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What I Wish Someone had Told Me About Motherhood...

This week, like many of you, I hugged my kids, and watched their new neon shoe clad feet walk toward the bus stop. Smiling from ear to ear, proudly sporting their new back packs, they walked away (really just 150 feet) to the bus stop at the corner intersection. Craning their necks to peer down the street for the first glimpse of the big yellow bus, they were so excited to begin the next school year!

As this wasn't our first time in school, nor our first year in a new building, I wasn't as anxious as some years about what the school year would bring. After all, this was "old hat" now. Honestly, my to do list was already pretty long for all that I wanted to "tackle" during this month. Administrative phone calls and errands had added up. I was eager to pour more time into my business again after completely rearranging my work hours during the summer months. So, I felt that I was ready for this transition. Bring it on! In fact, much of the last week my mind had been mulling over what I would need to address first and making lots of lists to ensure that I didn't forget anything I needed to handle. But, when I entered my eerily quiet home and sat to eat my toast at a table with the few crumbs remaining from the breakfast already excitedly eaten, a few tears begin to slip down my cheek. Summer was over. The next school year had just begun. And I asked myself, "Did I make the most of this time?"

And as I contemplated this question and my answer, I realized something that I wish someone had told me about motherhood.

Focusing your efforts on what is most important doesn't always come naturally.   

Almost all moms would probably say that raising their children is one of the most important jobs that God has given them in this life. Loving, caring for, disciplining, and teaching their children would consistently be listed as Number 1 on the "To Do" list! Therefore, it's normal to simply assume that because it is so important, it will just naturally happen. After all, we are so emotionally connected to our children.  Of course we would do what it takes to honor our priority of loving them. However, this is not always the case. Yes, we always keep our children alive and care for their basic needs. But, when it comes to ensuring that they feel loved, spending quality time with them, instilling our values, and teaching them about life, it takes much more intentional effort. And, that doesn't always come naturally.   

As I sat there with the last of my toast crumbs, I reflected upon the fact that there were moments of the summer when I would give myself an "A" or "B" on the parenting report card. But, the week prior to school starting - my brain was not focused on soaking up the last moments of summer - but rather on my tasks for the fall. There were a few times this summer that my phone got a little more attention than my little ones. There were also times when having kids in front of screens helped me finish a project for work. And as a result, I missed it. I missed being able to do what is most important to me, because I was doing what came natural at the time.  And from talking to dozens of clients, I know that other moms feel this struggle as well. 

I'm thankful that children are forgiving and gracious. And, I'm not saying that there aren't those days when things have to get done. And, I'm definitely thankful that there were those "A" and "B" times this summer too!  :) But, the quiet breakfast table reminded me that time is fleeting. And I don't want to be crying over toast, eggs, or any other breakfast, wondering if I made the most of this time. Focusing time and effort on what is most important doesn't always come naturally. But, with God's help and intention, it can happen. This evening, I am going to curl up on the coach with my children and read a chapter of a book that we all enjoy. What is one way you can do what is most important today? 
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Aluminum Foil Cooking Tips: 
* Do you dislike clean-up after meals? Simply line baking pans or cookie sheets with aluminum foil before adding the ingredients or items to be baked for easy clean-up afterwards. 

* When baking a pie, cover the pie with aluminum foil. Cut a circle out of the foil in the middle of the pie. Bake the pie for 1/2 of the baking time - and then remove the foil for the remaining half. This allows the pie to bake in the center, but keeps the crust from browning too quickly. 

* Place aluminum foil at the bottom of the oven to prevent oven spills from making a sticky mess.
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