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On A Personal Note

Another year is almost in the books and what a year it has been!  For me it has been a good year, both personally and professionally.  Personally, Lindsey, Jackson, and I had some great trips.  From beaches and mountains to a great vacation in California.  Professionally, business was good and many new clients became part of the Allen Adams Realty family.

For the Lake Norman real estate market, the year end has brought a surge in activity which promises to make the start of 2020 a good one.  For the year, prices overall are up while available inventory is still very low so prices should continue to trend upward.

Best wishes to everyone and...
Jackson wishes you Happy Holidays too!
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Is It Poinsetta or Poinsettia?

Some say tomoto and some say tomato. Some say poinsetta and some say poinsettia. Botanical purists may insist on poinsettia, but most botanists won’t fault you for saying poinsetta.

This traditional holiday houseplant is actually a native tree of Mexico with leaves that colors in winter. The common name for the plant stems from Joel Roberts Poinsett, the first US Ambassador to Mexico (1820). Poinsett took a cutting of the tree and brought it back to his greenhouse in South Carolina. Although Poinsettia became the plant’s common name, its scientific name is Euphorbia pulcherrima, meaning “very beautiful.”

Nearly 100 years after Poinsett brought his cuttings home, the Ecke family of Encinitas, California began growing and selling poinsettias, and are possibly most responsible for them gaining popularity as a Christmas plant. At its peak the Paul Ecke Ranch produced over 90 percent of the world’s poinsettia stock. The Eckes sold their ranch in 2012.

Caring for poinsettias is easy. Keep your poinsettia warm and sunny. Water only when the soil is dry. They like moist soil but not wet feet. Reducing the nighttime temperature will extend their bloom time. Don’t fertilize when they are in bloom.

If you want your poinsettias to re-bloom, they require 14 to 15 hours of total darkness from about October 1 until late November. You have to keep them in total darkness from 5:00 PM until 8:00 AM (yes, at night). Any little exposure to light can prevent flowering.

Now you have a little story to tell your friends when you gift them a poinsettia. Happy holidays, everyone!

Does It Make Sense to Make Extra Mortgage Payments?

Paying a little extra every month on your home loan is a way to own your home faster. But before you start sending all your spare change to your mortgage company, consider your overall finances. Paying extra on your home loan isn't always the smartest use of your money. Here are four areas to consider first:
  1. Do you have high-interest credit card debt or loans? You'll save a lot more by paying down your 16% interest-rate balances than by paying extra on a home loan that carries a 4% interest rate.
  2. How long will you own the house? If plan to sell in 10 years, it doesn’t matter if you own 30% or 70%. What matters is whether you get a strong return on your investment, which depends on how much the home’s value has risen. You may be better off rolling your payment into an investment account with an 8% return than a home with a 3% return.
  3. Are you contributing fully to your investment account at work? Paying $200 into your retirement account in order to get matching funds or defer taxes will give you more back than paying into a mortgage that only costs 4%. Maximize your work benefits before paying extra.
  4. Will the stock market be a better investment than your mortgage? If you only have enough to do one or the other, you may want to talk to a financial advisor about the return you would get if you invested extra payments for 20 years instead of paying the mortgage faster.

Holiday Humor

Gently Poking Fun

It was the morning of her big holiday party, and the woman was anxiously picking over the last few remaining turkeys in the hope of finding a large one.

In desperation she called over the shop assistant and asked, "Excuse me. Do these turkeys get any bigger?"

"No, ma’am," he replied with a small smile... "They're all dead."

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Making Your Vacation Home Pay for Itself

Perhaps you were vacationing in a quaint Mexico hideaway, and you thought, “Hey, what if we buy a home here, and rent it to tourists like us? We can retire here with our home paid off!” What if? It might not be a bad idea. Click below to read.
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My Real Estate Advice

Making the Last Big Move Easy on the Elderly

Selling a home can be scary. There's a lot to know, a lot to do, and a lot to worry about. Will you get the price you want? Will the buyer force you to make every little repair? When should you pack up? What do you need to do to get the most money? What about all the paperwork?

When the person selling the house is elderly, these questions can be amplified. In addition, there are all kinds of thoughts they’re having about leaving their long-time home behind, which adds a unique kind of stress.

When I work with elderly home sellers, I take extra care to sympathize with their feelings and be patient and kind amid this extra stressful time. I’m grateful when they and their family members trust me to be their champion to get the most money possible with the least hassle for everyone involved. If you know any elderly home owners who need to sell, please call me and let’s talk how to best help them. 704-578-0926.

4 Things You Must Do Before Selling Your House

  1. Clean it thoroughly inside and out. I mean into the cracks and crevices. Deep cleaned homes show differently –and fetch more money than homes with years-old grime in the window wells, laundry room, under the sinks, and so on.
  2. Fix anything broken. If there's a lot to fix, then focus on the fixes that show. Paint the ceiling if you have a lot of stains. Scrape and repaint the exterior if the paint is peeling. Is it a lot of work? It can be. But consider the thousands of dollars you'll get if those things are done. I'll come over to help you to determine where put your money and effort.
  3. Replace corroded or out of date faucets and lighting in the bathrooms and kitchen. Even if you can't afford to remodel the whole bathroom or kitchen, just replacing a few fixtures can make the place look more updated.
  4. Paint the interior walls if they're dingy. While some conventional wisdom says to paint them white or off-white, I like a splash of muted color. Don't be afraid to go with a light tan or pale green on one or two walls. Make sure you fill any holes left over from picture hangers. However, avoid light blue. Buyers either love it or hate it.

December Quiz Question

When Santa sets off from the North Pole to deliver,
presents, which direction does he travel first?
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Holiday Humor

Funny Signs of the Season

  • Toy Store: "Ho, ho, ho spoken here."
  • Bridal boutique: "Marry Christmas."
  • Outside a church: "The original Christmas Club."
  • At a department store: "Big pre-Christmas sale. Come in and mangle with the crowd."
  • A gym: "24 Shaping Days until Christmas."
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