MARCH 2017
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One Question that Drives My Life
The dress was long and peach. Gently swaying to the music, I was moving through the choreographed routine. Standing nervously on the brightly lit stage with a dozen other female competitors, I looked out into the darkened, but full auditorium. It was almost my turn. My stomach was overrun by butterflies. My smile was frozen in place, my palms were sweaty, and in my head I was replaying my mother's advice about keeping my shoulders back for good posture. Finally, the time had arrived. I walked as gracefully as I could in my uncomfortable high heels to the center stage microphone. There I shared my briefly rehearsed answer to the question, "50 years from now, what do you want others to say about you?" 

Although I wasn't the overall winner of the Jr. Miss Scholarship program, having to give serious thought to that question at the age of 17 was a blessing. And to be honest, I still remember one line of my answer all these years later. It sort of embedded on my heart that September evening. "50 years from now, I want people to say that I lived what I believed." Those words spoken in the high school auditorium, have continued to ring in my mind and became a sort of life mantra. 

What does that look like? What exactly does that mean? It sounds intimidating and lofty, right?!? Certainly life is hectic enough without adding one more item to the "to do" list! But, actually, this can be easier than we think. This mantra boils down to making little intentional choices on a regular basis. This week I am intentionally skipping a scheduled networking event in order to finish my work early and have time to grab lunch with my husband on Friday. But, I'm also leaving my family tomorrow night to speak at an event for moms. Both are important. Both are living out what I believe. It might be using the DVR to record your favorite show so that you can finish that Bible study lesson or healthy meal prep. Or possibly it's making time to play a game every night with your elementary school child who wants more time with you. Perhaps it's saving a few more dollars every month or sending a card in the mail.      

Just yesterday, my high school graduating class said a final earthly good-bye to one of our fellow classmates who fought a brave, but ultimately unsuccessful battle against cancer. This week's sermon was on stewarding our time. Both are gentle reminders to make the most of every minute that we have. Time is truly a gift. We make the most of that gift when we live out what we believe in little intentional choices. 

You might not have the long peach dress or be 17 years old. But, 50 years from now, what do you want others to say about you? Little intentional choices will take you there. What intentional choice will you make this week? 
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An Intentional Easter Craft

Total transparency - in general, crafting is not my thing! But, my best friend is a creative queen. So, I enlisted her wonderful help on this month's highlight. All kids (even those who don't have crafty moms) love making things. Here is a craft project sure to bring about conversations about the meaning of Easter and why people celebrate this holiday.

1 - Planter base or pie plate big enough to fit a hill of soil
1 - Clay or starter pot for a tomb
Potting soil
Rock (large enough to cover the entrance of the "tomb"
Grass Seed
6 sticks
Rope/yarn to make 3 crosses with the sticks.

Generously spread potting soil in the base. Place the starter pot or "tomb" on its side and cover with soil to look like a hill. Sprinkle grass seed anywhere you want grass and cover with a thin layer of soil. Moisten and keep moist. Place the rock in front of the tomb. Make crosses and decorate as desired. Optional additions: flowers for color, moss, or pebbles for a pathway. 

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