and the Red Arrows being based in the county. The children really enjoyed their special lunch in the dining room - good old Lincolnshire sausage and mash.  What a fun day of learning about our own locality and its traditions. Superb effort, Year One. 

Mrs Bell
Year 2
Grammar - Singular & Plural Nouns

Class Two have been improving their grammatical skills this week. Firstly, we investigated what 'Singular' and 'Plural' could mean. Following this they completed a number of activities: including sorting plural words; using them in sentences and changing them from one to the other. 
All the children really engaged with the work and produced lovely pieces of writing. It is so important to listen and learn about plurals, but it is equally important to apply this knowledge independently to our writing...

All the children are going to try and look out for any singular and plural nouns.

Well done Class Two!
Mrs Bell
Infants Art & Craft Club

Caterpillar Craft

Last week in the Infant Art and Craft Club, the children were busy making some very hungry caterpillars. Showing just how well their cutting, designing and making skills are developing, every member of the club successfully created a charming little, nibbly friend to take home on a holey leaf. It was fun to see the children using the equipment and resources safely and effectively. Well done. Next week - turtles!

Mrs Bell
Year 3

Class 3 Ancient Egyptians
Class 3 have been continuing their History topic about the Ancient Egyptians. They have used books and the internet to research what daily life was like for the people and what clothing they wore.They have also been learning about how Ancient Egyptians wrote in pictorial symbols called hieroglyphs which represent the images and sounds of their language. The children then created their own cartouches, writing their names in hieroglyphics.

Miss Linehan
Year 3 & Year 4
STEAM - Design a Scarecrow
Classes 3 and 4 have been having fun designing and making Mr.and Mrs. Scarecrows for STEAM.

Pupils contributed by recycling old clothes, which they then had to stuff, arrange and fasten securely to the frames.  Pupils researched different scarecrows and these helped to design the faces and overall images of the scarecrows.  Great team work, and we hope to use the Scarecrows as a backdrop for our Harvest Festival Assembly.

Big apologies to Mr. Jessop our caretaker, who jumped out of his skin when he saw Mr. Scarecrow near the window of class 4 early one morning!!

Miss Linehan & Mrs Jackson
Year 4

Scarecrow Poems

Class 4 have also been inspired to write a poem for Poetry Day based on the theme of a scarecrow, here are two lovely illustrated poems - "A Happy Scarecrow" by Serena, and "My Best Friend" by Anna - well done!

Mrs Jackson
Anti-Bullying Charter

Class 4 produced this display to reinforce our promises to keep our class a bully-free zone.

After watching the BIG Anti-Bullying Assembly, we discussed the various types of bullying that can happen, and strategies to deal with this.  We all agreed that talking to someone is important whenever we faced problems.  Pupils thought of five different people that they could talk to and placed these on their hand print.  some very good discussion work and positive ideas were shared amongst the class - well done class 4!

Mrs Jackson
Year 5

World War One Propaganda Posters

This week in class 5 the children have been learning about propaganda used during World War One. Without television and with very few radios, posters were seen as an effective way to reach the masses. 54 million propaganda posters were issued and it obviously worked with over 1 million men signing up in the first few months of 1914! The children were challenged to create their own posters. Here are a few examples, would you sign up because of them?

Mr Tranter

What does the Lincolnshire Flag Represent?
Last week as part of Lincolnshire Day the children in class 5 looked at what the flag of Lincolnshire represents. The children were interested to find out that each colour and symbol represented a different aspect of Lincolnshire from the flat beautiful farming land to the impressive blue skyline (weather allowing!). Here is some of their work.

Mr Tranter
Year 6
Autumnal Poems

As mentioned last week, Year 6 have been writing poems linked to Autumn.
We have also been exploring different styles of poetry and looking at examples by Michael Rosen and Benjamin Zephaniah. We are now beginning to explore the techniques that poets use in creating their art forms.
Here are some examples of the children's work so far; exploring shape, layout and either using rhyme or a more free form.
We are also busy practising our harvest song, which we will share with you next week, 'Let's Harvest'.
Music Lessons
Speech & Drama
Speech & Drama Club

Speech & Drama Club, run by Mrs Keen is offered to pupils in Year 3 - Year 6

The classes follow the LAMDA (London Academy of Music & Dramatic Art) syllabus and pupils are prepared for examinations in Verse, Prose and Acting.
The cost is £55.00 per term;  lessons take place on Mondays after school clubs from 4.15pm to 5.15pm.  
Please contact the school office for further details.
St Wulfram's
St Wulfram's Church Choir in Grantham are now welcoming new choristers!

Please email Dr Tim Williams at for details.
News from our other IES Schools
Electrical Circuits
The Year 4 students are learning about Electrical circuits this term. Yesterday, they experimented on what they need to use in order to get a light bulb to turn on.  They used the iPads and internet to create drawings of electrical circuits. Great work Year 4 class.
Helderberg International School
Assessing Students' Learning Through Games
In the English classroom, communication is paramount to ensure meaningful learning. Online learning may separate students and teachers physically, but, fortunately, technology helps us stay in touch and have fun! These months, 6th graders have used a wide variety of platforms to play games to communicate with others, and to review contents. Games also help teachers to assess students' progress in classes and accompany them in their learning process. Interactive lessons and videos with songs or movies, online quizzes, crosswords, memory games, and many more! Whether it is playing alone or in teams (students enjoy collaborative work), these resources have been a success in the English classes as formative assessment. Without noticing, students put into practice what they learned while having a good time!
Giannina del Río
Teacher of English
Colegio Internacional SEK

Drama Workshop
Offstage Drama has resumed their Saturday drama workshops.

There are two sessions:
 9.30 am - 10.30 am - Children aged 4-11
10.30 am - 11.30 am - Secondary aged children

We ensure that children are spaced out, the hall is well-ventilated and that good hand hygiene is adhered to. We have contact details for all of the families, so that if there are any concerns, these can be shared quickly. This is subject, of course, to any further updates from the Government nearer the time.

I would like to offer any current children in Year 6, whether or not they already attend the sessions, the chance to join the 10.30am workshop.

Please contact Ellie Dickinson for more information on
School Bus Collection Points & Times
Bookings for this week:
Please contact the school office to book a place for your child.
8.10am         Normanton on Cliffe
8.20am         Ancaster
8.25am         Wilsford
On Fridays the bus will run 15 minutes earlier to ensure pupils arrive in time for the *Music Machine" School Band rehearsal.

Access to the School Building after 4.30pm

As you are all aware there is now a gate which has a key code access to the Creche in the evening.  If you do not have the code,  please call 01476 593293 and your call will be answered by Creche.

Grantham Preparatory International School, Gorse Lane,Grantham, Lincolnshire, NG31 7UF
Tel: 01476 593293      Email:       Web:

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