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5 Simple Tips for Success in 2017
and Home Organizational Hacks
Many of us love this time of year. It's fresh. It's new. It is full of promise. It's a do over. The world has hit the reset button. So whether you are one of those moms who have a specific theme word for the year, a woman with a list of New Year's resolutions, or someone who gets annoyed at people who do both of those things - this information is for you! Because at some point in our lives, we want to make a change. And, using these 5 tips can help.  

1) Utilize "WANT to" vs. "HAVE to."
In coaching we discuss how there are different ways to motivate ourselves. One is desire. Another is fear. A third is guilt. All produce action. But, choosing to act out of desire, or "want to," -  produces better long term results and truly sustainable change. A "have to" mentality leads to discouragement and frustration. Take the time to investigate your reasons for initiating change. What is the real motivation? When the reasons are solidly based on desire or "want to," - you are well on your way to success.  

2) Ditch the All or Nothing Mentality.
One thing I encourage all my clients to do is "give yourself a range of success." So many times we all are tempted to see our efforts as either a complete success - or a complete failure. The reality is that many times we land somewhere in between. One of my clients set a goal to be completely "off duty" Christmas Eve. However, due to an illness of a child and some unforeseen circumstances, she was only able to relax for half of the day. She still chose to see this as a success. Why? Because in previous years, she would have been busy working all day. She did make progress on her goal. Viewing our progress through the lens of a range of success - keeps us motivated to keep going and moving forward.  

3 ) Customize your goal to fit you. 
You know you are different than your best friend and your co-worker. You have unique hobbies, talents, and bents. Yet, when it comes to achieving our goals, many people get stuck thinking "inside the box." They don't use their self-knowledge to help customize their goals to make them more fun and exciting for them. One of my clients is job searching. In the past, she was feeling blocked about her job search thinking about the traditional job seeking methods. However, she is very outgoing and loves connecting with people over coffee. Once she realized that she could customize her job search efforts to networking over coffee, she became excited. It feels natural and fun for her to job search in this manner, and she took some action right away. Finding creative ways to make your action steps match your personality will help you achieve your results. 
4) Get specific. 
Some people obtain lackluster results because they never specifically say what they are trying to achieve. Becoming more healthy, for example, is a vague and ambiguous goal. It's hard to determine what action steps to take in that scenario. However, setting the intent to become healthy by eating 5 fruits and vegetables a day and drinking 5 glasses of water is much more tangible and actionable. Take the time to get specific about what and how you want to achieve your success. Then, you will be able to take steps that will produce the desired outcomes.

5) Find Accountability.
Recently the American Society of Training and Development studied accountability. In this study they uncovered the following statistic. The probability of an individual completing a goal is 95% if they have a specific accountability appointment with a person to whom they have committed. Accountability is powerful. And, it works. Finding someone who will cheer you on, ask the hard questions, and make you prioritize your goals sets you up for success. 

Whether you are a goal setting guru and self-improvement junkie, or just ready to take one simple step forward - using these tips will help. To your success in 2017!
This is the newsletter section where I share tips or strategies from One Intentional Mom to another. These are time savers, guilt relievers, helpful tools, and some good old fashioned mama sense. If you have a tip to share, please e-mail me at I would love to hear from you!!  :)
Tip of the Month:
If your home is anything like mine, Christmas brought an influx of new items flowing into your household! Sometimes that leaves me scrambling to organize the clutter away. Here are a few organizational "hacks" that can help you.

1) My kids (and husband) love going outside to play in the snow. The result - loads of gloves, hats, and scarves. This system has helped us keep everything accessible (easy to dry) and in one place! Simply place several hooks on a strip of trim, or directly on the back of a closet door. 

2) My kids love creating things. Here is a great system we have found for organizing markers, coloring pencils or crayons. It also helps little ones learn to sort as well.

3) Recently, I discovered this method of organizing cookie sheets, cooling racks, and cutting boards. Utilize a file folder from the office supply store. It keeps items separated and upright in the cabinet. 

Do you have any organizational hacks that have helped you? Please send them my way. Let's help other moms live intentionally and organized at home.     


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