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Message From the Grand Guardian

HELLOOOO Job’s Daughters of Wisconsin!
Dad Collier and I are excited to work with you this year as your Grand Guardian and Associate Grand Guardian!  Thank you to all of those who joined us online during our Virtual Grand Session. It was an experience to remember.  Please continue to stay connected to each other until we are able to see each other face to face. We hope to hear an update at the beginning of August to hear the plan to widen our circles again.
This year, Job’s Daughters will be celebrating the 100th Anniversary.  We wanted to acknowledge this incredible milestone.  In 1920, the world was in turmoil. The Great War just ended, Women had to fight for the right to vote, and Ethel T. Wead Mick put some wild ideas together, with the help of people she trusted to create this Organization to make the world a better place. Our goal is to celebrate this momentous occasion with a Grand Bethel Exemplification and celebration in Madison, October 14, 2020. In 1920, she was 39 years old. 39 years old. There are many lessons we can learn from our past.
This year, we will LIVE in the PRESENT!  Daughters and Adults - I’m asking you to participate and have fun with each other!  Don’t be afraid to try new things and push yourself outside of your comfort zone. We are a team, we are a large family, and we need to be our biggest cheerleaders.
While we LIVE in the present, we are introducing or reintroducing the Bethel Excellence Award.  Our purpose is to recognize Bethels for the hard work. The intent is for the paperwork to be filled out by the Daughters. Bethel Guardian Councils, please encourage your Daughters to work together to earn this Excellence Award for the Bethel!  Information will be sent via email and located on our website.  Awards will be handed out next Grand Session. We look forward to celebrating your EXCELLENCE!
We will BUILD for the Future. Thank you to the Grand Lodge of Wisconsin and the 10,000 Freemasons in our state for your sponsorship and continued support. Thank you for helping to lay the foundation and set the cornerstone for us to build our Future.   It is our hope to build our membership numbers and to foster personal growth within the Daughters and Adults.
79 Bethels have been chartered in Wisconsin.  Sadly, all 79 bethels are no longer active.  If YOU believe in this Organization - if you believe that members of Job’s Daughters learn skills necessary for life long success then - we need YOUR help.
As we BUILD the future of this Organization, we plan to have an increased positive social media presence.  Hopefully, you have already noticed the #sisterhood Saturday posts on our Wisconsin Job’s Daughter Facebook page. We are also looking forward to the expansion of our social media reach on other platforms - please be sure to “like” and share! We will be looking for CONTENT - pictures, captions, quotes, etc.  We cannot wait to celebrate YOU and the incredible things happening in your Bethels.
We have some exciting things happening from our Promotion team. We would like to announce the Petition/Application awards! As part of our membership drive this year, 1st line signers on the applications for our new members, will be awarded some exciting incentives. 
1 petition - super cool aluminum water bottle
3 petitions - $50 gift card to our Job’s Daughter spiritwear store
5 petitions - $100 sponsorship to Jamboree 2021
10 petitions - new iPad mini

Good Luck Daughters - We only ordered 100 super cool highly coveted water bottles!  DON’T GET LEFT OUT! We can’t wait to give out a lot of application awards!

An excerpt from Dad Collier’s address: We find ourselves at the beginning of another Grand Guardian Council year. The first mark on a year of celebrating our first hundred years as an organization. Our first step on the path to our next hundred years.

Here is a place to soak up and enjoy those things. Here is a place to live, to be present, to be in this moment.  Here is a place to learn.  To learn from the past.  To take stock of the lessons we have learned, both good and bad. Live the things that we have learned. Live them in a way that changes you.
To live those changes, is to build. Build for the future. Masonry has its’ origins in the trade of the stone masons. Those masons were builders, and no successful builder goes forward without a plan.  We, rhetorical Masons, are also given a plan. My plan was given to me, leather bound with gilded pages, to use to build a better future for all.

In those plans, there is a section that I feel holds greater lesson for us now more than maybe ever before.  The lesson starts with happiness, comfort, and stability. Then flocks are destroyed, beasts of burden are carried away, and people die. Following all these hardships comes another blow, disease.
For those of you scoring along at home, that lesson is the story of Job.

And now for the rest of the story. Job had faith.  Faith that things would get better. Faith that he would heal. Job also had patience. Patience to let things regenerate in their own time. Patience to let things heal. Patience to rebuild what was lost and build new things for future.  We also know that Job struggled with both his faith and patience.  But although he struggled, he prevailed and was rewarded in the end.
We look forward to working together with the Daughters, Councils, and committees of this beautiful organization. We will learn, live, and build the future together!
Jobie Love,
Mom Riewe, Grand Guardian
Dad Collier, Associate Grand Guardian
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