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Dear Parents

This is the first year in my living memory that we have celebrated our Harvest Festival in school without being altogether.  It is important for us to celebrate this annual festival and give thanks for the food grown on the land throughout our United Kingdom.  It is also a time that we give thanks for all the good and positive things in our lives such as our family and friendship.

As a child and as an adult with my children I have such happy memories of celebrating Harvest each year and being grateful for all that we have.

This week our children have prepared their contribution in their own bubbles for you to enjoy at home.  I hope you enjoy listening to the children.  We have certainly enjoyed preparing our contributions for you.  Listening to our children singing together and watching their happy smiling faces brings great joy to us all.

I hope you all enjoy the half-term break and are able to spend some time with your family even with our current restrictions.  Please note that the current guidelines regarding self-isolation, should you travel abroad during this period, must apply to all of us. 

I do hope we can all enjoy some Autumn sunshine at home over the next few weeks.

Mrs Korcz


In 1969, a few professors from three California universities created the first communications network called the ARPANET. This would be the precursor of what we know today as the INTERNET. Since then, the growth in the number of users has risen exponentially, reaching more than 4.5 billion in this year 2020.

Today you can find on the "network" multiple services developed on different protocols such as email, instant messaging, online video games, education and communication platforms, or popular social networks, among others.

The recent pandemic caused by COVID - 19, has in many cases forced teleworking, proving a new normal way of living and communicating with the rest of the world. The use of global platforms for the acquisition of consumer goods over the Internet and the massive development of social networks such as Facebook with 2.45 billion users, YouTube with 2 billion, Instagram with 1.1 billion or TikTok with more than 850 million has also increased, just to name the most popular and widespread.

Today our world’s reality is very different from that of a few years ago, we can ask ourselves a series of questions:

- Do these technological devices or the algorithms that manage these applications cause addiction?
- Does the excessive use of social networks have negative effects on mental health?
- Are the big companies behind social networks using our personal data in a disinterested way?
- Is our consumption and life habits being influenced by controlling the use we make of social networks?
- Are massive amounts of data being manipulated to influence our citizens' decisions in politics, life choices, hobbies, etc.?

These and other questions have complex answers.

As responsible educators, at IES we are concerned that our students may be making the wrong use of social networks and digital applications. We are convinced that benefits can be obtained, but there are also risks. We believe that parents and educators must do everything possible so that our students can take advantage of technological advances to have optimal personal, physical and mental development, but more importantly have them know how to discern between the positive and the negative in the world around them.

Recently, the Netflix platform has included in its offer the documentary "The Social Dilemma". We believe it is a very interesting film and recommend students over the age of 14 to watch it. It will allow them to better understand how these and other networks interact with them as social network users, but of course, this being not a program specifically designed for schools, it must be you, their parents who decide at your own discretion whether or not it is convenient for them to watch it.

Calendar & Events


Autumn Term 2020

Term Starts:
Wednesday 2/9/20
Half Term:
19/10/20 - 30/10/20
End of Term:

Friday 11/12/20

Spring Term 2021

Term Starts:
Tuesday 5/1/21
Half Term:
15/2/21 - 19/2/21
End of Term:

Thursday 1/4/21

Summer Term 2021

Term Starts:
Monday 19/4/21
May Day:
Half Term:
31/5/21 - 4/6/21
End of Term:

Friday 16/7/21


ISSUE: 426   15th October 2020


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16.10.20                          Flu Immunisations

                                          Break up for Half Term

19.10.20 - 23.10.20          October Holiday Camp

2.11.20                            Back to School

5.11.20                            Individual School Photos

10.11.20                          Parents' Eve by Zoom
                                       4 -

11.11.20                          Parents' Eve by Zoom
                                       4 - 6pm

12.11.20                          Parents' Eve by Zoom
                                       4 - 6pm

13.11.20                          Inter-House Recitation

This week  the House Captains and myself invited entries from children throughout the school for the Inter-House recitation competition which will take place on Friday 13th November. Many have already taken home entry slips and sheets of the poems they can select from. If you think your child would like to enter, but have yet to see the poems, do let us know. If your son and daughter is taking part, please help them to learn their poem by heart over half term; the poems will need to be performed from memory.

Many thanks, Miss Linehan
Harvest - Songs From Us to You
EYFS singing two lovely songs for Harvest, "Big Red Combine Harvester" and "Dingle Dangle Scarecrow"
Year One and Year Two chose to sing a catchy little song called "A Very Special Vegetable"
Year 3 and Year 4 recite the poem "Harvest Moon" and  sing a rocky little number called "Hurray for Harvest!"
Year 5 and Year 6 sign and sing the song "Let's Harvest"
Harvest Display
Harvest Display

Here's a colourful display showing the talents of our pupils in Class 1, Class 3 and Class 4.

The cheerful scarecrow collages were completed by Class 1, where they enjoyed working in the art room to colour, paint, glue and arrange their collages.

The corn dollies were crafted by Class 3 and Class 4 in their STEAM lessons, and finally Class 4 have added some of their poetry to complete the display.  Great work everyone!

Mrs Jackson
Pedalling Fun!
Pre-school have enjoyed using some of our pedalling equipment and the scooters on the main playground this week. Some of the children were trying to master the tricycle and some were happy to show off their scootering skills! 
Vivienne found a new way to gather up speed on her scooter!

I hope you all manage to have lots of fun outdoors this half term break!

Mrs Whinney
Outside Learning -Rain Rain- Let’s Have Some Fun!
Well it certainly feels that there is a chill in the air at the moment, as the weather has changed with a vengeance! All the children in Reception have managed to have lots of fun outside in the rain. They got their fleece jackets and wellies on to enjoy the wonderful puddles outside. They loved splashing and getting a bit wet on the playground.

We also had a super PE lesson outside on Monday afternoon practising our throwing and target skills, but the most important thing that was learnt was being part of a team. We also worked together in our junk modelling challenge outside.

Great outdoor learning Reception! Keep it up!

Mrs Ives
Year 1
Researching the World of Animals
As part of their Science studies, Year One have been finding out about how animals are classified into groups. The children have had lots of  fun singing along and dancing to a lively, educational song (please see the link below); which included lots of wiggling (like insects), flapping (like birds), and snapping (like reptiles). Everyone has enjoyed researching their favourite animal by accessing the Internet via the aptly named 'Safari' app on the iPads and by reading through paper based non-fiction books. After writing down some excellent facts about each group of animals, the children have used watercolours to make observational paintings of a chosen creature.  Resulting in some beautiful art work. All in all, excellent work, Class One! Well done.
Mrs Bell   
Year 2
Daniel in the Lion's Den

In RE Class Two have been studying evidence of kindness in the Bible. We have had a tremendous time examining various stories and teachings. The children particularly enjoyed our work on the epic tale of Daniel and the Lion's Den. It truly is an epic adventure where good triumphs over evil. Daniel is rewarded for his kindness, commitment to hard work and willingness to follow God. We have been working very hard (like Daniel) to ensure our work is ready for our Classroom Writing display. Watch this space for future photographs of the display!

Well done for a super first half term Class Two.

Mr Mytton
Year 3
Class 3 has had a busy and varied week. 
We have been rehearsing our harvest poem and song alongside Class 4 making sure the words can be heard clearly and remembering to smile while we perform. In Maths we spent time in the car park monitoring the colour of cars that went past the school. We used a tally chart to record the data and then transferred the information into barcharts. Charlie and the Chocolate Factory is our focus book in English and the class has been thinking about the main character, Charlie. They have produced some detailed character profiles of him and some lovely illustrations to accompany their work.
Enjoy the half term break Year 3. 

Miss Linehan
Y3 and Y4 Art Club

Year 3/Year 4 Art Club

Students in Years 3 & 4 have been working on a group display inspired by Tropical Rainforests.

The following work is titled "Rainforest Reptiles", and has been submitted to the ISA Annual Art Competition.  Fantastic vibrant work - well done to Anna, Billy, Iris, Mya, Yara, Sofia, Anya, Albert, Felix, Serena, Jessica and Connie.
Year 4
Art Work

These beautiful paintings of Autumn leaves have been completed by class 4.  Students painted their leaf templates using metallic shades of bronze, copper and gold, and arranged and glued them down carefully.

Lovely work class 4, well done!

Mrs Jackson
Year 5
Pictures from Words

This week, as part of class 5 STEAM, the children created a picture which started as the word they were drawing. This activity was chosen by Seth as he had really wanted to try it. I think by some of the finished pieces, the class really enjoyed this activity. If you want to have a go yourself, then watch the video above. 
Year 6
This week in Class 6

In Class 6 this week, we have been busy learning, performing and recording our Harvest song with Class 5; it is a very catchy tune that has definitely got stuck in our heads and we learned many of the Makaton signs to go with the lyrics.

In English this week, we have continued to study some poems and write some more of our own. We had a really exciting lesson on Tuesday, looking at nonsense poems and making a link between these and the code-breakers of Bletchley Park in World War 2.

We have also dealt with some challenging issues around The Holocaust, in our History lesson, and this sparked some intelligent and thoughtful discussion.
We have also spent quite a bit of time discussing ideas for Children in Need, so that we can still involve the whole school and raise money for a very worthy cause; more information to follow after half term.

Well done Class 6, another week of hard work and fun!
Music Lessons
St Wulfram's
St Wulfram's Church Choir in Grantham are now welcoming new choristers!

Please email Dr Tim Williams at for details.
News from our other IES Schools
Traveling With Barnaby Bear
In Geography this term, the Year 1’s will be traveling with Barnaby Bear to various countries across the World. His first destination was London, England.
The Year 1’s learnt how far Barnaby had to travel to get to London. He used many different modes of transport to get around to all the famous landmarks, like an airplane, the London Tube, a Black Cab, and a red double-story bus. It made me think of the movie ‘Planes, trains and automobiles’.
Barnaby sent us a postcard telling us about all the landmarks he visited. He first took the tube to London Paddington Station, where his famous friend ‘Paddington’ was found. There he saw hundreds of people playing music, drawing and shopping. This made Barnaby Bear miss home, so he had to call his mum from a red telephone box. This cost him a pretty penny!
Barnaby took a cab and went to the Palace, where he saw the Queen and her famous Yeomen. The students had a good giggle at their silly outfits. He rode the London Eye and felt really ill. He saw the Millennium Dome, Big Ben and the Tower Bridge. Barnaby watched for hours how the bridge lifted for boats to pass through.
Barnaby just had to visit the monument erected to remember the Great Fire of London, to prepare the students for Year 2. His last visit took him to St. Paul’s Cathedral, which was largely destroyed in the Great Fire.
It was starting to get cold and rainy in London, as it is autumn there now. Barnaby really found it difficult to decide what he needed to take with him, so our Year 1 students helped him pack his case for the journey before he left. I certainly know that he was dressed right for the weather that awaited him.
We are looking forward to the next leg of his journey, where he will continue in London and look at art, culture, dress and food of the people that live there.
Wendy Menton
Year 1 Teacher
Blouberg International School
The Marshmallow Challenge
 The fabulous marshmallow bridge challenge is the perfect STEAM activity. This exercise is used to teach and develop individuals in the attributes of collaboration, innovation, and creativity. The Marshmallow Challenge reminds us that for a project to be a success, we need to identify the assumptions we are making in the project and test these early on and often.
Students will be able to:
Understand the importance of teamwork and failure in science and engineering
Understand that some shapes are stronger than others.
Understand that even weak materials can be made stronger with good design techniques, and that distribution of mass is an important consideration when building a tower.
Understand that compression and tension affect the stability of a structure.
Compare their model to others to understand why some models are stronger than others.
Understand why engineers consider tension and compression forces when designing a building or structure.
3rd grade students enjoyed doing this project.
Miss Alma Patricia Donaji Madrigal
Science Teacher
Colegio Internacional SEK Guadalajara

Drama Workshop
Offstage Drama has resumed their Saturday drama workshops.

There are two sessions:
 9.30 am - 10.30 am - Children aged 4-11
10.30 am - 11.30 am - Secondary aged children

We ensure that children are spaced out, the hall is well-ventilated and that good hand hygiene is adhered to. We have contact details for all of the families, so that if there are any concerns, these can be shared quickly. This is subject, of course, to any further updates from the Government nearer the time.

I would like to offer any current children in Year 6, whether or not they already attend the sessions, the chance to join the 10.30am workshop.

Please contact Ellie Dickinson for more information on
School Bus Collection Points & Times
Bookings for this week:
Please contact the school office to book a place for your child.
8.10am         Normanton on Cliffe
8.20am         Ancaster
8.25am         Wilsford
On Fridays the bus will run 15 minutes earlier to ensure pupils arrive in time for the *Music Machine" School Band rehearsal.

Access to the School Building after 4.30pm

As you are all aware there is now a gate which has a key code access to the Creche in the evening.  If you do not have the code,  please call 01476 593293 and your call will be answered by Creche.

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