MAY 2016
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The Best Mother's Day Gift Ever!

Happy (almost) Mother's Day! According to history, the Mother's Day holiday movement was initiated by Anna Jarvis. Upon her mother's death in 1905, Anna wanted to create a way to honor all of the many sacrifices mothers make for their children. It's certainly true that there are MANY sacrifices made in becoming a mother (like our waistlines and sleep!). However, it's also true that many blessings are multiplied in return. This Mother's Day, I'm celebrating the best gift I've ever been given by my children - the lessons THEY have taught ME! These are lessons that I've only learned because I'm a mother. My children have been some of my best teachers. 

Because I'm a mother I have learned....

1) There is nothing sweeter and more pure than a child's love. 
It's the sloppy kisses on a cheek, the bent dandelion proffered by chubby little hands, the words "you're beautiful mommy" (when you are still in your curlers and pajamas applying your make-up), and the home-made cards full of I LOVE YOU, drawings and stickers, created and delivered with pride. It's the little hand that reaches up to grab yours when walking in the park and those little arms that wrap around your neck when you are sad. Perhaps Mother Teresa was thinking of children when she said these words, "It is not how much we do, but how much love we put into doing it. It is not how much we give, but how much love we put into giving." There is nothing sweeter and more pure than a child's love.

2) Sometimes the best things in life are the simple things.
Whether it's sipping a Popsicle on a hot July day, blowing the seeds off a white dandelion, smelling a budding flower, watching a flitting butterfly, stomping in a puddle, making a snowman or petting a tiny kitten, my children have reminded me of the joy of the simple things in life. Because of them, my life has slowed down enough to get moments to bask in the simple pleasures of living again. And sometimes.... those are the best. 

3) To feel better, sometimes you just need to have a good cry! 
We all know that feeling. As adults we fight against it and struggle to hold the emotions in check. (Some of us are better at holding it in than others!) But, sometimes a mom just needs a good cry. And, not just a little tear or two, but a big ugly cry! Then, chances are, we will feel much better.

4) Sharing isn't always easy - but it's usually right.   
It may be a toy car, a lap, or time; regardless, it's hard for children to share. It may be a new family car, a laptop, or our time; but regardless, it's hard for adults to share. But, when we give up control of what we deem is "mine"- our relationships improve!  

5) Sometimes you've got to spit out your peas!
(O.K. maybe not literally!)  But in today's world we have a myriad of opportunities in life: clubs, organizations, memberships, social events, etc. Sometimes, it's great to pause intentionally and ask - Is this something that I want to continue investing time, money, and energy into doing? And, if not, spit out those peas.

6) You feel better when you wear your princess dress.  
I don't really have a princess dress. But, I do have some outfits that make me feel less like frumpy mom and more like a fun, fashionable, and full-of-life-mom. And my daughters demonstrated to me that any day can be an occasion for dressing up and feeling beautiful!  

7) Showing patience can be showing love.  
Tiny legs don't walk quickly. Little hands are clumsy and awkward. Small mouths take a long time to tell a story. My children have taught me that sometimes love means not "rushing." Sometimes love means slowing down. Sometimes love means adjusting expectations. Someday I'll have old legs that don't walk quickly. I'll have wrinkled hands that are shaky and tremble. My brain may take longer to recall that story. Then, I hope my children will remember that patience is love.  

8) Sometimes a look CAN say it all. 
I've given them and I've received them. There IS such a thing as a "mom look." It can stop a child dead in their tracks. It has the power to evoke tears, and bring about repentance and immediate remorse. It wields power. Use it wisely. 

9) Jesus loves me, this I know. 
I used to struggle to understand the full depth of God's love. How God could love me when I "mess up?" How could He be so faithful, when I sometimes fail Him? But, as a mother, I now have a little better understanding of God's heart. I love my children deeply - even when they are disobeying and doing the opposite of my commands. Even when my children disappoint me, I will never give up on them. They will always be my children (my family) - no matter what. Those who have accepted Christ have this same assurance of God's love - as a parent.  

10) It is a blessing to be my children's mother.    

I'm the only one whose kiss can cure a small boo boo; 
     the only one who knows what they did (or didn't) do!
I'm the one whose lullaby can put them fast to sleep;
     the one who buries their veggies underneath a potato heap. 
I'm the one who the reads their books and ensures they all take turns;
     the one who marvels at each and every little thing they learn. 
I'm  the one who knows just when to head to the doc;
     when to let them cry it out, and also when to rock.
I'm the one who will be with them when sick, healthy or frail;
     the one who will stand beside them whether they succeed or even fail. 
The one to cheer, the one to guide, and the one to hope and pray;
     I'm the one they know loves them at the end of every day. 
I'm the one whose heart is attached to theirs like no other;
     the lucky one who knows that I am blessed to be their mother. 

Mother's Day Give Away! 

One of my favorite ways to "recharge" as a mom is to get together with a dear friend and chat over some great food or a cup of something. As a Happy Mother's Day gift to you, I am giving away a $10 gift card to Starbucks so that you can invite a friend for coffee and recharge your mom batteries too! To enter to win, simply e-mail me in the next 24 hours and put Starbucks in the subject line. I will enter the names into a drawing for the gift card and mail the winner their prize by Mother's Day! 
This is the newsletter section where I share tips or strategies from One Intentional Mom to another. These are time savers, guilt relievers, helpful tools, and some good old fashioned mama sense. If you have a tip to share, please e-mail me at I would love to hear from you!!  :)
Tip of the Month:
Meals are the perfect time to focus on living intentionally. Are you trying to work on academics with your preschooler? Talk about the colors on your plates or count the number of green beans or crackers. Do you desire to have deeper more meaningful conversations with your older children? Create a question jar and pull one out to be answered by everyone during the meal. Want to focus on responsibility? Assign each family member a job to do for dinner prep or dinner clean-up. Recently our family has been memorizing one Bible verse per month and we use dinner time to practice the current month's verse and review the past ones. Meals are a moment in the day where everyone is (usually!) in the same place doing the same thing. Pick a meal, select an area of focus, and get creatively intentional!     
Are you a Passionate Mom AND
a Passionate Professional?

Do you feel:
* exhausted from working hard and still not getting it all done?
* filled with guilt that never goes away - someone or something always misses out. 
* wanting to focus on the “important stuff” with family - but constantly feel pulled away 
* ready to tackle that next big goal – but not sure how?

If you answered YES to any of these questions, you are NOT alone! These are the words I have heard from dozens of moms over and over again. 

The Good news? There is help!  

Join a group of 3 - 8 other working moms as we collaborate, learn from each other, create game plans, and then start taking the action steps we need to be confident employees, thriving women and amazing mothers.

Here is what one mom said about
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That's the best way to describe the group life coaching experience with Carla Miller. I not only gained tangible tools to make me a more effective woman of God, wife, and mother, but learning these things in a group setting allowed me the opportunity to share my struggles with other moms just like me. By learning together, we were able to find camaraderie and provide insights to help each other grow. 

As for Carla's coaching tools, I can't say enough about how useful they've been as I've gone through a very challenging season in my life. …. 

"Give a man a fish and you feed him for a day; teach a man to fish and you feed him for a lifetime." This saying epitomizes Carla's approach to coaching. Rather than spoon-feeding, she has given me the tools to navigate life long-term. I'm eternally grateful to have worked with her!"
- Sarah Forgrave, Inspirational Author 

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Group Time: Mondays from 7:00 - 8:30 p.m. starting June 6th
Location: Paradise Bakery at 96th and Meridian
Cost: $250 for the entire 8 weeks BUT sign up by May 13th and save $75!
This Group Includes:
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