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9 Signs that You are at Risk
for Mom Burn-Out

Answer YES or NO to each of the following questions.

1) You have a list of at least three people who could watch your children in an emergency. YES or NO

2) You have a medical professional whom you would trust with any health issue that your child might encounter. YES or NO

3) You have two amazing people in your life that you could reach (night or day) if you needed to pour out your guts, or to celebrate. YES or NO

4) You have one person in your life who is further down the motherhood journey that you can tap for advice, encouragement, and tips. YES or NO

5) You have a local group of soul sisters (or at least two friends) that you could join for a Moms Night Out and have a blast doing something fun! YES or NO

6) There are two people you could call if you had a financial emergency. YES or NO  

7) You have enough of a support system in place to get a shower (most days!), and practice some kind of self care daily. YES or NO

8) You have a list of at least two babysitters. YES or NO

9) You have at least one person to contact if you want/need prayer or spiritual guidance. YES or NO

If you answered "NO" to four or more of these questions, it's reasonable that you might need more support as a mom. And, you could possibly benefit from building up your mom squad to avoid burn-out. Some women are innately good at gathering a team around them for support. But for others, this process does not come as naturally. The benefits of having a team to support you, however, are vital. 

Building a team makes your smarter. We all have a variety of skill sets, backgrounds, talents, and personalities. No mom can know everything there is to know about raising her child. This is the beauty of the team concept. For those medical scenarios, the parenting discipline dilemmas, and for the child that is nothing like you or your husband -  you need an expert! Having someone who can speak wisdom into those situations is a huge life saver and stress reducer. The old adage is true. You don't have to know it all. You just have to know someone who does.  

Building a team ensures there is energy left for YOU. I have a client who is spectacular at building her team. She runs her own business, is the mom of two young children in several activities, and has a husband who travels a lot for his job. She is one busy mom! But, through all of this, she still maintains a regular work-out routine, and makes time to socialize with friends on a very regular basis. How does she do it all? She has built her team! She has a team that helps her brainstorm business solutions, a team of babysitters, a team of local friends to assist with carpooling kiddos, a team of workout partners, an on-line Bible study and spiritual support team, and a team of girlfriends for scheduled girls night outs. The result? Her team helps her conserve her energy and time. She can finish her tasks and still have enough energy in the tank to reach her own goals and do the "fun" stuff with her children during motherhood.        

Building a team works. Building a team is an answer to burn-out. Being a mother is a 24/7 job. Never in our lives have we had a task so all-consuming. This is a whole new game. So of course we will need some additional supports. And, humans are naturally wired to get this support from one another. King Solomon is known in the Bible for being the wisest man who ever lived. Rulers and monarchs from all over the known world traveled for days to sit and listen to his words and admire his riches and vast amounts of treasure. But he didn't fly solo. Even he emphasized the importance of team. In Ecclesiastes 4:9-10 (NLT) he said, Two are better off than one, because they can help each other succeed. If one person falls, the other can reach out and help.  But someone who falls alone is in real trouble. 

Do you want to avoid mom burn-out? Start to build your team. 

*** I have a special heart for moms of children with special needs because of all of the unique challenges that they face daily. It can be difficult to find your specific team of moms who understand and relate to your unusual motherhood struggles. And I know from experience, it can seem daunting to assemble your professional team to help with all of the physical, emotional, and financial challenges that arise from having a child with special needs. Therefore, I'm passionate about the event I'm hosting on October 20th.   At this event, moms will:
  • Learn the key components that will build THEIR ideal team and a leave with game plan to get them
  • Walk away with strategies to boost energy and eliminate isolation
  • Gain knowledge about resources and groups available to support moms and families within the disability community
  • Network with and meet other moms who understand and face a similar journey
Mamas with children with some special needs - come join me!   Let's continue to build our amazing team.   

Not a mom of a child with special needs but have a friend who is? Please share this information with them. They will thank you. 
The Power of Team
 An event for Moms of Children with Special Needs

DATE: Thursday, October 20, 2016
TIME: 6:30 p.m. - 8 p.m.
LOCATION: First Merchants Bank
 5915 North College Ave.
(this event is limited to 12 people)
Questions or to Reserve your Spot: Contact Carla at 317.299.4029
or email

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Tip of the Month:
This month we've talked a lot of building your team. One team you may want to consider building is your meal prep team. Many moms tell me they struggle with time to plan, prep, and clean-up meals. And, they talk about being in a rut making the same meals over and over. Meal planning is also an area where many moms would like to be more intentional. Therefore, consider getting a small group of friends, 3 - 8 and starting a meal prep team. 

Here's How:
  1. Each team member submits a recipe to the group for a favorite meal that can be prepared in advance and stored in the freezer. 
  2. Once all recipes are "approved" by the group, a date is selected to meet up. 
  3. Prior to meeting, each team member prepares one of their meals for each team member. (For example, if the chosen recipe was for soup, the team member would make six batches of soup for a team of six.)
  4. On the meeting date, bring a big cooler and swap meals. 
  5. Enjoy trying new recipes and meals that you didn't have to make.  
* SPECIAL NOTE: Be sure to use disposable pans/dishes and include baking instructions with the meals. Also, you may want to consider keeping track of costs and to ensure each team member spends the same amount of money.

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