You know you're in love when you can't fall asleep because reality is finally better than your dreams.

–Dr. Seuss


Greetings & Happy New Year, Friends!
Our tiny little gift, Maxwell Ocean Stanczyk, made a timely arrival on December 23rd, just two days before Christmas (and one day after his due date--slightly late--just like his momma usually is)! Dusty and I have been adjusting to our new normal, and we couldn't be more over the moon in love! The wise advice we've been given to sleep when Baby sleeps has been difficult to follow because we just can't stop staring at him!

Since becoming new parents, time has sped up and we've been forced to slow down. At times, we've been in a sleep deficit, but our Joy has easily eclipsed any exhaustion we would otherwise be experiencing. While we are still making time to EatMoveRest our Best, we are finding that our idea of "self-care" has dramatically changed.

Less Self, More Care
Some of the most restorative forms of self-care are the ones that go beyond ourselves.

The greatest acts of self-care haven’t been the nourishing meals I’ve been able to prepare for myself, or the long walks I’ve been enjoying; they’re also not the hand-offs to Dusty so I can have a moment to myself. The most fulfilling moments of self-care are when I’m able to kick my feet up, hold Max against my chest, and close my eyes.

The Greatest Reward
Self-care is most rewarding when you realize that it benefits both you and another being, directly. Rest in that moment. Rest isn’t just about getting 8 hours of sleep—it’s about spending quiet, reflective time, connecting—with self, with others, with God. Nurturing and building relationships is one of the most restorative and rejuvenating forms of self-care, and the most beautiful thing is that you do not need to “take time off,” or “isolate” yourself in order to feel whole again.

We are all one, and together we go further and grow stronger!


Big Thank You
to Virginia Schultz Photography for capturing these sweet moments of Baby Max!

Less Self, More Care


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