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Troy and I flew out of Haiti about a few weeks ago. Haiti airport checked our temperature before we entered the airport and we flew to the states with no problems. Honestly, the airports were pretty empty. America never checked our temperature or asked for anything.  I’ve never been in Miami and gotten through customs so quickly! We’ve been quarantining in SC soaking up the sun, taking some much needed relaxation after this past years demonstrations, kidnappings, COVID and so much craziness in Haiti. Of course, Troy can’t sit still very long and Makayla had him working on a bed frame for her. In the next few weeks, Troy will be ordained at our home church, we have some meetings scheduled with some local partners and potential partners and we plan to enjoy family and some American comforts! 

We are extremely happy to announce we have our generator hooked up and it is AMAZING! Thanks to all of you that prayed and gave. God truly showed up raising over $12,000 in 4 short days! We plan to put that extra in diesel fuel for the generator as soon as Haiti gets some. We have continuously had fuel shortages this past year. Haiti is going on 14 days without any street power, so the generator couldn’t have come at a better time. Because if we hadn’t had it, I would have probably been crying by now! It’s been so hot this summer!

We want to say thank you to Jaimie Weber. She is a nurse that has been volunteering with us since the end of last year! She has been such a blessing and so much fun to work with. She is headed back to Canada to continue her BA in Nursing. Jamie, we wish you the best and thank you so much for serving with Priceless Grace Ministries.

We’re looking forward to returning and hoping to be in full swing with ministry with the church and the clinics. We have a new discipleship program that we're excited to get translated into Creole and eager to teach it at our church. Haiti opened up the airport and churches just before we left and we can wait to get back with our church family.

Thank you all for your prayers and support during this difficult time. We couldn’t do this without you! ~Gwyn

Jaimie Weber helping us with Malnutrition Clinic!
Troy and Jeanott worked hard to get the new generator installed for us! We're so thankful for this huge blessing!
This here is Makayla's new bed. Troy hopes she enjoys it for meany years to come. Isn't it beautiful?
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This little guy showed up for wound care a few weeks ago. He had burned his hand. Mama brought him to us a week after it had happened. God truly healed this little boy's hand. It's looking great!

Prayer Requests and PRAISE Reports

  • COVID19 to END for Haiti and America!
  • Protection and Health as we travel
  • So thankful for the provision of the Generator

Don’t worry be happy

I bet you actually sang the song when you read the title for this article!

The last six months have been not only strange and unpredictable, but they have been extremely stressful for many of us. Many have lost jobs or had their businesses impacted by mandates and restrictions imposed by local and national leaders. This season has taught us that we are currently in a period of history in which many feel our rights and freedoms have not only been infringed upon, but  have been trampled and taken from us. 

Many of our Haitian neighbors are in the same place as well. Quite a few friends are vendors who relied on teams coming to Haiti in order to sell their trinkets and in turn feed their families. We’ve been able to give out some food but its never enough. Haitians are very resourceful; if they see a need in the community they see how they can use that to make money. Recently, many of them have been making and selling masks. 

It’s hard to find a silver lining in the midst of this chaos. Anyone can put on a fake smile and say “Hey everyone! It’s gonna be a great day,” but even they find it hard to believe themselves at points. 

So, now I can actually get to my intent of this article.......

When I’m talking to our moms and dads at clinic or some of the neighbors, I talk to them about Jeremiah 29:11 and that God has plans for us. That we are not little toys in which He delights in tormenting. Just imagine for one minute that the creator of the universe and everything in it has plans for YOU. It’s so humbling. It’s not because I’m special or deserving, but its because He loves me. As I spend more and more time on the field, I realize more each day just how much I am loved. Even in my darkest thoughts and when my filthiness is uncovered, He still loves me. ~ Troy

These two are the best of friends. They love each other like brothers. We're so thankful for Jeanott. 
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You really don't realize how much you need a break until you get one. Jim and Debbie Hambrick, who are missionary veterans, told us for years when you go back to the states go somewhere you enjoy and for 2 weeks don't let anyone know that you are there. We didn't listen. Most of the time we're so excited to get back to see family and friends we jump from one rat race to another. COVID forced us to step away with quarantining. So as soon as our plane landed, we drove to Myrtle Beach, SC where my family has had a small place for years. It's not much, but it's always been our place by the sea. I call it my happy place. But never in my life have I ever been able to spend two consecutive weeks here. With all the stress of 2020 and the last two years of unrest in Haiti, my body was in need of a rest, like real rest. Just before we left, I started to have back problems. That tends to be where I carry my stress and I knew I would not be able to make that plane ride home if I didn't do something. So I found a massage person that was having a 1/2 price sale and booked it. When she began working on me, she said to me all of this tightness you have is from stress. It was one of the top 3 massages I had ever had. It didn't come without pain since I was in such bad shape, but it was so worth it. 

It took about 4 days at the beach before Troy and I both began to relax. I think for the first 3 days we ate cold cut wraps just because we were so tired and didn't have it in us to do anything else. We have really enjoyed ourselves. We've laughed, we've had fun in the sun. We've had some great food other than wraps! It's been a good respite! 

There is wisdom in listening to those who are older and wiser or who have already done what you're doing. We wouldn't have made it in Haiti our first 3 years had it not been for Jim and Debbie Hambrick. They've taught us so much. When you give yourself away everyday and deal with Haiti it can take a toll on you. Haiti is hard to explain. I don't talk about it a lot because I don't want people to think I'm just complaining because we chose this life, but Haiti is just hard. Jim use to tell us, "if you can accomplish one thing in Haiti a day you've done something." Traffic alone can be so stressful. Going to the grocery store is a major feat some days. Fixing things are almost always a chore. Finding the part you need is sometimes difficult or the quality that you can get here is just not the same as in America. You may have to go to 7 stores to find what you need! When you finally have the part fixing  something may be determined by whether or not you have power! And like the last 14 days there has been no street power! There is always a challenge to be had in Haiti, rest assured. What I've explained here just is the tip of the iceberg! So as you can see how the daily grind of Haiti can wear on you. But listening to those who have gone before us can save us so much heartache. I thankful that COVID made us quarantine. Jim and Debbie, I wished I would have listened to you many years ago. I should have know, you are always right! ~ Gwyn
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