Perfect love casts out fear.
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Just like the foods we ought to eat, the way we live our lives should be raw, whole, pure, authentic, and transparent! This aptly named monthly email series is chock full of insight and inspiration that will equip you with the tools to live a life more true to who you are, so that you can harness your power and step into your purpose as a unique individual! So let's strip it down to the core and get... 
In the Raw!

ISSUE NO.5 | MAY 2016


Choose Love, Not Fear


All human actions are motivated at their deepest level by two emotions--fear or love. In truth there are only two emotions--only two words in the language of the soul.... Fear wraps our bodies in clothing, love allows us to stand naked. Fear clings to and clutches all that we have, love gives all that we have away. Fear holds close, love holds dear. Fear grasps, love lets go. Fear rankles, love soothes. Fear attacks, love amends.

--Neale Donald Walsch




The other day I was thinking about some of my old lifestyle habits. Not the eating fast food, staying out late, and being lazy habits--after that--to the time when I began to get healthy. I was thinking back to my motivation behind what I was doing. I was scared, afraid, fearful. I didn't want to get sick, be overweight, or sink into depression and need medication. 


At first, my sole reason for cleaning up my "diet" was to prevent illness and disease. Prevention. Fear.

At first, my sole reason for "working out" was to lose weight. Loss. Fear.

At first, my sole reason for "getting 8 hours" was to avoid anxiety and depression. Avoidance. Fear.


Now, my sole reason for eating clean is to nourish my body and embrace health and vitality. Nourish. Love.

Now, my sole reason for moving my body is to grow stronger and feel energized. Growth. Love.

Now, my sole reason for getting adequate rest is to heal my mind, body, and soul. Heal. Love.


Throughout your day, stop and ask yourself, why am I doing what I'm doing?

If you're avoiding certain people, places, or emotions, you may be burying things that need to be brought up, faced head on, and overcome.
  • Call someone you care about who could use your support. Bridge the gap with that person who hurt you. Create new positive memories in places that make you uncomfortable. Allow yourself to feel all of your emotions, even the scary ones, and then release them.

If you're overly focused on making money, greed may be masquerading as a fear of not having enough.

  • Realize what it is that you have and be grateful. Know that God will always provide. Give more of your time, money, and talents, and you will reap an abundance that will come back to you.
If you're a perfectionist and struggle with doing everything yourself, you might be feeling insufficient or afraid of losing control.
  • Realize you are enough. Release the ego and ask for help. Decide what is truly important to you, what your skill set is, and outsource the rest to someone else. Collaborate--we're here to help each other out!

If you're caught up in what others think and you're consumed by nervousness, shyness, silence, and holding back, you might have a fear of judgement.

  • Be brave, be vulnerable, be open! We're all unique, quirky, and a little bit odd; it takes guts to embrace it and express it. When you fully express yourself, your anxiety will begin to lift, and you never know who might be inspired by and resonate with you! 

Think about how you respond to situations. Pulling back and lashing out are both results of fear, and will leave you feeling empty. If you want to feel whole, focus on being vulnerable, giving, and caring. Choose Love!

Most importantly, practice self-care and not self-denial! If you're like I was, and you're trying to live a healthy lifestyle out of fear of what may go wrong, flip your perspective:

Eat to Nourish.

Move to Grow.

Rest to Heal.

Your body hears your thoughts, so think Lovely ones!


SparklesChoose Love, and Love Will Choose You!Sparkles

Check out this quick recipe from my blog & the updated Eat, Move, Rest tips below!
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Avocado is easily one of my favorite foods, and it just so happens to be one of the healthiest plant-based fats that you can incorporate into your diet! Check out my past blog post for a quick guacamole recipe that goes great on top of a salad, spread on toast, or as a dip with veggies and chips!
Be mindful! Before you eat, ask yourself, 'is this food going to nourish me?' If the answer is no, replace the bad with something good!
Be energized! When you've been sitting for too long, get up and go for a walk, jump around, or dance. I promise you'll feel more alert and awake!
Be present! Throughout your day, take a few moments to focus on your breath, express gratitude, and hug someone you love!
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