March 2016
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We’re moving!

We're moving our Hope on the Inside prayer circle from fall to spring!

Last year close to 300 people joined our prayer circle Friday afternoon. This year's date is Friday, April 22, at 6pm for our community-wide prayer around the Forsyth County Law Enforcement Detention Center (jail) [201 N. Church Street, Winston-Salem]. Join us in prayer asking God to touch hearts of those inside.

Life inside the jail can be a bleak, dark place. Help us be a clear and present representation of the Hope that lives inside of us.

Get your entire church involved. Announce the prayer circle in your church bulletin, ask friends to join you, and link to our website. Call Claudette Wood with the number of friends and church members you’ll bring to pray for God to reach the lost.

The day after the prayer circle, April 23, our jail volunteers will spend a half-day leading a retreat inside which is designed to invite men and women into a relationship with Jesus.

If you’ve been thinking about doing something with the Forsyth Jail & Prison Ministries, this is a beginning step in that direction. Come April 22nd at 6pm and be a strong witness of your trust in Christ for all things---even to the “least of these.”
A Lenten Study

Beginning with Ash Wednesday, inmates at the jail and prison are using the study guide, Forgiveness, A Lenten Study by Marjorie J. Thompson. Easter is a highlight for those who follow Jesus, reminding us of the awesome love God showered on us through the sacrifice of His Son who came to earth as a man, suffer a brutal death on the cross, and three days later be raised back to flesh and blood. Why? Because Jesus was destined to triumph over death and be the first fruits of resurrection. He made the path for those who put their trust and faith in him to have eternal life with Him. This message never grows old, and this year--in the quiet alone place called a jail cell--men and women will draw near to Him. Please pray for inmates in Forsyth County. They’re looking for forgiveness. They’re looking for resurrection Sunday!
Did You Know?

Did you know for every Bible study or worship service inside the jail, a volunteer must be approved beforehand by attending a one-hour training session, complete an application, and clear a background check? Every year over 500 jail volunteers attend a class led by Chaplain Tejado Hanchell to reclassify as a current volunteer. Once a quarter the training classes are held for volunteers to renew their status. Because the Forsyth County Law Enforcement Detention Center (jail) is a maximum security facility, strict procedures are in place to protect the inmates, volunteers and staff. Our programs are welcomed inside the jail because Christ brings peace and calm.
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Website Blog: An Inmate's 23rd Psalm, by Chaplain Rodney Stilwell
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