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Action Requested

Software Updates for 1:1 Devices

Greetings Parents/Guardians,

This message only applies to students enrolled in the following grades: 4, 5, 7, 8, 10, 11, 12.

Over the summer, several software updates were queued for your child's school-issued 1:1 device. Some of these updates will be needed as students begin their first day of school on 8/31. To that end, we are requesting your help to ensure your child's device receives these updates.

Requested action to perform this week:
1. Plug in the power adapter to keep the device charged. This process may take several hours and the battery may not last.

2. Have your child sign onto their 1:1 device.

3. Verify that the device connects to the Internet & Global Protect. Reference the 1:1 troubleshooting guides if you need help with this step.

4. Close the lid and leave the device on and plugged in overnight (or at least 5 hours) for best results. You should be able to close the screen without affecting the update process.

How will I know the updates have succeeded?
Once the updates have been applied, the device will restart. After a restart occurs, your child will be prompted to sign onto the device again. Another indicator is the presence of Microsoft Teams. If your student's device did not previously have Microsoft Teams installed, it should be after a successful update.

How can I tell if Microsoft Teams has been installed?
Teams has been set to automatically appear on start up by default. If Teams appears after signing in then you know you are all set. Otherwise, click on the start menu and scroll through the list of installed applications. Microsoft Teams should be listed under the "M" heading.

Please make sure you follow these steps by Friday, August 28th. The more often a device is on and connected to the Internet this week, the better the chance that it will receive the updates needed for the first day of school. Thank you for your help!

Geneva CUSD 304
Technology Department

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Experiencing issues with your child's school-issued 1:1 device? There are several troubleshooting guides that parents and students can try to resolve many common issues on their own. If you still need help, students can let us know by opening a support ticket via the Help Desk system. Parents can also contact Home Access Center support. This information is available on the 1:1 Troubleshooting page (

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