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Prayer Focus: Youth


Every generation has challenges and each generation expresses concerns that their children face more difficult temptations and difficulties than the previous.  That may be true or just a perspective, but whatever the case, America's youth today are in serious need of prayer and Godly role models.
According to the ACT Youth Center for Excellence and other sources, the picture of America's youth is this:
  • 10% of high school students have experienced date violence
  • of youth aged 15-19, 17% of deaths were from gun violence and 15% of deaths were from suicide
  • Cigarette, alcohol and drug use are down, however 35% of students reported having had a drink, 21% reported binge drinking and 10% driving drunk in the previous 30 days.
  • 23% of students reported marijuana use, 23%, 1% of 8th graders uses marijuana daily, by 12th grade the number of students using daily is 6%.
  • less than 35% of black teens live with both parents; 51% live exclusively with their mother.  Over twice that number of white teens and 62% of Hispanic teens live with both parents.
  • more than 2 million youth will have some period of homelessness
  • as many as 20,000 youth are forced into prostitution by human trafficking networks
  • 47% of high school students have been sexually active
  • 20.5% of 12-19 year-olds are obese
The top issues that youth struggle with are
  • single parent homes
  • drug and alcohol
  • growing up too fast
  • violence in school
  • time and stress management
  • political and social issues
  • materialism
  • obesity
  • education inequality
  • shifting economy
Youth are poorly equipped to deal with the pressures of adolescence much less adulthood. And if you are the parent of a teen, it can be overwhelming and often prayer is not the first response to their behavior.  But if any segment of our society need your prayers, it is our youth.  Pray for their salvation and positive influences in their lives.  Better yet, after praying, consider becoming a positive influence in a young person's life.  Be doers of the Word, not just hearers, and help a young person in the next generation shrink the challenges they face.
Only 65 days until the National Day of Prayer: Faith in America Under Fire breakfast event. Watch for the announcements this week and plan to get your discount tickets before April 4, 2016.  Seating is limited, so you won't want to delay.
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Don't Forget . . .

With all the troubling events taking place, remember Christians that being persecuted around the world and our country's leaders in your prayers. 
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