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Welcome to the new Canton Central School District e-newsletter, The Golden Bear Beat.


One of our district and Board of Education goals is to enhance our communications efforts to keep our students, parents, community, and staff in the know. Incredible things happen each day at Canton Central School, and we want to share them with you. We are happy to announce all of the new and exciting ways we plan to stay in touch. Please consider following our social media accounts, visiting our website regularly, and keeping an your email address updated on file to receive our new e-newsletter. 

We will continue to mail important notifications such as the budget newsletter, but hope to cut down on printing and postage costs by taking advantage of all the digital tools at our disposal. Our new e-newsletter will be delivered right to your inbox, and will take the place of the printed newsletter. 

District News

Message from the Superintendent:

The first few months of the school year have been filled with great student achievement both in the classroom and in extra-curricular activities. As we near the holiday break, I want to take a moment to say thank you to the Canton Central School staff, parents, and community for making this a wonderful place to live and work. I wish you a happy holiday and fruitful New Year.


Job Openings

The Canton Central School District is continuously accepting applications for the following substitute position:
  • Substitute Teachers, Teaching Assistants, Teacher Aides, School Monitors, Nurses (LPN and RNs), Clerical, Bus Drivers, Custodial Workers, and Food Service Helpers. 
Contact the Canton Central District Office or the District webpage for more information, 315-386-8561, ext. 4203 or email: The application deadline is ongoing for substitute positions. 

Elementary Updates

Very Special Visitor

A special visitor stopped by Banford recently!


Holidays Around the World

As part of their "Holidays around the World" unit, our third graders learned about December 6, St. Nikolaus Tag, in Germany. They had a virtual visit with a 5th grade class and their teacher, Mrs. Seebach. The German students prepared a couple of songs, showed what Nikolaus does in Germany, and answered our students' questions. Their school( in Germany is led by Mr. Schabowski, who spent 2004-05 here teaching social studies in the high school, as an exchange teacher with Ms. Schmid-Doyle, who taught English in their school. Special thanks to Mrs. Drechsel, Mrs. Seebach, and our EdTech team for making this possible.

12 Days of Kindness

Banford Elementary School did a "Twelve Days of Kindness" initiative from December 6 to December 12 as a holiday version of the Kindness Challenge. Each day, students are encouraged to do acts of kindness from our kindness calendar. Classrooms and grade levels are doing various Kindness and #OtherPeopleMatter activities. We celebrated during the last week of school with our Kindness Spirit Week from December 17-21.  


Box Tops for Education

Don't forget to keep clipping box tops all year round for your chance to win a pizza party at the end of the year - and keep track of your classes progress on the pizza bulletin board outside the main office. The November winner of the Box Tops Trophy is Mrs. Knowlton's 1st grade class. CONGRATULATIONS! You collected the most box tops last month!

Lava Experiment in 4th Grade

4th graders recently conducted a science experiment to learn about different types of lava. Liberty Shatraw and Kristen Holbrook investigated the properties of different types of lava through modeling.  


Election Day Activity 

Mrs. Rodee and Mrs. Hostetter's kindergarten class voted on Election Day. Having an extra outdoor recess got 25 votes and lunch in the room got 15 votes. 


Publishing Party

Middle School Dispatch

Positivity Project Assembly

We had a fantastic Positivity Project assembly recently in the middle school. We were treated to a surprise dance routine by Mrs. French's 6th grade dance club and recognized students at each grade level for exemplifying the first six character strengths of the year: Curiosity, Teamwork, Open-Mindedness, Integrity, Perspective, and Creativity.

Veterans Day Essays

8th grade students Cassidy Hu and Peyton Taylor attended the Veterans Day Ceremony at the Canton VFW. Cassidy and Peyton both participated in the Patriot’s Pen essay contest, an annual scholarship opportunity offered by the VFW. Nathaniel Romano received 3rd place, Cassidy Hu received 2nd place, and Peyton Taylor won first place. Peyton’s essay will be moving on to the next round of judging.

Hallway Upgrade

Above is a before/after picture of the 7th and 8th grade hallway in the middle school. Staff and students are celebrating teamwork and creating a positive environment with vibrant colors.

Colorful Poetry

In connection to the novel The Giver, students in Mrs. Bortnick's 7th grade ELA class wrote color poems. Below are some examples:
 Pink Zinnia Bloom by Zackery Lashomb
Feels like silk when you touch it, smooth and soft      
Tastes like pink lemonade when you drink it        
Smells like a berry pie baking in the oven
Sounds like a hummingbird singing        
Looks like a bunny smelling the pretty flowers

Marina Bay by Owen Kelly
  Marina bay feels very soft, like a teddy bear. 
It tastes like a smooth bowl of smooth french vanilla ice cream, 
and it smells like the fresh cold winter air,
 and if you listen closely you can hear the faint sound of smooth jazz,
 and it looks untouched by mankind.

Deep Velvet Ocean by Scout Canary
Feels like darkness lurking 
As I sit in the mysterious woods,
Sounds like screaming
In the far distance ringing in my ear,
Looks like the deep ocean
where I feel trapped and alone,
Tastes like sadness 
And rain as I sit motionless,
Smells like cold air 
As I drift away with the wind.

High School Happenings

Punkin' Chunkin' Competition

Principles of Engineering students from HC Williams High School entered this year’s annual Punkin Chunkin in Clayton, NY. They designed, prototyped, and built a floating arm trebuchet that they brought to competition. At the competition, each team's distance is multiplied by the amount of food donations they raised. The Canton Central team raised about 300 lbs. of food for a local food bank, and placed 2nd in the senior youth division. Great Job to the engineering students!


Science Olympiad Competitions

The Science Olympiad team will go to the Columbia HS Invitational in East Greenbush on January 5th, the Regional Tournament on January 26th in Plattsburgh. If the team makes it to the state tournament, it will take place on March 15-16th.


Environmental Club Trip

Six students from the Environmental Club recently did a trail maintenance day on Debar Mountain. They helped clear fallen trees and clear drainages so that the trail is more sustainable, able to withstand use, and prevent erosion. 


Japanese Wood Burning Technique

12th Grader, John Mahoney used the ancient Japanese method of preserving wood, Shou Sugi Ban, to prepare siding for the tiny house being built by the CCTA.


National FFA Conference

Eight Canton FFA members, accompanied by Agriculture Teacher and FFA Advisor Carol Wright, represented our school and community at the 91st Annual National FFA Convention in Indianapolis, IN Oct. 23-28th. Students participated in a variety of tours, workshops, and activities throughout the trip, including Lincoln Electric Co.;  Fair Oaks Farms; Finding the Leader in You workshop; National Creed Speaking Finals; Career and College Expo; Ned Ledoux and Garth Brooks concert; Easton Corbin; National FFA Officers retiring addresses and elections; keynote speaker, Kyle Scheele; Cinch Professional Rodeo; and special guest speakers, US Secretary of Agriculture Sonny Purdue, and the President of the United States. This is the first time since 1991 that the President has accepted the invitation to attend address FFA members since 1991. Those students who were able to experience this year's "Just One" themed National FFA Convention. The Canton FFA would like to thank the Canton FFA alumni for the monetary support in making this trip possible for these students! 


Pumpkin Bowling

GSA students recently organized the annual Pumpkin Bowling event as a fundraiser to benefit UNICEF Hurricane Relief and the Rainbow Railroad.

Section X Champions

Congratulations to all athletic teams who won the title of Section X Champions this fall season!


Section X All-Northern and Sportsmanship  Award Recipients

Congratulations to the following teams and players on receiving the All-Northern and Sportsmanship Awards:
Football 1st Team  
Robert Beaudin
Ian Rayburn 
Declan Porter   
John Mahoney     
Chauncey Douglas   
Pat Recker     
Football 2nd Team
Greg Mastro    

Sportsmanship Award:  
Matt Rosser            

Section X League MVP-Defense
Sam Martin                       

Soccer 1st Team
Jack Finnerty                      
Andy Downs                         
Antonio Vecchio                    
Soccer 2nd Team
Easton Butterfield                 
Braydon LeVac                     
Sportsmanship Award: 
Cooper Filiatrault 

Girls X-C 1st Team
Arianna Whittaker       
Hannah Tupper   
Girls X-C 2nd Team
Rachel Noble           

Boys X-C 2nd Team
Timmy Allen         

Rachel Noble
Cooper Stuntz       
Volleyball 1st Team
Sydney Lorenc       
Kelsea Whittier   
Volleyball 2nd Team
Gretchan Warner      

Sportsmanship Award
Grace Franklin     

Girls Swimming 1st Team
Isabella Jaskowski   
Grace O’Neill         
Emma Brtnick         
Hayley Irish           
Emily Wentworth       
Julia Domena       
Sophia Silver     
Sarah Wells           

Girls Swimming 1st Team
Sophia Silver   
Grace O’Neill           

Sportsmanship Award
Sophia Silver    

Section X Girls Soccer MVP-Offense  
Hannah Reed       

Girls Soccer 1st Team  
Jennifer Haycook   

Girls Soccer 2nd Team  
Morgan Whitman     
Hannah Stevenson        

Senior Student Athletes of Distinction

Presented to Senior Student-Athletes who have a 90% cumulative grade point average or better.  
Noah Longshore
Greg Mastro
Declan Porter
Matt Rosser
Pat Recker
John Mahoney
Richard Pandel
Alexis Bessette
Nika Husinec
Emma Kerrigan
Carly Mattice
Morgan Whitman
Autumn Crabtree
Rachel Noble
Hannah Tupper
Makenzie Sheffield
Emma Bortnick
Kristine Furgison

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