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Massachusetts businesses,

The vast majority of Bay Staters pay their taxes but not all have complied.  Now there’s an opportunity for those who have not filed returns, or have underreported taxes, to get on track and pay no penalties through a tax amnesty that will be open for April and May.  Once the amnesty closes on May 31, penalties will continue to accumulate, along with taxes and interest.

You can take advantage of the amnesty to make things right, or share this information with someone who could benefit.  Bringing taxpayers into the system, or up to date, expands the participation in our collective responsibility to maintain much needed services across the Commonwealth. 

This amnesty is open to businesses and individuals who:
  • Have not filed all returns – Any business or individual who has not filed one or more tax returns despite being obligated to do so
  • Have underreported taxes – Any business or individual who understated taxes due on a previously filed tax return and wants to correct the error 
Now is a good time to step up
As you know, MassTaxConnect was recently launched for Massachusetts businesses and will soon be available for individuals. This new, state-of-the-art tax system will make it much easier to identify businesses and individuals who are underpaying taxes or not filing at all. Time is limited to take advantage of the amnesty and avoid penalties.
First, a little homework
Determine the total tax liability by completing a tax return and any schedules – and keep the return for your personal records.  Please review the information available for individual taxpayers and business taxpayers to understand what is required or consult a tax professional.    
Easy, online Amnesty Return
Once the amount of tax owed is calculated, complete the easy, secure, online Amnesty Return, which will be available on the amnesty webpage as of the April 1 kickoff. Interest will be automatically calculated and you’ll be given the balance due and may submit the payment electronically as well. Confirmation of receipt of the Amnesty Return is immediate.
More information is available at including FAQs.
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