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How We Accidentally Lie to Ourselves...
and Why Honesty Matters...
(AND Win a Gift Card!)

One song on the radio that I enjoy singing along to currently, is Francesca Battistelli's "If We're Honest." Some of the lyrics are:

Truth is harder than a lie
The dark seems safer than the light
And everyone has a heart that loves to hide

At first as I reflected upon those words I thought, "This song doesn't apply to me."  I'm a pretty open book. (Just ask my friends and husband!) I mean, I was actually voted "Most Honest" in my high school senior class for goodness sake! But as I thought deeper, I realized that while I'm very honest with others, sometimes I don't stop long enough from the business of life to be completely honest with myself. I mentally tell myself "things are fine" or "this is just what I happen to be choosing to do right now" when maybe things really aren't completely o.k. Or, perhaps I'm really not making a conscious intentional choice.  

Recently I did take the time to be completely honest. In total transparency, my health goals had gotten away from me. My work outs were still there (in lesser frequency), but my healthy eating had slipped. (Let's just say ice cream was a regular menu item for me this past summer!) :) And, I had accidentally lied to myself. I had convinced myself that "it didn't matter" and that "I was really enjoying this freedom." But, that was a lie. It did matter to the scale (and my shorts) and my health. And, the results were certainly not freeing! But you know what? Until I actually stopped to be honest - nothing could change.

Why aren't we more honest with ourselves? Perhaps we're scared to face what the truth means or could cost. Perhaps it's a pattern we've repeated so often that we don't even realize we're doing it. Perhaps we don't have time to deal with the truth. Perhaps we are protecting ourselves from potential failure. Or perhaps, like the song says, everyone simply has a heart that loves to hide. Regardless of the reasons, the chorus lyrics to Francesca's song share encouraging inspiration about being honest. She sings,

It would change our lives
It would set us free
It's what we need to be

This is certainly true on a spiritual level. When we are honest with God about our sins and ask forgiveness He will give us freedom. Yet, the same principle is also true on a personal level. Once I became very honest with myself, I could start the path to change and freedom! I could again live with intention in my eating. BUT, I needed to be honest first.

I have seen this pattern many times in coaching as well. When clients become really honest about where they are, and what they TRULY want...the amazing transformation starts and freedom begins. 

My dear readers, are you accidentally lying to yourselves? In what area do you need to be honest? Yes, truth may seem harder than a lie. And, our hearts may long just to hide. But, the rewards ARE worth it, "If We're Honest."
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