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Ngāti Koata Trust and Te Pātaka a Ngāti Koata 

Notice is hereby given of a Hui - A - Iwi which will be held on Saturday the 28th of May 2016 at Whakatū Marae, 99 Atawhai Drive, Nelson commencing at 2pm. 

  • Company structures 
  • Consultation of strategic planning
An information pack and voting papers will be sent to all registered adult members of Ngāti Koata Trust in due time.
If you are of Ngāti Koata descent but are not a registered member of Ngāti Koata Trust you may also request information pertaining to this Hui - A- Iwi, and may register (and vote). 

Voting papers must be received by online voting, post, or in person at the Hui- A- Iwi no later than 12pm  Saturday the 14th of May. 

For further information please contact


Ngāti Koata Trust is proud to announce that we will be running 3, four day rangatahi wānanga reo over 2016/2017. 
These will be held within the Koata rohe during the school holidays for up to 30 rangatahi. 
We are currently seeking expressions of interest for 2 reo tutors  and 1 kaiāwhina who are:
1. Competent reo speakers 
2. Happy and confident working with Rangatahi 
3. Familiar with Koata stories 
4. Able to plan, facilitate and report using an approved template

Previous experience preferred. 

Once we have secured a dynamic facilitation team and confirmed dates and venues for the wānanga,  we will then be seeking Ngāti Koata rangatahi of all reo competency levels between the ages of 13- 17 or currently enrolled in Secondary School/ Wharekura.


Tiakina te Taiao NEED Ngāti Koata Iwi monitors

  • Do you have your own legal  transport ?
  • Do you have a smartphone?
  • Do you know how to add an email attachment ?
  • Can you Karakia?
  • Can you Mihi?
  • Are you available for part time work?
Then this mahi is for YOU !

Contact Mike Elkington 0274622415 or Aloma Shearer 035467842 for more info.
Next training intake: 11th March 2016 at Te Awhina Marae (TBC)

(Tiakina supports the resource consents process by providing Iwi Monitors to observe the works.
Training provided)


Ngāti Koata Trust enjoys receiving updates and stories from its people, no matter where you may live.
If you have Iwi news OR an Iwi event that you would like shared, please make sure you do this on our facebook page.  

Koata Trust also provides education grants. If you would like to apply for one please click on the link below for an application form.
Ngāti Koata education grant 


Ka tahi tï, ka rua tï 

Ka haramai te patitore

Ka rauna, ka rauna 

Ka noho te kiwi kiwi 

He pö, he wai, takitaki 

Nö pï, nö pá, kahuia mai 

Kai ana te whetü 

Kai ana te marama 

Ko te tio rere ra runga pekapeka

Kotore wiwi wawa te manu ki o tau.

Tihei mauri ora !

Ko te mea tuatahi me whakamoemiti ki te atua, I nana nei e hanga nga mea katoa.

Nga mihi ki te hunga mate, haere, haere, haere atu ra.

Nga mihi nui kia tatou te hunga ora, tena koutou.

Ko te mea tuarua me whakahonore te kingi Maori, Ko Tuheitia me te wharekahuiariki, rire rire hou paimarie.

I roto i tenei mihi, Nga mihi nui tonu kia koutou mo te koha mo taku haerenga ki Oropi me UAE i roto i 2015.

I would like to take the oppourtunity to thank you all for your koha that contributed to my journey to Europe to visit our fallen tupuna from in the 28th Maori battlion last year. The journey consisted of growth all the way through as a person and spiritually. I was able to visit some tupuna from my Ngati Koata, George Katene in Italy, who I had researched about for my trip, and I came across Taka Katene in Crete. I didn't know who Taka was but as I was walking thorugh the beautiful cemetery and his head stone caught my eye and got me to look to my left and thats where I found Taka, knowing that we were connected I placed a piece of argilite in the the dirt of his head stone. That day was the start of my spiritual growth through out the tour with carried on through the very end, helping me to understand in greater depth about how grateful I am for our soldiers not only in the past but also in the pressence. I wasn't able to visit my Elkington uncles who were buried in Tunisia which was cancelled because of safety cautions but I still took the chance to visit George in Italy along with many of my Ngapuhi relatives.

The Tama Tu tour was an experience of a life time retracing the footsteps of the Maori battlion and I hope one day I can go back to visit our tupuna again but if it wasn't for the help of you all then this journey would never have been possible to do. Nga mihi nui kia koutou ano mo te koha mo taku haerenga.

Nga mihi kia koutou ano.

Ma te huruhuru ka rere te manu

Without feathers the bird cannot fly

-Dion Rangitoto Ki Te Tonga Keogh

We are glad Dion that Ngāti Koata could support you with this amazing experience.

Mā te atua e manaaki i a koutou ko to whānau i ngā wā katoa 
Tō tātou  puna mātauranga 
Ngāti Koata Trust acknowledge the hard work our kaumatua do to support the progression and development of our Iwi strategies and initiatives through monthly celebratory activities.
On Friday the 26th of February a Kaumatua movie night was held here at the Trust featuring MY FAIR LADY.
Through a lot of sweat and fears that it may not have been able to be done, the Trust board room was converted into a picture theatre with comfortable seating, a large screen for viewing and surround sound. (Pictured top right) 

Our kaumatua were greeted with a drink and snack by two of our rangatahi, Cumorah Lee and Little Ngāwai (pictured bottom left)  

During the movie there were a lot of laughs, singing and reminiscing. Our kaumatua were presented with individual movie snacks and drinks (pictured bottom right)  and we were even able to chocolate dip our own ice cream. (pictured top left) 

We celebrate every day you are with us and look forward to next month. 

Titiro whakamuri, haere whakamua
Learning from the past as we move forward in to the future 

At any given time, at any given occasion Ngāti Koata people were able to sing a waiata at the drop of a chord. Not only sing, but, sing in 20 part harmonies.....joking ... they could only sing in 12 parts :-) 
The waiata tira (choral) that Kia Ngāwari will be performing at the regional competitions is Kia kotahi tātou.
Please click on the link to hear Te Arohanui performing this amazing piece and we ask that you keep us in your prayers and thoughts as we prepare for this. :-) 

In order to revitalise this, Kia Ngāwari Kapahaka group have registered to perform at the up and coming Te Tau ihu Matatini regional kapahaka competitions on May the 28th 2016. 

If you are a budding, emerging or experienced performer nau mai, haere mai. 
  • Thursdays 5:30- 7:30 Kopuawai Te Kohanga Reo 99 Atawhai drive.
  • Every Tuesday there will be another practice time with kaumatua from 5-6pm. 
Te Tau Ihu are hosting the Matatini Kapahaka competition in 2025.

Only 9 years and counting


The blessing of the opening of the Ngāti Kuia new Wharekai at Te Hora Pā Canvastown will take place on Saturday the 19th of March 2016.

The programme for the day is as follows:
  • The dawn ceremony begins at 4:30am. There will be a Mihi Whakatau, followed by breakfast 
  • The public pōwhiri is at 11:00am which will then be followed by a hakari at 1:30 pm

When: 15-17th April

If you are a Ngāti Koata Entrepreneur with innovative and creative ideas then we are looking for you. 

There are still a few Ngāti Koata positions available to attend this excellent start up weekend. 

Click here to learn more about it.
BUT WAIT THERES MORE ! If you are selected from this weekend to attend the 9 week follow up course, Ngāti Koata Trust will sponsor 3 of you to attend this.   

If you would like to be considered for one of the 10 positions please send your contact details and a brief explanation of your creative idea to

Rest assured NGĀTI KOATA will not to take your idea and run with it all intellectual property will be owned by its owner. 

Te Pūnaha Hiringa: Māori Innovation Fund

Applications open for $2m Māori Innovation Fund

Te Pūnaha Hiringa: Māori Innovation Fund is a $2 million per year fund, which will assist Māori collectives to gain the understanding and knowledge needed to realise the economic potential of their assets.  The fund invests in initiatives that contribute to achieving the goals and priorities in He Kai Kei Aku Ringa (the Crown-Māori Economic Growth Partnership) and the Business Growth Agenda.

It comprises two schemes that seek to increase the skills, knowledge and networks of Māori collectives, and help them to engage more effectively with the wider enterprise development and innovation systems. The two schemes are:

For further information please visit the Te Pūnaha Hiringa website. 


We are seeking expressions of interest for the Ngāti Koata Represetative for Nelson City Council Whakamahere Whakatū– Nelson Plan Background The Nelson City Council is currently reviewing the Nelson Regional Policy Statement (RPS), Nelson Resource Management Plan and the Air Quality Plan as required under the Resource Management Act 1991. As part of the process of review, the Nelson City Council (NCC) wish to consult with Ngāti Koata to identify resource management issues of concern and possible solutions to them. NCC acknowledge that it has a statutory obligation to all the iwi of Te Tau Ihu. The NCC have undertaken a process to engage with Iwi authorities through the formation of an Iwi working group (IWG), consisting of a representative of each of the eight Iwi of Te Tau Ihu. The Ngāti Koata Board wish to appoint a new representative to the IWG to represent its interests in this matter going forward. As a paid representative the successful applicant will be required to meet the requirements of the Ngāti Koata Representatives Policy. The Key attributes that the successful applicant will be assessed against: - Must be Nelson based and have the ability to attend all scheduled meetings - Good written and verbal communication skills - Have a comprehensive knowledge of issues of significance to Ngāti Koata within the Nelson City Council catchment - Good understanding of Ngāti Koata strategic objectives and Treaty Settlement rights and obligations - Knowledge of Ngāti Koata values and objectives pertaining to Land, Air, Water (both coastal marine and freshwater catchments), Heritage and Development within the Nelson City Council Catchment - Knowledge of Council Regulatory processes pertaining to the Resource Management Act The objectives for the IWG are as follows: 1. Identify the Iwi strategic outcomes to lead the development of Whakamahere Whakatu. The first objective of the IWG will be to identify the strategic outcomes of importance to Iwi that will guide the development of Whakamahere Whakatu. 2. Review the Whakamahere Whakatu – Nelson Plan. The IWG will identify the resource management issues of significance to Iwi. These will be documented and included within the Whakamahere Whakatu. This will include brief histories of each Iwi in Whakatu and a Maori cultural perspective on resource management. Council staff will circulate a draft developed from current information in the RPS, NRMP, NAQP, Iwi Management Plan and Treaty Settlements. The second objective of the IWG is to review and finalise this. 3. To consider and comment on the other draft provisions of Whakamahere Whakatu – Nelson The Whakamahere Whakatu will focus on a range of other issues. These are identified in paragraph 6 below. The IWG will consider draft provisions relating to these issues to establish the extent to which these provisions provide, where necessary, an adequate cultural perspective and/or adequately respond to the issues confirmed through task 1 and 2 above. This may require adjustments to be made to the existing provisions or (potentially) the development of new provisions. The latter is covered through task 4 below. 4. If required, further policy development. To the extent that task 2 above establishes that the draft Whakamahere Whakatu provisions do not adequately address the resource management issues of significance to Iwi, the IWG will assist to develop appropriate policy responses. The need for a specific policy response must be jointly agreed between the Iwi representatives and with the Manager Planning. 5. To work collaboratively on the development of the freshwater provisions (including nonregulatory approaches) of Whakamahere Whakatu The IWG shall either itself, or nominate IWG members, to work with Council staff on the development of freshwater provisions for Whakamahere Whakatu in a collaborative manner. This group will need to engage with the Freshwater Advisory Committee from the Treaty Settlements when it is established. 6. Timeline The IWG is invited to meet over the next 12 months as Nelson City Council develops the draft Whakamahere Whakatu for public notification. The timeline is driven by Council priorities and it is noted that iwi have expressed concern that based on their experience in plan making this timeframe is considered unrealistic. 2016 IWG - Whakamahere Whakatu – Nelson Plan meeting dates Mid-march: combined-Iwi hui 31 March or 1 April: Working Group meeting (RPS) 18 or 19 April: Working Group meeting (RPS) 2016 North Nelson Freshwater Management Unit Group Meeting Schedule - As per attached 2016 Maitai Freshwater Management Unit Group Meeting Schedule – As per attached 2016 Stoke Streams Freshwater Management Unit Group Meeting Schedule – As per attached 7. Contract for Services The rate of payment for attendance at the meetings is a maximum of $300 exclusive of GST per meeting, per iwi (3 hours @ $100 per hour). In the event that the meeting does not require 3 hours, or in circumstances where the iwi representative leaves early, the payment will reflect the actual hours of attendance. Payment will be made to one iwi representative from each iwi in attendance at each meeting, regardless of the number of representatives sent by each iwi. If preparation is required for any meeting covered by this contract, then payment will be made at the same rate, up to a maximum of $200 exclusive of GST. In addition, payment will be made for travel and parking costs. Payment will be made on receipt of a valid tax invoice from the Iwi authority. Invoices will be issued after the completion of each meeting and, if relevant, must specify hours spent in preparation. No payment will be made in the event of non-attendance at a meeting or where Council officers meet an Iwi representative at an alternative time/venue.
If you are Ngāti Koata, have the relevant experiences and would like to be considered for this position then please send a copy of your CV to
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