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Wisconsin Job's Daughters

Message from our Miss


Hello Wisconsin Jobs Daughters!

    Hello, my name is Savannah Hart, and I am your Miss Wisconsin Job’s Daughter 2018-2019. I would like you girls to know a little more about me. I have been in Job’s Daughters for 6 years, I am 17 years old, I am a junior at Nathan Hale High School in West Allis, and recent past honored queen of Bethel 19. I love to take walks with my dog and I love everything panda, you will be seeing a lot of them over the next year!! I am very excited to travel to each and every one of your Bethels throughout this year. My theme this year is “Your passion will lead you to your purpose”; everyone has a passion; whether it’s helping animals, or being there for your friends, or taking care of people who are sick there is something everyone is passionate about, you find that passion by looking inside yourself and what you value. Once you find that love and passion, you discover your purpose.
Since I joined 6 years ago I discovered a deep love and passion for Job’s Daughters when times weren’t the greatest for me. I want to stress that to all of you over this next year, when times might not be the easiest, find something that you love, and it will do so much for you. Absolutely contact me about initiations as I would like to welcome new members as well as parents and families. Promotional events or open houses I would be more than happy to attend and contribute to the growth of our order. I would also love to join you all in your local parades, I am working on a flier that will be distributed to bethels who walk in parades telling the public about us, when your bethel plans to walk in a parade please please please notify me, so I can get you those fliers and join you!
Feel free to reach out when you need a station filled or if you would just like an extra person on the sidelines. I can’t wait to see you all among my travels.
                            Jobie Love, Savannah Hart MWJD 2018-2019
Phone: (414)-531-2315

Greetings from the Grand Bethel Honored Queen

Hello everyone!
My name is Alleya Ingram and I am your new Grand Bethel Honored Queen 2018-2019. A bit about myself: I have been in Job’s Daughters as a member for 10 years, but I’ve been coming to events since I was a baby. I am a PHQ of Bethel 79 in Bristol, where I was HQ for 7 terms. Fun fact: my favorite station is Honored Queen! It’s probably why I did it so many times! For the last two years, I’ve attended the University of Wisconsin-Parkside as a Criminal Justice major. However, this year, I’m taking the year off to focus my time and energy on being the best GBHQ I can be. I will resume my junior year of college next year to continue my studies to be able to work with juvenile delinquents. I currently work at Buffalo Wild Wings in Kenosha and I’ve worked there for 2 years now. Feel free to stop by any time to say hi! Anyway, I have a favor to ask from you. If someone from each Bethel send me your calendar, that would be amazing! I want to travel to each bethel and attend at least one promotion event at each bethel. Feel free to send me an email or Facebook message with the calendar. If you have a specific event you’d like me to attend, please let me know! I’ll do my best to attend any and all events happening. I hope to travel as much as possible this year and represent WI Job’s Daughters well.
The exemplification scheduled for September 29-30 at the Green Bay lodge is being POSTPONED. During the recent severe weather, the lodge suffered flooding and was damaged. Since we are doing the prospective member ceremony as promotion for Bethel 32, we didn’t want to move to a different lodge. We have moved the date to Veteran’s Day weekend, November 10-11 at the Beja Shrine Center, which is right next door to the lodge. More info will follow soon. PLEASE send this message to everyone so that there isn’t any confusion and no one shows up to Green Bay with no one there in September.
Any questions, feel free to contact me! If you call or text, please just include your name so I know you’re not some random weirdo.
Alleya Ingram GBHQ 2018-2019
(262) 960-7288
6122 243rd AVE
Paddock Lake, WI 53168

Hello from HIKE


Dear Everyone,
I hope all of you had a great summer! Jamboree was fantastic and thank you to all who made purchases for HIKE. I am still selling key chains please message me on Facebook if interested in buying one. Also for the jars you received at Jamboree the rules are simple place out at every Bethel event and place donations for HIKE in them. Return them to me at the next Grand Session and the Bethel that raised the most money will win a special prize!!! Look out for the next newsletter where I will have a hint as to what the prize will be!! 
Jobie Love,
Anna Heinz YHC 2018-2019 



If you don't see your Bethel's events it's because we haven't received your calendar! Please email it to

Thank you all!
Date  Time Event Location
9/8 1:00 PM Stop-n-Go meeting Bethel 19
9/8   Statewide Picnic Committee
9/9 2:00 PM Bethel Meeting Bethel 32
9/9 2:30 PM Proficiency Test Bethel 44
9/10   Honored Mason and OES Meeting Bethel 76
9/13 4:30 PM Food Pantry Volunteering Bethel 44
9/14 7:30 PM Stop-n-Go meeting Bethel 6
9/15 10:00 AM Obligation Meeting Bethel 60
9/15 1:00 PM Business Meeting Bethel 19
9/15 1:30 PM Regular meeting Bethel 22
9/15   Mystery Trip Bethel 35
9/16 12:30 PM Masonic Family Meal @ Doric Lodge Bethel 44
9/16 2:30 PM Meeting at Doric Lodge Bethel 44
9/19   Initiation Meeting Bethel 35
9/23 8:15 AM Go to church - St Luke's Chuch Bethel 6
9/23 2:00 PM Open Friend's Day Bethel 32
9/24   Initiation Meeting Bethel 76
9/26   Ritual Practice Bethel 19
9/28 7:30 PM Initiation Meeting Bethel 6
10/1 7:00 PM Stuffed animal meeting Bethel 22
10/3   Regular meeting Bethel 35
10/6 10:00 AM Open Meeting with friends day Bethel 60
10/6 1:00 PM Initiation and Bethel Birthday Bethel 19
10/7 2:00 PM Open Halloween Party Bethel 32
10/7   Pumpkin Patch Visit Bethel 44
10/7 5:30 PM Halloween Open Friends Day Bethel 44
10/8   Hawaiian Friends Day Bethel 76
10/12 7:30 PM Honored Masons Meeting Bethel 6
10/13 9:00 AM Adult Leadership Bethel 76
10/17 4:30 PM Spaghetti Dinner Bethel 19
10/17   Super Hero Friend’s Day/Proficiency meeting Bethel 35
10/18 4:30 PM Food Pantry Volunteering Bethel 44
10/20 1:30 PM Regular meeting Bethel 22
10/20 10:00 AM Initiation meeting Bethel 60
10/20 1:00 PM Friends Day and Lock in Bethel 19
10/21 2:00 PM Initiation Meeting Bethel 32
10/21 2:30 PM Initiation Meeting Bethel 44
10/21   Hwy Cleanup Bethel 76
10/22   Dress Like a celebrity meeting Bethel 76
10/26 7:30 PM Patriotic Program Bethel 6
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