January 2016
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A Fresh Perspective for the Year

My very favorite movie is Anne of Green Gables and Anne of Avonlea starring Megan Follows. Maybe it's because the main character Anne also has red hair! Possibly it's because she LOVES to read and to utilize an expansive and prolific vocabulary. Or perhaps it's because Anne is such an optimistic idealist - and there is a part of my heart that resonates. Regardless of the reasons, there has always been a quote from the movie that has stuck with me. After enduring a litany of embarrassing mistakes and mishaps, Anne bolsters herself with the words, "Tomorrow is always fresh with no mistakes in it."   

The new year is always fresh! That's what we all love about it. It is a blank piece of paper full of potential. It's an unmarked calendar. It's a restart button. Last year's struggles, trials, problems, hurts, and pains are in the past. The new year is a fresh opportunity. The new year is hope. But so many times, the new year doesn't stay fresh for long! Our resolutions and intentions start so strong. We succeed for a few weeks, maybe even a month - and then we have that bad day. That day then turns into a bad week. We become discouraged. Then, soon those goals just kind of fade off the radar in our ocean of other activities and business.  

But, what if this year was different?!? 

What if this year, every day was a "restart button?" What if each morning was a blank page, and a fresh start? After all, tomorrow has no mistakes in it yet! Don't drag today's disappointment into tomorrow. And don't let the shortcomings of yesterday dictate the success of today. The Bible speaks of this perspective in Lamentations 3:23 when it describes God's compassion as never failing and being new each morning for those whose hope is in Him. 

So what will remind you that each day is fresh and full of potential? How will you keep this perspective all year long?

Ultimately, the power lies within you. You have the ability to embrace the concept of a new daily start - or to mentally scribble past mistakes on the blank page of today. Which will you choose? You may be surprised to find that choosing to embrace Anne's philosophy of a fresh tomorrow without mistakes, brings you the success of which you have always dreamed. 
New Coaching Group Beginning Soon!

Serious about a fresh start this year!? 
Come join my coaching group launching Monday, January 11. Moms rave about their experience in the group and there are still a few spots left! You will walk away with a game plan for your year and be knocking out your goals - all while having the fellowship, support and comradery of other moms. Deadline for sign-up is 1/8. Come join us!

Time: Mondays from 7:00 - 8:30 p.m., starting January 11th 
Location: Paradise Bakery at 91st and Meridian
Cost: $95/ month OR $175 paid up front for the entire 8 weeks
This Group Includes:
* 8 - group sessions with other fellow moms (3-8 in the group)
* 1 - individual 45 minute coaching session with Carla (a $65 value)
* Group workbook

P 317.299.4029

January 12
The Goddard School
Carmel, IN

January 20
Stones Crossing Church MOPS
Greenwood, IN

January 22
Ben Davis Christian Church MOPS 
Indianapolis, IN

March 1
Stones Crossing MOPS (evening group)
Greenwood, IN

I help women confidently navigate life during the season of motherhood. Shift from "reacting" to purposefully leading your life - which eliminates overwhelm and guilt and brings joy, satisfaction and fulfillment. 

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Intentionally embracing a fresh day,
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