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Wisconsin Job's Daughters

Message from our Miss


Happy October everyone!

I hope all daughters have settled back into school comfortably and are doing well. So far Wisconsin has gained one new member and that is truly wonderful! Lots of friends days followed by initiations coming up on the calendar. I will try to make as many as I possibly can.

The flier for the parades is in the works and the PDF will be out soon! As always contact me if anything comes up and you would like my assistance.

I am also very happy to say that my pins are in, if you would like one I hope to run into you along my travels. 

Jobie Love, Savannah Hart MWJD 2018-2019

Greetings from the Grand Bethel Honored Queen

Check back to our next newsletter for greetings from our Grand!

Hello from HIKE


Hello Everyone,

  I hope all of you are doing well and collecting lots and lots of money in your change for HIKE jars. Again please make sure that you are putting that jar out for everyone to get a chance to donate to HIKE. Remember the Bethel with the most money raised by Grand Session will get a prize.

Speaking of prizes here is the hint for the prize one lucky Bethel will win. Hint: All Jobies love this. Hurry, start sleuthing!

I am hoping to have a fundraiser for HIKE pretty soon so stay tuned for more information. I'm sure I will see you all around but still, have a SPOOKTACULAR Halloween everyone!!

Jobie Love,

Anna Heinz YHC







If you don't see your Bethel's events it's because we haven't received your calendar! Please email it to

Thank you all!
Date  Time Event Location
10/7 2:00 PM Open Halloween Party Bethel 32
10/7   Pumpkin Patch Visit Bethel 44
10/7 5:30 PM Halloween Open Friends Day Bethel 44
10/8   Hawaiian Friends Day Bethel 76
10/12 7:30 PM Honored Masons Meeting Bethel 6
10/13 11:30 AM Halloween Friends Day Bethel 2
10/13 9:00 AM Adult Leadership Bethel 60
10/14 5:00 PM Oligation Ceremony Bethel 79
10/17 4:30 PM Spaghetti Dinner Bethel 19
10/17   Super Hero Friend’s Day/Proficiency meeting Bethel 35
10/18 4:30 PM Food Pantry Volunteering Bethel 44
10/20 1:30 PM Regular meeting Bethel 22
10/20 10:00 AM Initiation meeting Bethel 60
10/20 1:00 PM Friends Day and Lock in Bethel 19
10/21 2:00 PM Masonic Family Day Bethel 21
10/21 2:00 PM Initiation Meeting Bethel 32
10/21 2:30 PM Initiation Meeting Bethel 44
10/21   Hwy Cleanup Bethel 76
10/22   Dress Like a celebrity meeting Bethel 76
10/26 7:30 PM Patriotic Program Bethel 6
10/28 3:00 PM Open Halloween Friends Day Bethel 79
11/3 10:00 AM Election and Parents Day Bethel 60
11/3 1:00 PM Proficiency Meeting Bethel 19
11/4   Go to church Bethel 19
11/4 2:00 PM Bethel Meeting Bethel 32
11/4 5:30 PM Elections and Parents Night Bethel 44
11/4 2:00 PM Friends Day Disney Theme Bethel 21
11/5 7:00 PM Parents day & Election Bethel 22
11/7   Honor Masonic Bodies/Lodge joint meeting Bethel 35
11/9 7:30 PM Initiation Meeting Bethel 6
11/10 3:00 PM Grand Bethel Exemplification Beja Shrine
11/10   Movie and Makeovers night Bethel 44
11/11 5:00 PM Open Friends Day Bethel 79
11/12   Elections Bethel 76
11/14 6:00 PM Baked Potato Fundraiser Bethel 21
11/15 4:30 PM Food Pantry Volunteering Bethel 44
11/17 TBD Meeting/Time TBD Bethel 22
11/17 10:00 AM Honored Masonic Family Meeting Bethel 60
11/17 1:00 PM Parents day & Election Bethel 19
11/18 2:00 PM Bethel Meeting Bethel 32
11/18 2:30 PM Initiation Meeting Bethel 44
11/21   Regular meeting Bethel 35
11/23 7:30 PM Election and Majority Meeting Bethel 6
11/25 5:00 PM Initiation Bethel 79
11/26   Initiation / Official Visit Bethel 76
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