JULY 2016
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The Tale of Two Birthday Parties -
The Value of Letting Go

This year one of my daughters was invited to what I'll call a "super sized" birthday party. This birthday party included adorable themed invitations to a pajama wearing tea party. At the party the girls designed and created a stuffed animal, selected a customized little outfit for the animal and had a cupcake decorating station, ice cream, and a dazzling goody bag. My daughter was thoroughly impressed - and had a wonderful time!! It was obvious that the mother had put lots of creativity and effort to make this an amazing day for her little girl. And, everyone attending enjoyed her efforts. 

My children have also attended a small family-only birthday party with no formal invitations. There were a few games, and the store-bought cake and ice-cream were present. But, there were no Pinterest worthy decorations, amazing goody bags or cuddly themed souvenirs sent home with the little guests. 

This second birthday party...was actually their own! 

I'll be honest. I LOVE attending a well-decorated, themed and planned out event. I so admire you moms who can easily (and joyfully) create this amazing display of yummy food goodness and color coordinate the decorative pennants, the paper products, the prizes, the decorations, the cake, and sometimes even your outfit for the event. BUT - honestly - that just isn't me! And, after feeling some guilt about that over the years- I've decided that I'm o.k. with my decorating skill set (or lack thereof). And, I've accepted the fact that I don't have a passion to decorate for parties. So, I let the expectation of visual perfection go! 

July is my children's birthday month. And, this coming weekend we will be hosting their birthday party for family only. We will have some games (that is my skill set!), some cake and some ice-cream. But, there probably won't be any amazing decorations, (unless my husband gets inspired) adorable visual displays, and no themed goody bag for the cousins to haul home. 

Maybe someday, I'll want to do things differently. Maybe one of these parties, Pinterest will smile upon my efforts. But, until then...I'm o.k. with keeping my visual bar set low. Because sometimes, sometimes it's just freeing to let something go!  There is more time.  There is less pressure.  And, there is more joy!

And I promise if you are one of those creatively gifted types, if invited, I will still admire your exquisitely themed event. I will love attending and celebrating in such a creative, artistic space. After all, that is your passion and skill set. And, I promise I won't judge at all if you don't have party games. Instead, I will be applauding  your decision to embrace freedom and for choosing to let something go too!
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