Ngāti Koata pānui December 2015
In this pānui: 1. Ngāti Koata Board Elections 2. Kua Pito a Waho 3. Communication 4. Registration
5. Te Putu 6. Child Youth and Family panel 7. Takapourewa 8. Te mana o Kauae Hurihia 9. Fairy Prions
10. Matariki 11. Kia Whakatū Te Reo 12. A day with the Royals 13. NMIT/Koata Reo graduation
14. Christmas Office hours. 

E āku rau rangatira, e te tini, e te mano, tēnei te tuku i ngā mihi ki a koutou katoa i raro i ngā tini āhuatanga o te rā nei. Ko te tūmanako kei te noho pai koutou i raro i ngā manaakitanga o te Atua i runga rā, nānā nei ngā mea katoa i hanga, nānā anō hoki i tango, nā reira me whai korōria ki tōna ingoa tapu. Ki ngā tini mate o ia marae, o ia maunga, haere, haere, whakangaro atu rā. Ko te akaaka o te rangi ki a rātou mā, kei a tātou ngā purapura ora, ko te akaaka o te whenua, Tihei Mauriora.

Ngāti Koata Board elections.

Thank you to all Ngāti Koata who had voted at the recent AGM.

Congratulations  to Rahui Kātene, Tahua Solomon and Matthew Hippolite who were voted on to the Ngāti Koata Trust Board. Congratulations to Joanie Wilson who is the alternate. 
Ka pu te ruha ka hao te rangatahi 
We would like to acknowledge Celia Hawea who has now stepped down from the Board after serving for 6 years, two terms, 
We wish her all the best in her future endeavours.

There was a 17.7% voter turnout at our recent AGM which is down from last year. 
In response to this we are reviewing our current practices to try to increase the votes next year. 
One way of doing this is ensuring that we have the correct details for our registered members. 
We are developing a dedicated team who will be calling, meeting kanohi ki te kanohi and utilising the social media tools available to us. 
If you did not receive your voting pack.  or are not receiving our pānui directly please contact us. 

As we are always looking for innovative ways to do this please send your suggestions to us. 

Thank you to Bella Hippolite, her whānau and all those who helped for the beautiful, amazing, absolutely delicious kai that was placed on the table through out the weekend for us all to enjoy.

What a mammoth commitment and a huge success.

Ka pai ki muri ka pai ki mua ka pai ngā mea katoa. 
Welcome to Jackson Thomas (son of Barney Thomas) who has joined our team temporarily to improve our live communication tools such as our website and face book page. 
Jackson comes with great skills and enthusiasm. 

As you may know we have recently created a new business page, this page has limited social aspects and will be utilised to share the many events and initiatives from the Trust.


Your comments are great and we love your enthusiasm so we have decided to make a community page/hub (similar to what we had) that is a place where you can share with us and to provide a forum to connect to each other.


Please follow the links below to get to either of the pages. We will of course be sending out invites to both in case someone misses this post.


Business page


Community page.


Q: Who Can Register:

A: Adult members of the Iwi who are descendants of Ngati Koata tupuna (identified on the information sheet), by birth or legal adoption. Parents or the legal guardian may register those under 18 in there family.

Q: Why Register:

A: To be notified of important issues and decisions affecting you and to receive benefits that you may be entitled to i.e. education grants or scholarships.


Q: How do I know if my contact details are updated at the Ngāti Koata Trust?
A: If you did not receive your voting pack in November and are not receiving any pānui from the office, then your contact details need updating. 

Q: How do I know if I am registered with Ngāti Koata ?
A: You can call the office to find this out.

Q: What do I need to register with Ngāti Koata. 
A: You will need to 
1. Whakapapa to one of the Ngāti Koata Tūpuna (available at )
2. Show your whakapapa connection to that tūpuna. 
3.Complete and send us your registration form, your whakapapa and a copy of your birth certificate. 

Q: Then what happens? 
A: The office will process your registration. Sometimes it is easy and sometimes we may require extra information. 

Q: How do I know if my registration has been successful ?
A: You will receive an e mail or letter of confirmation from the office with your Iwi Id number. 
There were many people involved in making this happen. It was a great Koata effort and now Te Putu stands proud at Anaru.
For further information regarding this Pou please click on the link below.
Te Putu 

Ngāti Koata representative for the Child

youth and family panel. 

Ngāti Koata are seeking expressions of interest for the above committee/panel. Care and protection panels are established throughout New Zealand and the panel is made up of individuals who have expertise and knowledge relevant to the care and protection of children and young people within the local area. How this will be decided; 
1. Send in your expressions of interest to the office by Friday the 18th of December 2015 to Briefly explain why you would like to be a part of this committee and any relevant experience. 
2. A panel here at Ngāti Koata will select then inform the successful candidate by way of email early in the new year. 
3. CYFS will then be notified, who will then make direct contact with you for any further information that may be required. 


We would like to thank Lovey Gieger for her representation on this committee and wish her all the best in her future endeavours. 

Ngāti Koata people have many opportunities to visit and participate in the many activities on Takapourewa over the years. These are often posted on facebook and have been sent through e mail.   

Between 1989 and 2011 (12 years) approximately 73 Ngāti Koata people had visited the Island.
On average that is 6 people per year. 

From 2012 to 2015 (4 years) approximately 46 Ngāti Koata people have visited.
On average that is 11 people per year. This is a significant increase and speaks to strengthened relationship we have with our treaty partner and the willingness of our Koata people to want to be involved. 

We will continue to look for and provide opportunities for our people to connect to this special place. 
Te Mana o Kauae Hurihia (Takapourewa Pou) 

Through the dedication and commitment of all those involved from;
  • The carvers- Tahua Solomon who lead the work, Frank Higgot and others.
  • Tama Ruruku and Aunty Hazel who donated the wood and provided the work place and space for the carvers at Haukawakawa.
  • Evan Hippolite who blessed the Pou before it left Haukawakawa. 
  • Kaumatua who travelled to Takapourewa.
  • The operations team namely Matthew Hippolite who organised the logistics of the collection and delivery of the Pou with the support of the New Zealand Airforce and organised the helicopters for kaumatua travel,
  • Our Treaty partners the Department of Conservation who assisted and supported Ngāti Koata to realise this day.
This truly was another  celebratory day for Ngāti Koata. 
Fairy Prions are prolific on Takapourewa and at certain times of the year the evening sky is covered with millions of them.  
An evening walk in a what is normally a quite bush could suddenly be invaded by these amazing birds that fly into anything and everything that may be in its way, including head torches and people. 
It is a phenomenon that is hard to believe and an experience that you will never forget. 


We are seeking expressions for a Ngāti Koata representative to participate in the Fairy Prion collection and delivery from Takapourewa to Mana Island on the 13th to 17th of January 2016. This is weather dependant so you will need to be flexible.
You will be working along side Lonae Paul of Ngāti Koata who has completed the 2015 translocation earlier this year.

You will need to; 

1. Be Ngāti Koata 
2. Be Able to get yourself to Nelson or Havelock for quarantining. 
3. Be fit and capable. 
4. Work well with others.
5. Take direction from those in charge and 
6. Be able to survive without the internet. 

Please send your name, contact details and a brief paragraph on why you would like to participate in this translocation to 

As January is only around the corner, those who can commit to the dates and meet the requirements above need apply before December the 20th 2016.  


If you would like to read more about the 2015 translocation please click on the following link A box of fluffy birds 

In July Ngāti Koata celebrated Matariki with a number of activities that catered for all ages. To acknowledge the past we started at Marsden Valley Cemetery and visited every known Ngāti Koata that are laid to rest there. We then went to the waharoa at ANZAC park where uncle Noho Kotua recited 'the ode'
This was then followed by morning tea at the Marae. 
We had booked Ngāwhatu Pool for a warm winter swim in the indoor pool and the kids and teenagers were able to play and have fun together. 
After a small rest we then all gathered at Whakatū Marae for shared kai, games and kapahaka.
It was a full on day and we look forward to celebrating Matariki 2016. 

Kia Whakatū te reo has been approved by the Ngāti Koata Trust Board.
So where to from here? 
We have also applied to Te Taura Whiri i te Reo for further funding to help progress this plan. 
Pirihira Paul (Aunty Tiro) was the Ngāti Koata representative to meet and greet Prince Charles and Lady Camilla during their visit to Nelson in October.

'It was a lovely day, well organised, even though it was rushed it was still a good opportunity to shake hands with the Royals. I am a royalist at heart and was raised with god save the queen' 


There have been many opportunities for our people to participate in these events. One being Joe Paul (Uncle Joe) who performed the wero to Prince Phillip, Queen Elizabeth and the younger Prince Charles in 1974.
As pictured below.
Congratulations to all Ngāti Koata graduates of Nelson Marlborough Institute of Technology Te Toki Pākohe Te Reo programmes. 
We would also like to acknowledge those participants of the Ngāti Koata and NMIT courses namely Te Haeata Reo and our Kaumatua Te Rito Reo

Tau ke ki runga.  
Graduates of the Kaumatua Te Rito Reo class taken at NMIT on Saturday the 12th of December.Photo courtesy of Nita Hippolite 
The office officially closes on Friday the 18th of December and will reopen again on Monday January the 11th 2016. 
The Ngāti Koata Trust team wishes you all a safe Christmas holiday and a prosperous KIWI new year.  
Mā te atua e manaaki, e tiaki i a tātou i ngā wā katoa.