Cultivate an open mind and you will find the silver lining.
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Just like the foods we ought to eat, the way we live our lives should be raw, whole, pure, authentic, and transparent! This aptly named monthly email series is chock full of insight and inspiration that will equip you with the tools to live a life more true to who you are, so that you can harness your power and step into your purpose as a unique individual! So let's strip it down to the core and get... 
In the Raw!

ISSUE NO.15 | MARCH 2017


The 10% Rule

Finding The Silver Lining



If you concentrate on finding whatever is good in every situation, you will discover that your life will suddenly be filled with gratitude, a feeling that nurtures the soul.

--Rabbi Harold S. Kushner


It's All Debatable


It's easy to keep an open mind in situations that are within our comfort zone and around people who believe in the same things that we do, but to really grow, we've got to play "devil's advocate" from time-to-time. Try this: Have a debate with someone who has an opposing viewpoint from your own, but switch sides. If you can successfully argue for the side that doesn't agree with your belief, then you will develop a more well-rounded and better-informed perspective. This exercise may either cause you to change your beliefs or strengthen your existing ones--either way, you're growing!

The 10% Rule

According to, The 10Rule means that when energy is passed in an ecosystem from one trophic level to the next, only ten percent of the energy will be passed on. This same principle can be applied to the people we meet and the books we read--only a fraction of the energy or information from engaging will be passed on, absorbed, or truly resonate with our very core. 

Don't write anyone off, and don't close that book just yet! Open your mind, raise your tolerance, and welcome the challenge of opposition!


Listen & Learn

I am a podcast and audiobook junkie, and I'm always looking for a great new book with a new perspective on how to live a more fulfilled life. One thing I've really come to live by, is Don't judge a book by its cover! What I mean by that is, don't close that book or write somebody off, simply because you don't agree with their viewpoint!

With most podcasts I listen to, books I read, and people I meet, I don't agree with or retain everything that I learn, but what I do, gets absorbed and becomes a part of me--we'll says it's 10%--and that's the pot of gold! If an author of a book I’m reading happens to have a different point of view than me, I release my ego, and continue reading with an open heart, in search of the silver lining.

Open Heart, Open Mind


Everyone deserves to be heard, and we can all benefit from listening and learning from those with a different perspective! There are countless different belief systems, teachings, philosophies, religions, and ideas in this world, and if we can view them all with an open heart and mind, we will come to a place of balance--we begin to experience gratitude and a sense of oneness

We benefit from embracing each other's differences! We are all different, and in that, we are all the same.

Find the silver lining by shifting your perspective--look on the bright side, find the positive, choose to see the good. By releasing judgment and opening our hearts, we gain at least 10% (or more!) from every book, every experience, and every being we encounter--add that up, and you will have gained an unquantifiable amount of knowledge, understanding, and gratitude!

The soul is nurtured.


SparklesCultivate an open mind and you will find the silver lining.Sparkles


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