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Welcome to the New Year!  I'm excited for the year ahead and it's off to a great start so far.  There are hundreds of homes under contract already under contract since the beginning of the year and the months of November and December of last year had the highest number of closed sales for the entire years.  Lake Norman is a very hot market and looks to stay that way for the foreseeable future.

As always, if I can help you or someone you know with buying or selling real estate please give me a call.
Jackson says Happy New Year!
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3.5 acre lot in Maple Grove.  This lot is private and there is plenty of room for a pool and outdoor entertaining features. Peace & quite, space and has direct access to Fisher Farm Park.

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Lake Norman Area Market Report
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I feel as though 2020 is going to be a turn-around year, a time of growth and opportunity. The real estate market is healthy. The job market is robust. People are exploring new ways of being in the world. In that context, I am excited about a New Year’s resolution idea that I want to share with you.


Plan Forward by Looking Backward

Instead of making broad resolutions about what you will do this year, what if you imagine you’ve already done it? You’ve already succeeded at your goal. Then you can ask yourself how you got there.

Instead of saying “I’m going to lose 20 pounds,” or “I’m going to make more friends,” or “I’m going to start saving more money,” imagine you have already done it.
Then ask yourself how you did it.

“How did I get so thin in just 8 months?” How did I make so many new friends this year?” “How did I get so prosperous?” The trick is to describe IN DETAIL what you “did” to make it happen.

By beginning at the end, like working a maze backwards, our subconscious mind will naturally pick out the right path for us, already incorporating our own personality quirks and processes.

Why not give it a try this year? Grab some tools — a pad of paper so you can think creatively by writing and doodling — and some private time and space for planning. Then re-frame your New Year’s resolutions. Imagine you’ve already succeeded, and ask yourself, “How did I do that?”

Best wishes for a happy New Year!

2020 Real Estate Consultations

If you or your friends are planning a move, resolve to contact me for a real estate consultation. I’ll help you map out the steps you’ll need to take.


Just for Fun

Paradoxically Speaking…

Paradoxes are situations that seem to make perfect sense when looked at one way, and perfect sense when looked at another, opposite way, too. Here are three of my favorite paradox questions:
  1. A man builds a wooden boat. Every three months he takes off one board, replaces it, and sets the old board aside. After a long time he has replaced every board on the boat. He then assembles the old boards into a boat. Which boat is the old boat—the one built of newer boards or the one made of old boards?
  2. If God is omnipotent, can God create a rock that’s too heavy for Him to lift?
  3. Is the statement, “There is no truth,” true or false?

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5 Things Sellers Do that Turn Buyers Off

If you want buyers to be excited when they see your home, avoid these five mistakes that discourage buyers from making offers, or cause them to lower their bids. Motivate buyers to make their best offers by avoiding these issues. Click below to read these tips.
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My Real Estate Advice

How Innocent DIY Projects
Can Cost You Thousands…

In homes for sale it’s common to find odd or poorly executed DIY projects that were done by owners who wanted to give it a try. After all, that is one of the joys of home ownership! Unfortunately, a feature that someone poured their heart into can look unprofessional and even weird to potential buyers. Picture the cork-board wall that was cool in the 1980’s or the faux volcanic rock backsplash added to a kitchen to give it a rustic look.

Unfortunately, buyers tend to devalue homes they perceive to have a lot of small projects they'll need to remedy. Even though the projects may be inexpensive to change, the time adds up. Buyers begin thinking they’ll need to get “a great deal” on the house before taking on those projects. The result is that you’ll get lower offers—often many thousands below what it would cost to make the fixes yourself.

So before selling, remedy DIY projects that lack universal appeal. That may mean spending hundreds now...but the payoff could be worth thousands later. Call me a few months before you plan to sell so we can see what needs to be done to get your house ready for the market.
~ 704-578-0926

Story: The Very Definition of Determination

On Feb. 9, 1917, a seven year old boy was caught in an accidental fire at his Kansas school. His older brother perished from the fire and it was thought the boy would not live either. The boy did survive, but as the terrible fire had devastated the lower half of his body, the doctor told the boy's father that he'd probably never walk again. He recommended amputating the boy's legs.

The boy's reaction to this news was so extreme that his parents refused to agree to amputation.
Ultimately the boy was discharged from the hospital. However, his legs were completely useless and he was confined to a wheelchair. The story goes that the boy's determination to walk again was so great that he asked his father for a chair to be placed next to his bed, which the boy used to force himself into a standing position.

He did this every day, with faith in himself that he would one day walk again unaided. With iron persistence and resolute determination, he did develop the ability to stand up, then to walk haltingly, then after years of effort, to walk by himself and then to run.
In fact, he found running to be easier than walking, and by the time he was 12 years old, the boy was the fastest runner in his age group in the state of Kansas. His legs were constantly in pain, and his mother would massage his legs to relive them before and after his races, but nothing would stop him from running.

Then 17 years after the fire, in February 1934 in New York City’s Madison Square Garden, this young man who was not expected to survive, who would surely never walk, who could never hope to run – this determined young man, Dr. Glenn Cunningham, ran the world’s fastest mile on record, a record that stood for three years.

January Quiz Question

If you were running a race and you passed the person in
2nd place, what place would you be in now?
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A Glut of Family Homes as Boomers Downsize?

Real estate is slated to go through a shift over the next decade as Boomers transition out of their large family homes and into smaller homes and condos. This competition for small properties will put further pressure on affordable housing, driving prices even higher in some communities. 

At the same time, boomers will be freeing up their larger family homes. The immediate beneficiaries of this market shift will be older millennials who already own a home and are looking to upsize.

But none of this is happening overnight. Despite the news sounding the alarm that we'll soon have a "glut" of large family homes on the market, chances are that many of those homes will be inherited. And an increasing number of boomer sellers are moving in with their adult children, or visa versa, rather than into smaller homes and condos. So, while there will be an affect, it'll likely be location-specific, affecting communities with large boomer populations more than the general population at large. After all, all real estate is local.

Comparable Homes Are Key to Selling for Top Dollar

To plan the sale of your home, you need to know what nearby comparable homes have sold for... homes with similar features and condition. An appraiser will add and subtract value to your house based on how your home compares to those homes, feature by feature. To get the data you need, contact me.
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