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Go like those pages and keep up to date with whats going on in our iwi 
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Aunty Puhanga Tupaea( pictured below) is a well respected Ngāti Koata weaver and has been involved in the creation and support of the woven stories in many whare around the motu. Her expertise and knowledge lead the woven work within Kaakati at Whakatū Marae. The tukutuku design, Whakaaro kotahi, which decorates Kakaati is featured on the New Zealand $100 note. 
In April, the new $100 note (pictured in the title, top right) was launched at Government house to which Aunty Puhanga had attended in recognition of this. 
Whakaaro kotahi - Te Whakamārama

There are many Iwi Māori who live in this area of Te Tau Ihu- They have close relationships and enjoy the respect of that relationship. This papa also reiterates the kōrero of the tipare-woven headband- Rāranga Tāngata- knitting people together that- surrounds the whare, and sits above the Tukutuku Papa. 
On another level -the -two colours-gold and green-represent a Treaty which was signed between Tangata Whenua and pākeha- Tauiwi in 1840. That partnership is taking time to equalize, and, has taken our motu through trials, tribulations and hardships. However aside from the squabbles of the past., there is no reason to have faith in the process we are currently now have in to play to bring about reparation, with the formation of the Treaty of Waitangi in 1975, overlooking the hearing claims and negotiations. This gives us a sense of biculturalism, the bringing together of two as one. 
Haumi e Ui e Taiki e 

Saturday MAY 28th 2016 at the Nelson College for Boys. 
Doors open at 8am close at 8:50am. 

Kia Ngāwari has been practicing hard over the past two months to represent Ngāti Koata on the kapahaka stage in Te Tau Ihu. The bracket is a compilation of waiata that has been performed in the past and revitalised. It has not been an easy journey, but, it has definitely been worth it.
We will stand proud and represent our Iwi hard.

Mā te tuākana ka tōtika te Teina, mā te teina ka tōtika te tuākana 
Below are images from some of our practices. We look forward to sharing videos with the Iwi in the future. 
Directions and map of the venue . 
The Ngāti Koata Special General Meeting is being held tomorrow, May the 26th from 2pm onwards at Whakatū Marae. 
All Ngāti Koata voting members should have received your voting packs. If you have not then please make sure that you contact Voting can also be completed online. 
Voting closes at 5pm May 26th and results will be announced at 6pm. 

We would like to thank all of those who had attended the consultation meetings in Ōtautahi, Porirua, Kirikirioa and Tamaki Mākaurau. Your participation and feedback was appreciated. We also hope you feel more informed on the decision you will be voting on in regards to the proposed structural changes to the Ngāti Koata Groups.

Your feedback and ideas have been built into the Ngāti Koata Trust strategic plan which will be out to the Iwi for review and consultation in the next few weeks. 

Below are a few images taken while our team was on the road. 
Top image: Kirikiriroa
Bottom left: Whakatū 
Bottom right: Tamaki Makaurau 
Facebook Auction
We have been cleaning out the office spaces at Vickerman St and have come across the following sewing machines that we are going to place of facebook next Tuesday to be bid on. These sewing machines come where as, as is. 

If you would like to participate in this auction please visit our Ngāti Koata facebook pānui page and bid away.
Click here to access the
pānui page.
Description of this machine: This plug is an electric brother, table sewing machine works and would be a wonderful addition to any family home. 
Description of the first machine: (Image left) All parts move on this Singer sewing machine. It comes with a Singer cardboard box with other changeable parts, oil and the oil container is in it's holder attached to the lid. The lid lock does not work so it does not attach the base, but everything else is perfect.
Description of the second machine:(Image right) The other sewing machine is a Domestic rotary. All the moveable parts are working.  It doesn't have other attachments however, it does have a side compartment to hold needles and thread. The compartment lid looks like a handy man replacement but the lid attaches to the base properly.
Last year we celebrated Matariki and had a lot of fun together remembering  the past, celebrating the present and preparing for the future through a number of whānau orientated activities. 
This year we were successful in securing funding through TE PUNI KŌKIRI and Matariki is being celebrated over two weekends. 
Saturday June the 4th. 
We will be cleaning and harvesting harakeke from Whakatū and transplanting these to Te Haeata for future wānanga. 
We will be weed eating, cutting, removing and cleaning the pā Harakeke. 
What to brng - gumboots, stanley knives, aeed eaters, gardening gloves and any other gardening tools that may be of use. 
We will begin at 9am-2pm. The more we have the sooner we will be able to complete this mahi. 
For those who are keen to carry on this kaupapa a small group will then be travelling to Te Haeata (French Pass) to prepare the ground and transplant these harakeke varieties there on Sunday. 

If you are a keen to support this kaupapa or would like more information please contact

This will be cancelled if raining.
Please keep an eye out on the Ngāti Koata pānui page for updates on the morning. 
Saturday June 11th 
We will meet up at Marsden Cemetery at 9am and visit our people who have past on. We will then finish this session at ANZAC park.

Riverside swimming pool 
You are invited to spend the afternoon whānau swimming at riverside swimming pool. If you would like to take part in this activity the cost of this will be covered for you and your Ngāti Koata whānau. There are limited numbers please register your interest to before Friday the 10th of June.

You are responsible for the supervision of your own children.

Matariki shared kai and kanikani
From 6pm till 9pm we will be having a shared kai and a kanikani at the Whakapuaka hall. We have a whanau band that will be coming to play for us so it should be a lot of fun. There is the opportunity for Iwi members to share their talent with us so please whānau send your name to louisa@ngatikoata,com if you would like to sing, dance or make us laugh share it with us. 
The programme is as follows; 
6pm - Karakia - Everyone gather at the hall and enjoy a shared kai together. 
7pm - First set by band 
7:30 - Shared items 
8 pm - Second set by the band
8:30 - Supper 
9pm - Karakia whakamutunga

What to bring: a shared kai and awesome attitude. 

Lets make this Matariki another memorable one. 

Top photo:  Was taken at the Te Haeata work bee in April.
Bottom left: Your Ngāti Koata Trust kaimahi during our recent team building exercise here in Nelson
Bottom right: Was taken at the Te Haeata work bee in April.
SEPTEMBER 2-4th 2016 
Just putting it out there whānau that are also seeking expressions of interest for caterers to provide the meals for our AGM in September.
This will include:
Friday nights dinner
Breakfast Saturday and Sunday.
Morning tea on Saturday
possibly supper on Saturday night depending entertainment. Hakari after the Hui a Iwi.

Please send your menu and proposed costs to the Trust before June 30th.  
When sending your proposal into the Trust please make sure you identify this as
AGM and HUI-A-IWI catering. 
To really celebrate together during this weekend we are also seeking expressions of interest for Entertainment on Saturday night after dinner. If you are interested in providing entertainment or organising this please send  a proposal with entertainment details for consideration to

Tinui Island landowners 
The Department of Conservation staff  are planning to arrange a rodent detection dog for checks on Puangiangi and Wakaterepapanui Islands and are asking permission from the land owners of Tinui Island to utlise this dog on Tinui Island to confirm it's continued rodent free status.

Please click on the following link if you would like some general information on the use of dogs within conservation work.

Face book page for one of the predator dogs.
It is important to know that;
  • Any dog and handler would be required to go through a through our standard quarantine process to confirm no weed seeds or other unwanted organisms are transported to the island unknowingly on a dog or handler.
  • Any dog visit would be approximately a half day visit. It would be muzzled and on a lead for its entire visit.
  • All faeces from the dog would be removed from the island.
  • Any visit would be at no cost to the island owners.
  • If for any reason there are culturally sensitive areas on the island our staff would respect these and stay off them. A GPS log and report can be furnished at the completion of this task if it was given approval to occur.
  • There is also the opportunity for any island owner representative be present during the checking process to confirm the management of this check
If you are spokesperson for your families share and would like to send your decision, one way or another, or would like more information could you please e mail by June 10 2016. 
There are many opportunities available to our people to become involved in the initiatives and programmes within the Ngāti Koata Trust.  This can range from employment, participation in wānanga, facilitation roles, applying for one of our grants, sponsorship, kapahaka, attending consultation rounds to name a few.  
It is totally up to you.  We encourage you to share this pānui with all Ngāti Koata people and if there is something on here that excites you please do not hesitate to contact us. 
There is currently a facilitators position available for our INCREDIBLE YEARS PROGRAMME contract with the Ministry of Education.
What is required:

1.    Time Commitments: For each facilitator/group leader, successful delivery requires 2-4 weeks prior to a program's start date and continue for 2 weeks after the 14-week program has ended; Usually two program's per year. Each session is for three hours with delivery on a Friday morning, with no sessions during school holidays.
2. The successful applicant would be expected to attend ongoing professional development as described in the guidelines for the IYP manual;
3. Qualifications: Preferably experience working with young families, must hold a registered qualification such as a Social Worker, Teacher, Counselor or Psychiatrist.
4. Be committed in delivering a cultural responsive program to all participants.

For further information on the Incredible years programme please contact

As always, the Ngāti Koata Trust are always looking for people to join our operations team to help progress some of the initiatives and programmes within the office. These positions can range from 10 to 40 hours per week and pay between $15-45 per hour, depending on outcomes, skills and qualifications.
These opportunities are contract and project based and may lead to future employment opportunities with in the organisation. 
If you are interested in being part of the team please drop by with your CV or send this through to We would love to explore this journey with you.
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