Pertussis: updated information and new recommendations

the 2015 update of The Australian Immunisation Handbook recommends a single booster dose of adult formulation pertussis vaccine (dTpa) for all pregnant women in their 3rd trimester of pregnancy as their antibodies transfer to the newborn through the placenta. A DTPa booster is also recommended at the age of 18 months to reduce pertussis notifications in the 1-3 year age group.

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Recommendation on Waste Management

CoPI recommends to assign responsibility for health-care waste management to the chief medical officers. The committee also recommends the priorization of waste management activities with the allocation of a dedicated fund and the implementation of a monitoring.

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Focus on

introduction of the new menb vaccine in the routine uk schedule

UK is the first country in the world to introduce routine vaccination against MenB disease

Following the advice of the JCVI on the use of Bexsero® meningococcal B vaccine in the UK published in March 2014 and the negociation with GSK for a cost-effective price, the vaccine will be added to the childhood immunisation programme as part of the routine schedule in England and Scotland from 1 september 2015.
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Scientific resource
Systematic Review of Fever, Febrile Convulsions and Serious Adverse Events Following Administration of Inactivated Trivalent Influenza Vaccines in Children

Eurosurveillance / 2015

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Scientific resource
Needle Size for Vaccination Procedures in Children and Adolescents
Cochrane / June 2015

The aim of the study is to assess the effects of using needles of different lengths and gauges for administering vaccines to children and adolescents on vaccine immunogenicity, procedural pain, and other reactogenicity events.

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Operational resource
Current Practices in Immunisation Policymaking in European Countries
ECDC / 2015

This report identifies and summarises current practices established by NITAGs (or expert groups if no NITAG is in place) involved in the development of national vaccination recommendations in EU/EEA Member States.

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Operational resource
Interview of Dr Philippe Duclos
WHO / June 2015

Philippe Duclos has been interviewed in French on the importance of NITAGs for decision-making for immunization programs at country level. The challenges for a well-established NITAG are also explained as well as the lessons learnt in the establishment of such committee. 

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Technical officer
WHO Headquarters
The main strength of monitoring global progress of NITAG implementation and functionality through the JRF is that it beneficiates from a well-known and established data collection mechanism, with high reporting levels.
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  Upcoming events  
24- 25
  ACIP Meeting

The meeting will be webcasted live and video files as well as slide presentation files will be archived on the ACIP website after the meeting.

Organized by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention
1600 Clifton Road, Atlanta, USA
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1 - 3
  paho tag

All NITAGs will attend the PAHO TAG on VPDs. A plenary discussion on the status of NITAGs in the region is scheduled.

Organized by PAHO
Varadero, Cuba
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  Previous events  


7 - 8
  orientation meeting on nitag in the who afro region

38 participants attended the meeting, which aimed at sharing experiences and lessons learned from other countries as well as agreeing on key activities & timeline for NITAG Creation and strengthening.

Organized by WHO AFRO
Brazzaville, Congo
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  launch of the provac-epic supplement to vaccine

the supplement features country-led research to support real-time policymaking, including, inter alia, cost-effectiveness, program costing, and analyses of financial flows.

Organized by PAHO/WHO
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