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Dear Parents

We have very much enjoyed teaching all the children back in their classrooms at school this week.  They are so pleased to be back playing with their friends outside in spite of the stormy conditions!

The two outdoor musical instruments are a very welcome addition to our playground thanks to a very generous donation from "The Friends of Grantham Prep."

We are all very grateful to Mr Jessop and Mr Tranter who both worked hard before school very early one morning to ensure that both instruments were erected safely, ready for the children on Monday morning.

The smiles speak for themselves this week.  It has been a week full of joy and a very welcome start to our slow release from lockdown.

Enjoy the weekend.

Mrs Korcz
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Monday 15th March
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Friday 19th March
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Tuesday 23rd March
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Wednesday 24th March
Parents' Evening via Zoom, 4pm - 6pm

Thursday 25th March
Parents' Evening via Zoom, 4pm - 6pm
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Thursday 1st April 
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Monday 12th April
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Welcome Back!
Outdoor Music

Break time Music
Our two outdoor percussion instruments are now fully installed and as you can see from the photos are proving to be very popular! 

A very big thank you goes to Mr Jessop and Mr Tranter for their hard work building and installing the instruments.  Last but not least a thank you to the "Friends of Grantham Prep" for their generosity.  We are very grateful and the children are loving playing them and creating their own tunes.
P.E. with our fabulous Mr Park is back!
Having endured Mrs Whinney’s P.E. antics and some Keep fit exercises in the classroom during the long lockdown period it is with great pleasure to join Mr Park and Reception children and begin again with our Wednesday morning P.E. lessons.

As the weather was rather inclement we used the main hall which had been set up with target nets. First of all though, Mr Park asked the children to get themselves warmed up by doing some actions for running on the spot, swimming and cycling. Each set of exercise was for 20 seconds long adding up to 1 minute of actions. The children were then put into 4 teams for some target practice.
Starting with team member number 1, each child had to run round the hoop net and back to their team member where they then high fived them to initiate their turn. Once all the team members were back the team had to sit down to show they had completed the exercise.

For the target practice, Mr Park asked each team member, in turn to stand on a coloured marker and throw a sponge (thank goodness!) ball into the hoop net. The team with the most balls in the net won! What a great start to our P.E. lessons. Thank you Mr Park!

We have also finished our Space display. Uranus and Neptune complete! We have had a lot of fun putting the display together.

Back down to Earth, Alice kindly brought in some of her chickens eggs to show us. We were amazed by the colours, speckled brown, duck egg blue and a green egg. Mrs Whinney thought it had been painted in a Farrow and Ball colour! The children each had a turn holding an egg, thankfully none were dropped! The children then decided how they like their eggs to be cooked. Alice likes scrambled eggs! Thank you Alice for bringing the eggs in.
What a Fun Action Packed Week in Reception
In Reception it was great to have all the children back. I’m not sure who was the more excited the teachers or the children!!  We started off the week talking about and sharing our weekend news. The children were also keen to chat to all their friends about what they had been doing over the Lockdown period. It was lovely to see how they interacted with their friends and all their smiling faces as they took turns to share from a selection of activities linked to a weird combination of dinosaurs and pirates!! ‘Pirates’ is our theme for the next few weeks and the children have been singing lots of pirate shanties and making treasure maps to find their way. I have to say that there was no sharing of the treasure though!!

In our Maths we have been revisiting numbers and place value and learning a new word – to ‘subitise’ when children can instantly recognise a number of objects without counting them. The term was introduced by a Swiss psychologist Piaget and is seen as an essential foundation for counting.

The children have all been working on a secret mission this week which they have really enjoyed doing. Hopefully that special person will be pleased with all their results on Sunday. Say no more!

Well done everyone, once again I am so proud of all the fabulous learning that is happening at school.
Year 1
Welcome back
This week, it has been so wonderful to have the whole Class One team reunited and, my goodness, everyone has worked so hard! The week started with independent writing tasks, numeracy challenges and spelling quizzes. The children have also been getting creative; making colourful cards and gifts to say thank you to their Mums on Mothering Sunday. I have been very impressed with all of the children's reading and storytelling skills - their imagination has certainly not waned over the weeks that we have been using Zoom! Best of all, I have enjoyed hearing their lively chatter and seeing everyone's big smile each morning and throughout the school day. This has been an absolutely delightful return to 'near' normal. Well done Class One. Keep up the good work!  
Year 2

Influential Individuals - Pelé!

This term Class Two have been studying influential individuals in History and their impact on society. It is a fabulous topic to study with children as they have the opportunity to learn about amazing people that inspire us throughout the World. 

The children learned, discussed and read about the incredibly famous footballer: Pelé! Did you know that he scored 77 goals for Brazil? We were truly enthralled by a video of some of his best goals. We noticed that he always jumps in the air when he scores a goal! We had a go at this ourselves as you can see from the picture.
A number of children in Class Two were particularly impressed that, once retired, Pelé spent alot of money helping children that come from a less-fortunate background ("because he knows how it feels!") The children were amazed that he could not afford a football when he was little and he had to play with a ball of socks!
Year 3
Great to be Back

It has been fantastic to have everyone back in Class 3 this week. I'm not sure who was smiling more on Monday morning, me or the children.
Here are some of their thoughts about the return to school.
" I'm glad to be back at school to learn and interact with my friends" Eva.
" I'm so happy to see my friends and my teachers and I love working at my desk again." Elise.
" I'm very happy to be back playing with my friends and learning in the classroom" Hugo
"It's been lovely to see all my friends smiling " Arya.
"I'm so glad to be back it makes learning easier" Sophia.

After a quick catch up with each other first thing on Monday morning it was straight down to work. All the children have settled down well and have been producing some super work.
The photos show the class working in their Geography lesson on Wednesday afternoon. They were using the atlases to locate and name the countries which make up Europe.
Excellent start everyone.
Year 4
Welcome back Class 4! 
It was fantastic to welcome back everybody on Monday, and so in Class 4 we celebrated with cake! It was lovely to see everyone back in class and eager to start work - a good job too, as we had reading, spelling, English and Mathematics tests to look forward to! 

We have also been busy making mother's day cards, designing dog-toys using recycled fabric, and learning about  the Anglo Saxon burial mound at Sutton Hoo. 

Pupils have been great at settling in quickly, and keeping to their bubbles in playtime and lunchbreaks. We know that we cannot become complacent, and bearing this in mind.

A great start back Class 4
Year 5
Theseus & The Minotaur

Class 5 this week have been finishing off their work on the story of Theseus and The Minotaur. Check out some of their finished pieces.
Year 6
Welcome Back Year 6

In Class 6 this week, we have been thrilled to be back together - even though we have had to work hard on a number of tests. It is that time of year!
We have also had lots of fun chatting, catching up, making cards and making the most of extra time together in clubs.

We are just about getting the hang of the routine - which is similar to the old one, but...
We have almost finished our work on the novel Holes and are busy writing up our stories in neat, something that cannot be rushed, but seems a little strange as we have not been writing by hand for a while. I think we are all pleased to be away from the screens and all back together.
IES/SEK International Article
Young Adventurers
The PYP3s have been on an exploration adventure! We have been learning all about where we are in the world and how vast and interesting our planet really is. We began our journey learning all about navigational tools, and have been specifically focussing on compasses, cardinal points, lines of latitude and longitude and maps.

The students worked hard in groups to design and build a sturdy vessel to help them on their voyage that they will be going on around the school on Friday. They were tasked with making sure that they had certain features on their vessel and were required to use only recyclable materials. They were then given the freedom to use their creativity and ingenuity to ensure that their vessel would survive the voyage by building it in any way they liked. We were amazed at how the students incorporated their prior knowledge of ships to develop interesting features such as weighted anchors, steering wheels, cannons, lifeboats, pulleys, treasure chests and supplies.

Lisa Fillmore & Dani Schultz – Hout Bay International School
Music Lessons
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Access to the School Building after 4.30pm

As you are all aware there is now a gate which has a key code access to the Creche in the evening.  If you do not have the code,  please call 01476 593293 and your call will be answered by Creche.

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